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PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland Thorns FC today announced details for a preseason tournament at Providence Park. PORTLAND, Ore. – The Portland Timbers today announced details of The 2016 Simple Invitational, the team’s annual preseason tournament at Providence Park, as well as the club’s full preseason schedule.
On Thursday, the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) unveiled its logo for the league's championship match at Providence Park. FC Kansas City and Seattle Reign FC will square off in the NWSL championship on Thursday, Oct. The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) announced today that the 2015 NWSL Championship match will be played on Thursday, Oct. Portland’s final two regular-season home matches against the Chicago Red Stars on Sunday, Aug. Rowing has been part of the Olympic program since 1896, and is one of Canada’s most successful summer Olympic sports.
At recent Games, Canada won four medals (two bronze, one silver and one gold) in Beijing and two silver medals in London in 2012. Stay up to date by signing up to our newsletter, which features event information, news and more. Will Dean, men's quad: “It’s been a short year and a long year, in the sense of the pressure. Also, England are playing the Republic of Ireland in a friendly in Dublin later this afternoon.
Nigeria got robbed at the 70th minute when their striker was grabbed and pushed to the ground by a Swedish defender and the ref failed to call for a PK - they wuz robbed!!
England will use the experience of defeat by the world's top-ranked team Germany when they face France in their Women's World Cup opener on Tuesday, says boss Mark Sampson. The Lionesses were outclassed in a 3-0 loss (external - login to view) in November and face a French team who beat them by that score at Euro 2013.
Sampson is confident he will be able to pick from his full squad, despite England having several players recovering from injury and illness, including captain Steph Houghton. Striker Jodie Taylor has had a recent knee operation, while two unnamed players have suffered from food poisoning before the first of two games at the 13,700-capacity Moncton Stadium. England have never been beyond the quarter-final stage at a World Cup, but in his first major tournament since succeeding Hope Powell, Sampson is hoping his team can progress to the last four at least.
As well as defeat by France in 2013, England were knocked out of the 2011 World Cup by the same opponents on penalties.
England have not beaten France since 1974 and the match will take place in the French-English bilingual city of Moncton, near Canada's east coast, at 18:00 BST on Tuesday. In their other Group F fixtures, England meet Mexico, ranked 25th in the world, in Moncton on 13 June and Colombia, ranked 28th, on 17 June in Montreal. He has also acted on player feedback by telling them his team two days before the match against France.
Eugenie Le Sommer scored the only goal at Moncton Stadium and England struggled for an equaliser despite improving towards the end of the match. England scored 52 goals in 10 games to qualify but could only manage three shots against France.
England - just like the men's side - also weren't helped by diabolical refereeing decisions going against them, including a blatant elbow by Frog midfielder Camille Abily on England defender Laura Bassett in the England penalty area which left Bassett with a bruised cheek. Women's football isn't a big sport in England and the women's England team used to be the butt of jokes at international football tournaments.
Also, remember that England lost 2-1 against Italy in their opening match of Women's Euro 2009 and still went on to reach the Final of that tournament.
Reduced third best team in the world to just one goal thanks to using a formation that baffled them - and all with a referee that clearly favoured France and who was very lenient with them. Lost 2-1 against Italy in the opening match of Euro 2009 but still went on to reach the Final against Germany.
Well, France are the third-ranked team on the planet and are, on paper, better than England. Putting up a fight - rather than being routed as most people thought would happen - against one of the teams who are fancied by many to go all the way is a brave performance.

England scored 52 goals in their ten qualifying matches, in which they won all ten of their matches (England were in Group 6 in the European section of qualifying, with Ukraine, Wales, Turkey, Belarus and Montenegro). It's always difficult to win when you have got a ref who always favours the other side, as England teams, male and female or (these days) hermaphrodite, always seem to do for some reason. Norway, who are only semi-professional, were completely outclassed by their professional opponents in the first half.
But it did take a bit of getting used to seeing Norway playing in white shirts and Germany in red shirts rather than the other way around. Our being matched may have been just good luck, because the processing back then wasn't very sophisticated. The picture to the left, from our wedding album, shows us at our wedding, June 28, 1970.You can click on the picture to zoom out, and then click again to enlarge it. Interestingly, the divorce rate shown on the graph seems to peak in 1979, although other sources say the high point was in 1981.
Taking place from March 27-April 2, the tournament will feature Thorns FC, the Houston Dash and Seattle Reign FC of the NWSL and Oregon State University.
But going into this regatta, I’ve never felt more support from the Canadian rowing community. Longstanding social traditions held that women were uniquely predisposed to maintain the moral center for their families. 21-27, The Simple Invitational will feature the MLS Cup-champion Timbers as well as Cascadia-rival Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Eastern Conference-side Chicago Fire and NASL club Minnesota United FC. Still, she was surprised when her brother, a Boys and Girls Club employee, told her about an internship opportunity through a program called YouthForce.
They were supposed to be purer, less vulnerable to temptation than men; especially since men were supposed to go to work in the vice-infested public sphere, while wives remained cloistered within the moral bastion of the home. That's what you're going to do,” Alejandra remembers her brother telling her and her sister Andrea. Since women were also deemed responsible for raising children, they assumed the role of teachers and guardians of Christian virtues and values. Though these same religious teachings implied that women should be obedient wives and subservient individuals, ironically, they also provided a socially acceptable venue in which females could assume an active role in public life. That is, women could transgress traditional gender roles in the name of safeguarding other, more sacred traditions like Christian piety and social morality.
In the long term, Progressive women were successful on several counts, but in their success lay unimagined troubles and complications.TemperancePopular movements to combat "the sin of drink" had existed since the early nineteenth century in the United States, but had never met with much success.
Though several states passed prohibition laws in the antebellum period, by the late 1860s most had already repealed those laws.
When the Prohibition Party was organized and ran its first national campaign in 1872, it did not fare well (candidate James Black drew about 0.1% of the popular vote). It was very rare for a person to bolt his party affiliation to join up with an independent movement, especially for the sake of a tiny party with a single-issue platform. Many men hoped that their own parties would eventually adopt prohibition as part of their platform, and others deemed temperance a "moral" issue that ought not be combated through politics. Many others simply did not find their religious views and their taste for drink to be mutually exclusive. At its peak, which occured in the 1888 and 1892 elections, the Prohibition Party polled about 2% of the popular vote.Meanwhile, female temperance activists were organizing an even more powerful association.
The Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) was organized in 1874, pledging support for the Prohibitionist Party but also assuming responsibility for a range of other projects. It soon became the largest women's organization in the country, advocating a string of reforms in addition to temperance—from prison reform and public health to world peace.
Consequently, the liquor lobby became one of the principal opponents to women's suffrage, as it justly feared that women might use the franchise to vote to prohibit the sale of alcohol. The issues of temperance and suffrage were thus intertwined throughout the Progressive Era, although not all suffragettes were for temperance, and vice versa.
Both prohibtionists and suffragettes had to wait until after World War I to realize their goals on a nationwide scale.In the meantime, frustration took hold for some temperance activists.
Nation secured a place for herself in the history books when she ahandoned the WCTU's peaceful approach in favor of violent direct action.

