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Participants will learn the power of presentation and how it lends to personal and professional credibility. Whether presenting one’s self to a prospective employer or addressing the department in a team meeting, our presentation of our self will have a great impact on how we are received. Participants will get the opportunity to present themselves and receive feedback and coaching in order to be more effective in their presentation of themselves. Are you looking to become an effective presenter who can communicate with confidence, power, impact for business? The Presentation Skills course is customised to focus on building on your confidence using a variety of techniques dealing with presenting in the business world. You will be taught on the techniques used by effective public speakers and asked to apply these to your business situations. It is indeed one of the more rewarding experiences in life to stand up in front of an appreciative audience and wow them. This is a 100% bullet proof confidence boosting - hands-on training that all past participants rave about. Before beginning his training career, Steve worked for one of the oldest and most established brokerage houses in Canada. After realizing his true passion was in education he decided to change his career path and focus more on teaching. Mr Muhs is an enthusiastic and dedicated trainer who operates an active classroom and always keeps his course participants amused and challenged.
With over 14 years of public speaking experience, he has a very acute understanding of what is required in order to get ideas across clearly and in an engaging manner.
Muhs is an excellent communicator and has enjoyed working with a variety of companies throughout Asia, designing and facilitating courses that have cooperatively met their objectives.
Mr  Reid is a former British Diplomat with over 25 years of experience working in a wide range of jobs, countries and regions of the world. In his career, Gordon has had extensive hands-on experience in producing reports and other business documents on a wide range of subjects.
Bank in and then scan the Bank-in slip and email to us before the course commence to confirm your seat. Company Directors, Executive Manager, Senior Managers, Front Line Managers, Sales teams and customer facing staff. Trevor not only is an insightful and gifted communicator, but he has a special ability to read people and get to the core of what is holding them back. Presentation is communicating, influencing, persuading and the selling of ideas, wants, needs and benefits.

You must present or sell your ideas, needs, wants and desires to your friends, employer and others, in an honest way if you are to be taken seriously. If you are to be effective, you must prepare your presentation and rehearse it well in advance.
There are many helpful resources on the market to assist you to make that winning presentation. If you do not follow a specific structure as you make your delivery, your audience will have a difficult time keeping up with you. At the beginning of your presentation you must arouse the interest of your audience and find out what needs they have. This is the main part of your presentation and it must follow a logical path that is easy for your audience to understand. By nonverbal I mean the ability to communicate to others without the necessary use of words. Your nonverbal communication skills must also be taken into account, in all of the four life positions. State your needs, wants, feelings, opinions or beliefs in a clear, direct, specific, honest and suitable way and not at the expense of others. One of the most powerful breakthroughs in selling is that customers purchase more from people they like. Maintain eye contact and address your audience as individuals rather than as a group of people. In your conclusion, highlight the key points that you want your audience to remember – what is said last is always remembered first. You learn to make presentations by making presentations, just as you learn to play the flute by playing the flute.
If (O) opportunity, (P) positive action, (E) excitement and (N) enthusiasm is not in your presentation, don’t go ahead. At any-time that you wish to book Errol A Williams or need more information please call 07956 872 141. The will also receive the ‘how to’ in delivering not just a good, but an outstanding presentation.
This is achieved through the engaging delivery, captivating content, powerful language, rhetorical techniques and question handling. And the skills required to find your own voice and style with your audiences can definitely be learned by anyone. He conducts courses in both the English language (including technical report writing), leadership, management and presentation skills.

Telegraphic Transfer- You can also opt to use GIRO or telegraphic transfer of payment via international banks. After recently sharing the platform with Trevor and listening to his coaching and tips to improve one’s speaking skills, I have to say I was extremely impressed. I watched him mesmerise an audience of 1,000 people, but more importantly, I also watched him mesmerise me! One of the most simple and effective structures for any type of presentation is: beginning, middle and end. Let them know how long the presentation will last and give them an idea as to when they can respond with questions or comments.
Highlight to your audience the overall situation, convince and sway them to your way of thinking. Make sure that your mouth, appearance, gesture, posture, voice and eyes assist and not hinder your presentation. Is my posture straight, upright or am I slouched, too near, too far, slumped, or higher or lower than the other person? Always thank the person for asking the question, then rephrase the question in your own words to confirm you fully understand.
The lessons are conducted to ensure participants who participate in this course fully equip themselves with effective techniques in delivering power impact presentations.
And yet, while many people see public speaking as something they want to enjoy doing, it continues to rank amongst the most often-expressed fears people have. Finally, agree the objectives with your audience and from the beginning make sure that your audience gets onto the right plane.
Do I mumble, complain, criticise, beat around the bush, or do I get straight to the point, clearly, directly and specifically?
Once you are satisfied that you understand the question, give an answer and check that they understand your reply. If this describes you, I'd like to show you how you can get past those fears with zero pain, and maximum fun.
After all, you do not want to take your audience to America, when they may want to go to the West Indies. Finally, am I able to look confidently into other people’s eyes, or must I turn away and gaze at the ceiling, floor or other objects?

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