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Blind Dating - Zuguide Movie TrailerDanny (Chris Pine), a young, attractive, popular blind man, refuses to let his disability get in his way, except when it comes to women. Eddie Kaye Thomas also appeared in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, American Wedding, American Pie, and American Pie 2. Her dreams were shattered when this male decided to wed a prettier Caucasian, leaving her to marry Leeza's dad.

Now her husband has arranged Leeza's marriage with Arvind, also an American-Indian, the engagement has taken place, and the marriage is soon to be finalized. Then Leeza meets with Danny, a Caucasian who is blind since his premature birth, who has enrolled himself with Dr. Perkins to try out a new procedure that will result in surgery to a part of his brain, to restore his visual cortex, enabling him to partly use his vision albeit in fuzzy black and white images.

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