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Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux have the looks, the smiles and the down-to-earth nature to become America's latest Winter Olympic sweethearts, but they're not interested in all that. The United States women's hockey team's twin enforcers from North Dakota have come to Sochi focused on winning gold medals rather than friends and to avenge a painful defeat from four years ago.
Two months later, Jocelyne took exception to a big hit on teammate Josephine Pucci, and responded by leveling Canada's Brianne Jenner a€“ with hostilities erupting as a result.
The pair are dearly beloved in their native North Dakota, where they grew up in a hockey family.
After spending their freshman year at archrival Minnesota, Monique and Jocelyne returned "home" to play for North Dakota for their remaining eligibility. Even their mom, Linda, a former swimmer at North Dakota, understands the need for physical play when the time is right. Off the ice the Lamoureux twins could not be more polite, engaging and cheerful; just don't mess with them when it comes to hockey.

Their father, Pierre, was a goalie on two North Dakota national title teams in the early '80s and the twins have four older brothers who have all played at the collegiate level or higher. It would be no shock to see fireworks and fisticuffs when they meet in pool play at the Shayba Arena in Sochi on Feb. In the first incident, Jocelyne came to Monique's aid after Monique had clashed with Canadian defender Courtney Birchard. We really grew up around the mentality of the men's game, the unwritten rules that hockey has.

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