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Now that I have a larger bike I’m going to build a trailer so we can split the loads. As many of you know, I have been tracking the growth and modernization of the Chinese Navy (PLAN) for a number of years. First of all, the box is large and has great graphics of the vessel (artist depiction) and the markings on the carrier and the contents.. The kit fits well together, but upon putting the larger portions together it became apparent that once I reached a point where they were to be glued, ample use of clamps and rubber bands would be required to hold the parts closely togethere and minimize gaps. Finally, placing the Island on the flight deck (though I am not gluing it on yet), looks very nice.
By March 18th, 2012: Complete antennea, landing lens system, launches, life boats, and other instrumentation along the flight deck and other main hull decks.
FYI, for those with interests in Naval matters, the growth of the Red Chinese, or in model building as a hobby, please enjoy the thread.
We (the communist PLAN) thank the multitudes of USA consumers for funding this and other Chinese military projects. The Chinese CSG will have the carrier, three of their new DDGs, two of their new FFGs, and one of their new nuclear SSNs. Sounds like a great idea for a scratch build using the main model as the foundation, doing a lot of research, then using tools and material to set up a display of how they ended up at rest. They are still tremdnously dependent on us to have a place to sell all of the things their factories are producing so they can make the money to fund their military buildup.
Perhaps a new President will level that field and begin worrying about American strategic and long term interests.
I already have a complete USS New Jersey (the 1980s modern refit) a Spurance Class Destroyer, and a Flight II LA Class attack sub. Your documentations on the model building are fantastic and serve as a model for others to take some ideas how to structure or re-structure their lives.
I have long been long interested in the Navy warships and had built several models in the past.
That’s very ambitious building all of those vessels from all three wars, WOW, Wars along with the armour. Probably work on it after the US CSG while waiting on the UK models and others to come out. I already have a complete USS New Jersey (the 1980s modern refit), a [Spruance] Class Destroyer, and a Flight II LA Class attack sub. So far so good., and I attribute it to the prayers and faith of so many faithful folks all over the country and to the will and wisdom and love of a merciful Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ. Now I am back into the modern military vessels and the goals I have established for myself there. When these were complete, it took several days to attach them all and then painstakingly cut all of railings and nettings and attach them. Getting all of the landing positions, parking positions, landing strip, cats markings, safety markings, take-off lines and other main deck painting and decals will make a guge difference in her appearance.
May scratch build an entore flight deck for the enterprise and do the same, come to think of it.
If I had an entire room for the purpose of display, it would be nice to take about half of it and make it a huge diorama with the various CSGs, Phibrons, SAGs etc. Unfortunately I’m not going to have the time in the near future for a large project like that. Nowadays the etched photo kits have the ladders, stairs, railings of various types (2-3-4 rail) most of the sensors in accurate detail, a lot of the platforms, even the extrieror watertights doors if you are willing to cut out the door locations of those you want to show open. I bought the phot etch metal kits for the Kuznetsov (Russian carrier of the same class) and used it for this model. In stark contrast, the Russian Navy has fielded to this day, double-hulled submarines, such as the Akula class SSN and Typhoon class SSBN, the largest in the world, along with the latest Borei class SSBN and soon-to-be-completed Graney class SSN. Survivability - Multiple direct torpedo hits, depending on the sub's size, are required to sink it. Silence - With the latest noise nullifying technology available, double-hulled subs can emit less noise. Buoyancy - A double hulled sub floats on the surface like a cruise ship, whereas a single-hulled sub waddles around like flotsam.
In a shooting war, I’d take a well-trained American crew in a single-hulled American-built sub over a double-hulled Ruski any day. Which ones?I meant double-hulled subs designed along the lines of the Akula, Typhoon and the latest Borei class. So, do you think that the US Defense industry doesn’t know how to build a double-hull submarine?
Do you think that the US Defense industry could build one, but is unaware of the merits of a double-hull sub and so they don’t? Do you think that published information on critical US military technology provides definitive information? I'm just commenting on the fact that Russian submarines seem to sink themselves on a fairly regular basis. Swedish state of the art submarines, reputedly the most silent in the world, are also single hulled. I remember in the 80’s the Brits sent an Argentine warship (a cruiser, fromerly CL-46) to the bottom with a pair of WWII vintage torpedos. You mean HMS Conqueror sinking the ARA General Belgrano (ex-USS Phoenix CL-46) in the Falklands War?The General Belgrano was a cruiser, not a cruise missile submarine. If I’m not mistaken, Russian Boomers have a twin pressure hull, that is, side by side as opposed to one inside the other.
