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Hope Solo Makes Save to help Team USA Women win over Brazil and move on to semi-Finals of FIFA World CupIn dramatic fashion the U. Now the women’s team USA soccer team is just one game away from playing in the final match in the FIFA women’s world cup soccer championship in Germany.
Today’s game will be re-aired on ESPN 2 at midnight eastern tonight for those who want to see it again. Jack Law - an avid soccer player and talented writer, Jack does an excellent job bringing our Sports section to life. Marta Vieira da Silva, or Marta as she is simply known, is considered the finest female football star on the planet.
Nicknamed "Pele with skirts," she has been the stand out player for Brazil since making her debut as a 17-year-old at the 2003 World Cup. Marta and Pele have met on several occasions with Brazil's greatest ever male football star speaking in glowing terms of the woman known to many as the "Female Pele." Like Pele in his prime, Marta also has the number 10 on her shirt. Marta is one of the most fearsome predators in women's football, scoring goals for fun wherever she has played.
Unlike the suggestion of FIFA president Sepp Blatter, who said in 2004 that women soccer players could wear skimpier outfits to make the sport more appealing, Pele's comment was taken as a compliment. Which clothes players wear are irrelevant according to Marta -- but ensuring that women's football retains a sense of femininity is important to the five-time FIFA World Player of the Year.
Not bad for a girl who grew up in Dois Riachos, playing football on the streets against boys twice her size and without any formative coaching until the age of 14.
Fast forward to 2013, and the 27-year-old is one of the most recognizable faces in the sport, starring for Swedish side TyresA¶ FF in Stockholm. Like Marta, women's football has come a long way too since it held its debut at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, where nearly 80,000 watched the U.S.
On the club front, the UEFA European Women's Champions League has been gaining in popularity since its inception in 2001. And yet still Marta believes that attitudes towards women within football have remained stuck in the past. Football in Brazil is seen as a masculine sport even with a lot of people accepting the female sport.
While women's football has struggled to gain its share of the limelight in Brazil, the sport is booming across the globe.

According to the latest figures published by FIFA, the world's governing body, 29 million women and girls play football worldwide. That's a huge increase from 1971, when three international teams played just two matches -- by 2011 there were 129 teams playing 514 games. Even the achievements of the national team, which has won two silver medals and finished as runner-up at the last World Cup, has not been enough to get the professional game off the ground. Marta was 21 when she played in front of a staggering 70,000 at Rio's famous Maracana Stadium -- an occasion where Brazil defeated the U.S.
But that attendance is an anomaly in a country where the game has little chance of competing for media attention against the constant frenzy surrounding men's football. Funding is scarce, sponsorship even more so, and while women's football is televised on a regular level in the U.S. A lack of funding and investment combined with the demise of her former club, Santos, paints a bleak picture for the women's game in Brazil. But for someone who has broken down barriers from the very time she first touched a football as an inquisitive youngster, there is still hope. According to Marta, the Brazilian Football Association, the government and FIFA are all working together to establish a women's league which will be made possible through outside investment. CNN's Amanda Davies is shocked by the sharp decline in coverage of female sport following the "Women's Games" of London 2012.
One year after the London Olympics, World Sport Presents looks at the state of women's sport in Saudi Arabia. There's no skirting around the issue -- short shorts, long shorts -- it doesn't matter to the biggest name in women's football, Marta. CNN's Pedro Pinto investigates why and how racism exists in football with players who have experienced it firsthand.
CNN's Pedro Pinto travels to Serbia to investigate accusations of racist chanting by football fans. Watching dozens of crazed supporters trying to set fire to a stadium makes you question your love of football. It has been thirty years since a group of young men from the Caribbean made a decision that would define their lives. West Indies cricketer Franklyn Stephenson on the discrimination he witnessed during South Africa's apartheid era.

A former journalist on the lifetime ban West Indies cricketers faced after being lured to South Africa during apartheid. Perhaps most fitting, it was Hope Solo who saved one of the 6 shots from the Brazilians, and then Ali Krieger who completed the 6th shot out of 6 shots made by the U.S.
10 in OrlandoCoach says goalie Hope Solo should be at full strength after wrist surgeryThe U.S. The Brazilian has won FIFA's World Player of the Year on five out of the nine times she has been nominated. At the age of 14 she was invited to join Vasco de Gama in Rio de Janeiro where she began to play with the girls' team and establish herself as the nation's most promising female player. I think what really matters is the support you get in football regardless of the uniform you wear. Women have shown they have capabilities in every sense better than men a lot of time, but it's that whole macho thing. With investment you will have television companies broadcasting the games and you will have more sponsorship. Milan players Mario Balotelli and Sulley Muntari talk to CNN's Pedro Pinto about their experiences with racism. Women’s soccer team pulled off a huge win over Brazil in the FIFA World Cup Soccer championship today.
During the second minute of three in extended play, team USA scored a dramatic goal off of a header by Abby Wambach to tie up the game 2-2. Three years later, over 90,000 people were packed into the Pasadena Rose Bowl, California, for the 1999 World Cup as the U.S. There was a promise of starting a league, of doing this, of doing that, but in reality nothing was done and we are still fighting. With the win under their belts, team USA now moved on to the final four in the semi-finals of the women’s world cup.
Women's National Team's turn to spread the gospel of fútbol on Tuesday in Orlando, formally announcing its match Nov.

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