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Larissa Franca and Juliana Silva of Brazil were the only two women on the podium that weren’t American, but they didn’t mind as they won the bronze medal for the women’s beach volleyball on Wednesday.
One of the toughest competitions in the matches (next to the Americans) the Brazilian women had to rally hard to make it past Xi Zhang and Chen Xue of China. While every competitor gets a little insane when they win gold, it’s safe to say Larissa Franca and Juliana Silva of Brazil were loud, crazy excited and they had the fans cheering too.
Take a look at the photos of Larissa Franca and Juliana Silva of Brazil winning the bronze in the women’s beach volleyball competition.
Oklahoma City puts Golden State on brink of elimination with 118-94 winThe Oklahoma City Thunder demolished the Golden State Warriors for the third time in eight days on Tuesday night.
Can Chevy continue Coca-Cola 600 dominance at Charlotte Motor Speedway Sunday?Chevrolet has an impressive NASCAR resume, to be sure, and while the manufacturer has dominated at different tracks, their record at Charlotte Motor Speedway is second to none. Beach volleyball girls are extremely hot, playing on bikini and showing more than just an ordinary sport. We can call Logan Tom a real volleyball girl – she is both volleyball and beach volleyball player. Logan Tom is born in California, USA, but currently she plays for the russian team Dinamo Moscow.

The hottie of the Brazilian beach volleyball Talita Antunes, part of the Talita Antunes – Renata Ribeiro team.
Beach volleyball girls Renata Ribeiro and Talita Antunes are representing their country Brazil at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics. Sara Goller is beach volleyball girl, representing Germany at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.
Destinee Hooker couldn’t save the United States women’s volleyball team from the silver medal but she tried.
It was the first loss for the USA at a tournament and some of the women didn’t take it too well as they sobbed on the floor after the game.
The shock of the loss really took fans by surprise as USA was expected to easily beat the Brazilians at the London Olympics.
As the All-American game was going on in one court, the other court had Brazil and China competing for bronze. The first set the Chinese women won, quite easily with a score of 21-11 with less than 20 minutes of play and it appeared that the Larissa Franca and Juliana Silva weren’t going to medal. The final match could have gone either way at the London Olympics which made the win that much more delightful.

It is just like the original Volleyball, but played on sand, and with only two players in each team.
The fans of Olympic women's volleyball will be surprised to learn the team lost to Brazil in a tough game on Saturday with a final score of 3-1. While the defeat was tough, it was Brazil that brought the power after the first set and dominated the plays.
As luck would happen, that’s not how the day went for the United States women so they will have to settle with a silver medal, which isn’t all that bad considering the team played a great game. Beach volley has been an Olympic sport since 1996, an exclusive part of the the Summer Olympic Games. It was impossible for Destinee Hooker to bring the team together as she has done in the past leaving the door open to lose. It was the third set that probably was the loudest (as the crowd got involved with every movement of the ball) and Brazil put the Chinese out of medal contention with a 15-12 win.

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