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A couple weeks ago, we talked about what it could mean to develop a nickname for your crush. Now it seems that initial piece was looking at those types of nicknames that you use to refer to those guys, not necessarily call them to their face. That said, I think there is definitely some etiquette involved when it comes to deciding a nickname. Don't Be Super LiteralWhen you are trying to be secret or keep people with the same names apart, a literal nickname is awesome. Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories! Chances are if you dish about your crush or your boyfriend with your pals, he’s got a nickname of some sort, whether he knows about it or not.
We pretty much accepted giving nicknames to guys we like as something we just do–human nature, if you will.
A love expert thinks that nicknaming is because of the way we date now, since it’s a lot different from how our parents went about finding love.

But if he's now your boyfriend, just calling him "blonde guy from math" to his face is probably not the way to go.
Okay, things like "sweetie" or "hon" that aren't really specific nicknames are okay, but if you had a special nickname for your previous BF, no matter how good it was, nix it.
If you just try and use one out of the blue, your guy will just be so confused and probably have no idea you are even talking to him.
Maybe "Cookie Cutter" would make no sense to anyone else, but it's a great nickname for your boo!
But it turns out, giving a nickname to your crush or your boyfriend may indicate you’re actually not that attached to them yet, and that you may be using it as a tool to keep your distance emotionally. But if I had a pet chicken with a name, I wouldn’t want to eat it, because I mean, it has a name, and that would be messed up. Do you and your friends refer to your boyfriend or crush as a nickname instead of his actual name? This year he that he likes me and of course I haven’t got over him so what should I do give him a chance or nah ??

While some secretive nicknames are a way to keep distance, I think calling a significant other by a nickname is a way to show closeness (at least in my personal experience). He'll think you're talking to someone named "Honey Bear." Then maybe you'll get upset he ignored you, and I just foresee bad news. My friends and I made up nicknames for each of our crushes because people at our school tend to spread rumors and make fun of you for having crushes on People.
And as you know, good communication is important in a relationship, so you don't want too much confusion. It might not be a totally appropriate time for informal conversation and could leave your guy embarrassed in front of his brother or with a very puzzled mom. You don't need to go for cliche names when there are so many random possibilities out there.

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