Published in 1865 Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and six years later in 1871 came “Through the Looking­-Glass and What Alice Found There” both of which captivated readers around the world. Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” is a live-action re-telling of the studio’s animated classic which refashions the classic characters from the tale as old as time for a contemporary audience, staying true to the original music while updating the score with several new songs.
Universal Studios Hollywood reveals a behind-the-scenes look into the making of its new permanent walk-through attraction based on AMC’s record-breaking television series, “The Walking Dead,” and announces that the eagerly-awaited experience will debut on Monday, July 4, 2016. The post Universal Studios Hollywood First-Look, Making-of-Video at “The Walking Dead” Attraction appeared first on SOCALTHRILLS. With a 46-year history of innovation at sea, Royal Caribbean International is today welcoming the arrival of its newest and most dazzling ship yet, Harmony of the Seas. The post World’s Largest Cruise Ship, Harmony of the Seas, Arrives In Southampton appeared first on SOCALTHRILLS. In adapting Disney’s “Frozen” for the stage in “Frozen – Live at the Hyperion,” the team at Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Entertainment sought out new and exciting ways to tell Anna and Elsa’s story. The post Sneak Peek at ‘Frozen – Live at the Hyperion’ at Disney California Adventure Park appeared first on SOCALTHRILLS.
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The talents of three of the world’s greatest storytellers – Roald Dahl, Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg – finally unite to bring Dahl’s beloved classic “The BFG” to life. Disney•Pixar’s “Finding Dory” filmmakers have revealed that Hank, the film’s cantankerous octopus with camouflaging capabilities, has appeared in every one of their feature films since 1995’s “Toy Story.” “Finding Dory,” featuring the voice of Ed O’Neill as Hank, opens in theaters nationwide on June 17, 2016. Disney•Pixar’s “Finding Dory” reveals its full roster of characters, as well as the voice talent tapped to help bring each character to life. The LEGO Group has announced its 18th collection of LEGO®Minifigures starring some of The Walt Disney Company’s most beloved characters inspired by stories from across the entire Disney universe. The post LEGO Minifigures Collection Features 18 Iconic Disney Characters appeared first on SOCALTHRILLS. California’s Central Coast is littered with lost beaches, craggy rock formations, forgotten coves and rolling hills. Particularly their acquisition and refit of the former Russian Varyag which they launched last August. There are a total of thirty plastic sprues in 16 bags, the hull pieces, and a photo etch kit for detail metal parts.
The Varyag was left about 80% complete with the Ukraine when the Soviet Union fell apart and was never completed. In addition, there were several areas along the sponsons, particularly forward, where detail from the Kuznetsov had not been removed.
I used the flat pieces meant for the waterline version bottom to create hanger spaces at each elevator. I used extensive rubber bands to pull them tightly together, and then used sprue left overs to glue the two pieces together from the inside for further support so that when they dried and the rubber bands were removed, they were very firmly and tightly in place and not prone to pull apart in the least. This was done with classic model putty in white, my dremmel tool, grind stones where necessary, and then sand papers of various grades as appropriate.
There was one issue here, The plans in the model call for a single Type 1030 CIWS system on the Starboard forward sponson. One disappointment, unlike some of the other new Trumpeter models, the windows on the bridge and other control spaces (flight ops, etc.) were not cut out and there is no clear or moked plastic windows available. By March 25th, 2012: Complete all railing, meshes, and other photo etch parts along the flight deck and other main hull decks, including props and rudders. At that point I will do my priniple PLAN Escort for the carrier, Trumpeter's DDG-170, Lanshou Type 052C destroyer.
I really didnt get into the modern water-line series, but I really did enjoy the WW2 collection.
I will update this thread as I complete the carrier and will add seperate threads for each kit I build in the Carrier Strike Groups.
But I think DCBryan is actually looking for a kit that shows them as they rest after being sunk.
It is very satisfying, particularly as tow of my granssons have taken an interest and I help them with their interests. At least we now have some candidates talking about doing something about it while we still can. At Hobby Town in Boise where I frequent, they have about a 4-5 foot long Arleigh Burke DDG that is RC and very detailed.