Nation, who was briefly married to an alcoholic in the 1860s, joined up with a growing movement of primarily female temperance activists who were enraged by the state's uneven enforcement of an 1881 "dry" law that had not succeeded in shuttering all of Kansas's saloons.
Arming herself with rocks, brickbats, axes, and a fervent religious devotion, Nation led her followers on a succession of saloon attacks between 1900 and 1910, chanting "Smash, ladies, smash!" throughout each onslaught. She was arrested 30 times but felt emboldened by her religiosity, describing herself as "a bulldog running along at the feet of Jesus, barking at what he doesn't like."23 A handful of women, frustrated by their inability to vote, had been smashing Kansas saloons since 1855, but Nation became something of a national celebrity. While incarcerated in Topeka in July 1901, she received numerous offers from "theatrical, circus, and museum managers," one offering as much as $800 along with her own private railroad car and a maid.
Nation turned down these offers but ultimately acquiesced in allowing Lyceum manager James E.
Suffragette radicals were less religiously zealous than their teetotaler counterparts, even if they did pursue similarly confrontational and immediatist tactics.
In 1869, the more progressive, New York-based National Woman Suffrage Association (NWSA) split from the more conservative American Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA), based in Boston. Even after the two organizations reunited for the sake of the cause in 1890, internal tensions persisted.
In 1895, movement cofounder Elizabeth Cady Stanton published The Woman's Bible, which promoted a more liberal view of the Bible that offered an alternative to the traditional explanations of how God and His apostles defined a "woman's place." Many conservative NAWSA members disapproved of the book's controversial reappraisal of Christian doctrine, and sought to distance Stanton from the movement's new mainstream.
Stanton had resigned as NAWSA president in 1892, and after her book was published, NAWSA stopped inviting her to sit on the stage at its conventions. Most suffragettes did not want to appear threatening or radical, since they were trying to persuade a hesitant male electorate that female enfranchisement would not revolutionize American society or the women who lived in it. Yet Stanton's radical legacy in the suffrage movement influenced many women within the next generation of activists.
In 1913, Alice Paul and Lucy Burns organized the Congressional Union, later known as the National Woman's Party. They were inspired by Stanton and the tactics of the radical, militant Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) in England. Woman's Party members emulated WSPU tactics by picketing the White House, getting arrested, participating in hunger strikes, and practicing other modes of civil disobedience to bring attention to the suffrage cause. The new NAWSA President Carrie Chapman Catt fiercely opposed such tactics, as she supported President Wilson and did not want to alienate moderate voters and politicians.
Internal debates over the basic strategy of the suffrage movement persisted until World War I, when the activists took advantage of the global crisis to successfully pressure the government into acting on their behalf.Not all women supported enfranchisement for their sex. In 1911, a group of primarily wealthy women and Catholic clergymen organized the National Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage (NAOWS). Arthur Dodge led the organization, which received support from Southern congressmen, urban political machines, and businessmen.
These groups opposed female suffrage for a variety of reasons, ranging from the ideological conservatism of the Southern congressmen to the businessmen's pragmatic fears that female voters might support costly regulatory legislation.Mixed ResultsLike so many aspects of Progressive reform, the suffrage and temperance movements experienced plenty of both success and failure.
By 1898, only five states had passed legislation to prohibit the manufacture and sale of alcohol.
But with the coming of World War I, a series of factors coalesced to give the longstanding temperance campaign the boost it needed to secure a constitutional amendment banning booze. Large groups of religious women, black and white, had effectively organized in (segregated) branches of the WCTU to campaign for prohibition. The more extreme temperance advocates like Carry Nation had also managed to arouse considerable attention, if not always goodwill.
Many of these women and their husbands were also social reformers who came to view alcohol as one of the principal vices plaguing the nation's inner cities, where political bosses could buy votes with drink and where fathers might spend their paychecks in the saloon instead of on groceries for the family. Additionally, employers came to believe that they might enjoy a more dependable and efficient workforce without the influence of alcohol.

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