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The team of Brazil lines up prior to the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 Group D match between Equatorial Guinea and Brazil at FIFA World Cup stadium Frankfurt on July 6, 2011 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Do current events indicate Marta and her Brazilian teammates are finally gaining support from the federation? Brazil has gone through a potentially significant three-day news cycle this week, though the lasting implications won’t be known for many years. The 2015 Women’s World Cup will be played in Canada, which came as little surprise since the only formal opposing bid from Zimbabwe was retracted before the vote and never seemed like a serious one, anyway. And on Wednesday, a new Brazilian women’s soccer league kicks off with four groups of five teams each. This all amounts to some encouraging signs for women’s soccer in Brazil, though as many other leagues around the world can attest to, sustainability is the key. Mid-September to early-December is less than three months, which is nothing, and I really am having trouble finding more information about the league’s structure. 2013 Confederations Cup, 2014 World Cup, and 2016 Olympics (with possible WWC in 2019) in Brazil.
One of the reasons Brazil got both the Olympics and the 2014 WC was because Brazil’s timezone is between the US eastern timezone and the timezones of Europe.
But the league itself definitely is new, unless Equalizer (and many other sources I’ve looked at trying to find information) have been completely wrong. THe USA, Germany, and Norway have won all the big championships in Women’s soccer for the last 22 years (with ONE exception). I do not expect Japan to be in the Finals or Semifinals in the 2015 WWC, and I don’t expect any new suprise team to emerge to win it all either. Your points may well have merit but the fact remains, that the male dominated federations do not give a monkey’s for the ladies even when they are considerably more successful than their men.

Amazing Brazil can have 20 teams right off the bat with a state-owned bank as the underwriter. One wonders how much Brazil having a woman president and there having been riots during the Confederations cup has had to do with it, not just hosting the OGs in 2016? Provided the backing is for true, we shall see more of Brazil but I fear that the Nadeshiko will have a much harder time to get beyond the QFs. After all the protests from spending so much on 2014 WC and 2016 Olympics, I doubt Brazil would win. AboutThe Equalizer was founded in 2009 with a goal of bringing first-class media coverage to women's soccer.
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The Brazilian Football Confederation (CFB) has yet to show much desire to support the women’s side of the sport, despite producing five-time FIFA World Player of the Year Marta, the most individually talented player in the world. Should the CFB finally show some legitimate interest in supporting and progressing its women’s soccer players and programs, they could finally get to the next step of standing atop a podium. The reason is Brazilians love to talk about soccer, love to watch soccer on TV, but they don’t attend the games even for the men teams. They may not be paying much in terms of salary and they already have the infrastructure and staff to make it work.
Seven to ten years ago, the ladies NT was excellent and attendances at ladies club games was to die for. In the 2011 WWC, when they beat Gemany, Sweden and the US in the knockout rounds, wasn’t it the first time they beat ANY of these three teams, at least in a major tournament like the WWC or the Olympics? They must think they have the soccer culture in the country to make it sustainable enough, which is probably true.

Both Japanese goals were outstandingly crafted and there was a third attempt which was excellent. According to wikipedia, so far these countries are interested: Japan, Brazil, Poland, Sweden, South Africa, Australia.
Since then we've brought you breaking news, in-depth analysis and everything you need to follow Women's Professional Soccer, the U.S. Brazil is the country of soccer…you just have to be a male for anyone to care, it seems. Now that they aren’t living up to expectations and their federation sees that there is money to be made out of hosting a WWC they are actually going to start acknowledging the success the team had.
These days women’s clubs repeatedly face down the ghost of bankruptcy and attendances are a shadow of the past. Nevertheless, the Brazilians also played fine football and might well have beaten any other team. The federation let all this slip through their fingers though WC-11 may turn out to have been a turning point of sorts. Now we are leading the way in coverage of the National Women's Soccer League with editors and writers across North America. If the top men club like Santos FC with their golden child Neymar can’t even get higher attendance than the NWSL top team Portland Thorns, what chances do the women Brazil teams have?

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