I get the Gold Medal, Tom’s Model Works, Eduard, and other detailing kits and they make a huge different to the finished product. I am retired at 76 and with 10 grandkids I have plenty to do so I have to get my ass in gear! They built over 120 of them and thus they are the largest numerical class of subs ever built by the US. But will add the USS Enterprise, the New Orleans Class Cruiser and two Gleaves class destroyer because I wanted that historical Tokyo raid gorup.
I could already get all the Ruskie models but will wait on those until after I build the US groups on orders from the CINC here at the house.
When I visited the Des-Sub Piers in Norfolk in December, I counted eight US fast-attack, one Trident, and a British fast-attack, their big new one (considerably larger than the Los Angeles-class boats nearby). By April 16th, 2012: Complete all aircraft and deck equipment building, painting, decals, and aircraft and equipment placement.
I intend to develop a wiring scheme for her that includes small LED lights for both decks and the flight deck that I will run out into the stand which will include batteries and three small toggle switches for the various lighting.
I do want to get my older two boys into building models starting with snap-tite and working their way up. The model itself came with a small set that had the a lot of the sensors, but the railing and other platforms that matched the Chinese build I used off of the Kuznetsov kit. But there is tremendous irony in making the case that the US submarine fleet ought to be more like the Russian submarine fleet. The US has designs that provide more protection than a double hull, such as internal compartmentalization. Its heavy displacement and double hull enables her to take three direct torpedo hits to sink.The outer hull acts as an armored shell, much like a turtle shell for a turtle.
Probably because one never knew if the material produced was going to be consistent in specs. No wonder a Russian submariner would prefer to operate an LA class sub rather than a decrepit Alfa or Mike class boat any day. Disney’s NEWSIES is playing an exclusive two-week premiere engagement at Segerstrom Center for the Arts with performances May 17 through May 29, 2016 in Segerstrom Hall.
Not action heroes or superheroes, but the real people who make the tough calls and are willing to put their lives on the line for the greater good.
Harmony of the Seas is the world’s largest cruise ship with a bold and unexpected line up of experiences, and many ‘firsts at sea’.
For the first time, Disney is giving a rare and special look into the adorable little lives of the Tsum Tsum when nobody’s watching. The resort features themes from four different Disney and Pixar films including The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, and Cars. These new items are part of a regular assortment update that takes place every few years at Disney Parks.

The dining package features a large assortment of desserts, artisanal cheeses, as well as fruit.
These updates included the first information about Nintendo’s next video game system, code-named NX.
Whether it’s comfortable walking boots, a sturdy, wide brimmed sun hat, a cool safari shirt, or a luxurious, yet practical backpack, the sights and sounds of a new destination are easier to absorb when one is prepared. The cast includes Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Ben Mendelsohn, Donnie Yen, Jiang Wen, Mads Mikkelsen, Alan Tudyk, Riz Ahmed, and Forest Whitaker. Directed by Andrew Stanton, who helmed the Oscar®-winning films “Finding Nemo” and “WALL•E,” “Finding Dory” revisits everyone’s favorite blue tang Dory as she embarks on a life-changing adventure to find her family. Hidden amongst these natural wonders is the small town of Cayucos, where time has slowed and a classic 1960s beach village vibe permeates the air like fog through an historic pier.
I am a member of the US Naval institutie and the son of a father who was a US Navy combat officer in World War II in the PTO.
She was later sold to China and towed there where she began her long refit and was ultimately launched as this vessel. Meaning they simply used the same mold from the Kuznetsov and you will have to remove those details.
For the flight, though the carton and the paint schemeshows the deck in a single color, the actual deck is painted in two colors. Once they were together I began some railing attachments, using Gold Medal Model's excellent Kuznetsov photo etch detail kit. I did the same to some areas around the elevators and sponsons where some hgaps existed as well. But photographs of the actual vessel indicate that there is also a FN-3000L missile system located there.
Be careful in cutting these away from the sprues because they are easily broken and mishandled.
I suspect this is because they did not want to have to create complete new tooling for the Kuznetsov carrier which they relied on heavily for this kit. By April 2nd, 2012: Complete all deck markings and decals on the flight deck and the rest of the carrier. This is the Chinese Arleigh Burke-like destroyer with PARS, battle management and VLS air defense missiles. Ford comes out, I will add it to this group along with another AEGIS Cruiser and Burke DDG.
