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Koguashvili’s film is about Sandro, a forty-something teacher, who still lives with his parents who constantly meddle in his private life. Special Mention for Feature Film went to Difret by Zeresenay Berhane Mehari, and Of Horses And Men by Benedikt Erlingsson. Golden Pram for Best Croatian Film in the Checkers programme went to Sonja Tarokic’s On Shaky Ground. I recently went on two blind dates for the simple reasons that I was a) bored and b) not having too much luck dating the usual way. At some point, we managed to start a more normal conversation about the month I spent in Spain a couple years back.
The first, he told me, was when he was walking in a dark alley and a “Singapore man” looked at him strangely.
The second time, he continued, was when he was on a plane and a man took a picture with him and then “touched him like a homosexual.” Yes, because that’s what a near-rape experience is. So, basically, I’ve decided I’m going to become one of those old spinsters with fifteen cats. Following up from news a couple of weeks ago about Facebook manipulating its users, this week news abounds regarding a dating agency that has been conducting some experiments on its users. The New York Times reports that the online dating agency OK Cupid has been manipulating the data it gives to its clients, to find out how compatibility and looks effect the dating process.
One interesting line from the blog states that “guess what, everybody: if you use the Internet, you’re the subject of hundreds of experiments at any given time, on every site. Now I would like to raise the issue of how someone can design an algorithm to measure my compatibility with another person. There is an interesting book by Hubert Dreyfus called “What Computers Can’t Do”, and in it he argues that there are some areas and situations that cannot fully function. I am sure some readers have experience in this field, and I would be very happy to get some comments and expand my understanding. Author of the 2012 ebook "A Handbook for Responsible Innovation" (99c from Amazon), Jonny works for the Bassetti Foundation in Milan publishing articles on innovation and responsibility on their website and also blogging about his interests. OverviewWalter Davis is a career-focused individual who has no time to worry about silly things like personal hygiene or romance.
We will be holding our very own blind date show on valentines night, Saturday 14th February. Disclaimer: Wozzon Cornwall is not responsible for the accuracy of listings and will not be liable for any errors or omissions. I haven’t been much of a dater, the way a fish doesn’t naturally hang out in a hamster cage. I’m one of those girls who was terrified of boys for the majority of my adolescence (making myself unintentionally unapproachable) and was too busy for serious dating in college (continuing my theme of accidental inapproachability). And of course, it doesn’t help that my default instinct in social settings with the opposite sex is awkwardness.
This year, a friend begged me to try online dating, so I gave it a go and found it to be unnatural and awkward.

On one such blind date, the dude was so infuriating that by the end of the date, I shouted “you’re a jerk!” while tears streamed down my face. But, for the sake of self-preservation, I should say that I’m pretty sure that I’m not a bad date. As much as I tend to cringe at the memories of my past blind dates, I genuinely endorse the idea of trying it out.
So, when the opportunity comes, I take the challenge, I meet for that coffee, predetermine whether or not I’m going to like him, cut the date short if necessary, drawl it out if I’m into him.
Challenging myself (and challenging others to challenge themselves) is something I have intentionally set out to do. And chances are, one or two of you are where I am, finding this dating game terrifying, dull or both. For me, the truth is that even if it’s been mostly bad, it’s made for some entertaining stories. The company conducted 3 different experiments, in one it hid profile pictures, in another, it hid profile text to see how it affected personality ratings, and in a third, it told some hopeful daters that they were a better or worse potential match with someone than the company’s software actually determined. When the site obscured all profile photos one day, users engaged in more meaningful conversations, exchanged more contact details and responded to first messages more often. Characteristics are judged based upon experiences, I once knew someone with those characteristics and they were great, or stubborn, or nasty, etc. He is on the editorial board of the Journal of Responsible Innovation and a member of the Integrated Network for Social Sustainability.
He is perpetually single, and that becomes a problem when his boss mandates that he bring a date to a crucial dinner meeting with a Japanese client. Please verify event details with venues or organisers before travelling or purchasing tickets. This continued until one day I realized that every boy within 1,000 miles was either married or 15 years younger than me. But I tried it, and I’m willing to try it again under the right circumstances because I’m crazy enough to.
After all, my parents met on a blind date and they’ve made it 44 years, so it can’t be all bad.
A few of you are probably like me: you have yet to find that one guy (for the sake of argument, we’ll just pretend it’s entirely the guy’s fault) who laughs at the appropriate times and knows all the right things to say. I am living on the assumption that with enough bad date stories under my belt, I may actually get lucky one of these days and find that guy who made all this craziness not seem so insane. On an outing to the Black Sea, he falls in love with a hairdresser, but when her husband is released from jail early, Sandro’s predicament takes on absurd dimensions. HT Audience Award for Best Feature Film went to Nobody’s Child, directed by Vuk Rsumovic.
I’m a pretty strange human being (“quirky” would be the nice way of putting it), but on these blind dates, I was thoroughly out done.
Every night, I’ll sit back in my rocking chair, close my eyes, listen to the soft meowing of the only males I’ll tolerate, and thank my lucky stars I don’t have to deal with any more blind dates.

And also the third is quite obvious, if I don’t know what a person looks like I might imagine their looks and would be more likely to want to get to know them.
If there are subject matters that are impossible to completely formalise, then they are impossible to formalize in computer programs (such as the one they use to find my perfect partner if they exist).
And over the past few years, whenever a friend has suggested that she knew a guy who she thought I might get along with, I’ve made it my goal to say yes to the wildly masochistic invitation of blind dating.
Typically I’ve already psychoanalyzed his choice of location, wondering why he chose what he did. It’s highly possible that my reputation precedes me as a girl who is horrible at dating, or just horrible at interacting with men.
I explained my academic family, trying to skirt as much of the crazy as possible, but when I came to the subject of some of our parties there was no way to pretend we were completely innocent. We do not think about a long series of possible moves in the way a computer plays, but we see a situation, it reminds us of another situation that we have confronted in the past, and we act according to our experience of action in similar situations.
I’ve gone on a notable number of blind dates and have an equal number of stories that illustrate my lack of success. I enjoy the process, the challenge, the thrill, the risk, the disappointment and the reminder that I’m human and a woman.
But, I have determined that when I have the chance, I will try the insanity of dating and continue to try it in whatever form it comes at me. At one point, he made a Psyduck noise, told me that we were all Pokemon, and then proceeded to place a hand on the table, look deeply into my eyes, and ask seductively: “Which Pokemon are you?” I squeaked out “Vulpix?” and changed the subject as fast as I could.
Don’t get me wrong, I like Pokemon as much as the next geek, but the intense eye contact made it a little too weird for me. For another, she had a very bad breakup with her ex-boyfriend, who just happens to turn up at the dinner.
I put my face in my hands and mumbled that my academic brother was once given a blow job in front of a room full of people. He was a nationally ranked bagpiper (in America), he was from the same city in America as me, his academic family abandoned him, he had just gotten a tattoo- wait, tattoo? Absolutely everyone only listens to techno,” “UK people just don’t work as hard as Americans.
Like, I don’t even get homework in film studies,” and, my personal favorite, “The gays here just aren’t as well kept as in America. Like, they don’t even care about the dirt under their finger nails, but whatever.” Insert internal SCREAMING here.
Swirls of vivid color adorned his arm, and I may have swooned a bit, despite the embarrassment.

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