Both were in the Navy in WW2, and spent many hours together in the evenings working on their models. However, we will be sending out best interrogators to find out where you have obtained such accurate information on our newest vessel. My brother was in the Submarine Service but so far to date I haven’t found the model of USS Bugara. The only requirement for inclusion in the Navair Pinglist is an interest in Naval Aviation. My dad was a pilot in WW II, and I swear I had the entire 8th USAF hanging from the ceiling over my bed. Was part of the conversion crew then stayed with her for a few years until he reached CPO, now he’s in the squardron and goes out to several boats. I go back every few months to check on the hardware they put in me and to make sure no new cancer has returned.
I particularly liked the F-4U Corsair and always felt it would have given the P-51 a run for its money. All of the antennae, all of the life rafts and various ship's boats, and finally all of the hand railing for the sponsons, on various levels of the hull and on the deck itself, as well as the webbing. Went so far as to buy the etched photo railings for the vessels at that time which really improves the look. Producer Kevin Feige shared his feelings for the complete ensemble cast and Director Anthony Russo shared with us the flawless introduction of Spiderman in this movie. Fine detail you come to expect from Trumpeter, with the full hull or water line version available. There are a couple of sprues of Kuznetsov parts you will not use, and new PLAN parts for the Island, the weapons, the sensor fit, and for the aircraft, particularly the different Chinese helos used. The largest removal involves sanding down the forward VLS missile silos on the Kuznetsov to smooth areas as they exist on the PLAN Carrier, which uses ther FN-3000L missile launcer adn Type 1030 CIWS instead.
A medium gray for the non-landing strip (parking, movement, elevators, etc.) and a darker gray for the landing strip. Alhought a lot of the sensors are not correct for the PLA Navy carrier in that kit, those sensors are included in the photo etch parts that came with the model, but there were no handrails of any sort, and none of the mesh around the deck edge in the supplied photo etch set, which are all available in the Gold Medal Work's set. I contacted Lucky Model and Trumpeter and informed them of this and asked for the additional piecves necessary to fix it. I completed all of the weapons and then added them to the sponsons where they we intended to go, including the additional missile launcher. After that, I will build Hobby Boss's PLAN SSN attack submarine, the PLAN SSN-405, ChangZheng5, a Type 091 Han class SSN, for escort duties.
Unfortunately, the HMS Hood diorama would be in pieces over the place.You can look online for artists conceptions, but very rare to see model dioramas.
The upper hull is in a single piece and the lower hull is a single piece molded in red with the forward dome a seperate piece. The Ohio, with a single hull, was far stealthier than anything the Russians had---by orders of magnitude. There are other areas where similar removal was required for various antennae and other equipment mounts, as well as drilling to make way for Chinese antennae not in place on the Russian carrier. Do you really think a dragster could sustain that rpm level and that torque level for miles?
I was a little disppointed in that the bridge and flight control windows were not cut out and available as clear or smoked plastic, and that there was no hangar deck. These vessels often had to be towed to their patrol lanes, their engines were so unreliable!!. Once the models are available, I'd like to build a Japanese group centered on their new 22DDH carrier and the Hyuga, an Italian Group centered on the Cavour, a French Group centered on the De Gaulle, a Spanish Group centered on the Jaun Carlos, and ultimatly an Australian Group centered on the new Canberra. At that depth they cannot fire torpedoes or missiles.Buoyancy - A double hulled sub floats on the surface like a cruise ship, whereas a single-hulled sub waddles around like flotsam. Anyhow, here are the pics of the many detailed parts: The decal page is extensive to fully makr the vessel and the deck. If they ever build the models, an Indian group centered on either the Vikramaditya or their new ADS Carrier the Vikrant would also be nice.
The instructions are extensive There is no official name or pennant number for the vessel yet. I worked after work and on weekends for a couple of weeks to put the island together, but it was a very fun experience and came out well. The only time you will see them on the surface is coming into and out of port, so the ability to float high and dry like a cruise ship is worthless.
I received in in early February, one of the first purchases of the kit in the United States. But make no mistake, with the weapons outfit, and the Chinese J-15 Strike Fighters (which are modernized Chinese rebuiilds of the Russian SU-33, this carrier will be fully operational and capable once the crew is trained up and the aircraft are embarked.
But our steel was nearly as good as their titanium, and our workforce and engineers vastly superior.

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