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This topic is going to have two different points of view, one from Asian girls who date white guys and another one from those who don’t date white guys. For Asian women who prefer to date white guys, they want something from western world which Asian culture cannot give them. On the other hand, those Asian girls who don’t date white guys, they have totally different opinion from type of girls above.
So when you want to approach an Asian girl, make sure you don’t show up as a creeper or a pervert. Chinese guys on the other hand, more than happily carry their girlfriends handbag, and this is why many Chinese girls stuff their handbags full of unnecessary and heavy crap, because they know someone else is going to carry it for them! Holding a girls handbag for a few seconds I can live with, but being expected to carry it around all day is quite something else. I don’t really want to get onto the subject of Chinese girls and their lack of drinking ability, but it suffices to say according to them they never get drunk, not ever, apparently they are impervious to alcohol.
Apparently, in Chinese culture the more you eat the healthier you are, it’s no matter what you actually eat, just that you eat a lot is enough. When you eating a lot means that she misses out on some of the food because you ate it, Chinese culture magically changes its precepts to use this one sentence as the best advice, where food and your conduct is concerned.
If you do go down this route though, the praise you will receive will make you feel like a kid again, who’s just been put at the top of the class by his teacher!
There are plenty more common complaints a Chinese girlfriend has when dating a non-Chinese guy. Sam ReevesSam Reeves is a corporate manger in China and author of 'Chinese Dating Secrets Exposed'. This entry was posted in Chinese Girls and tagged chinese girlfriend, chinese girlfriends, chinese girls, chinese girls complaints, dating chinese girls by Sam Reeves. I do have to say, though, that NONE of the Chinese women that I associate with (and there are many) act like that. Many Chinese girls use online chinese dating services in order to find a potential partner for marriage, and although there are some who use them for casual dating, it can’t be said to be the majority. Whereas for many years, there was a stigma attached to finding a partner online in western countries, no such stigma really existed within China. To be serious with you though, 15% is very low when comparing it to the real world answers I’ve had from Chinese girls over the years. Most of the online Chinese dating sites within China that cater to non-Chinese, I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. If you are looking to choose an online Chinese dating site, then choosing a reputable western one would be my advise to you. This entry was posted in China in the News, Chinese Girls and tagged chinese dating online, chinese girls, dating chinese girls, online chinese dating by Sam Reeves. China is considered, and actually is, a rather collective society; so whereas in western countries individualism is promoted and desired, in China quiet the opposite is frequently the case. Now obviously I have to add some generalization to this, as not every single Chinese girl fits the above description, but the percentage is so large as to be very significant in my experience.
This is because one day she will marry, and for sure she will be expected to pitch in with playing mah jong on the numerous festivals, as it requires four people.

It Should be said, some do genuinely enjoy it, and get a group of friends together to play it of their own accord. In general, many Chinese where the weather permits, want to be outside walking around or shooting the breeze with others.
That stereotype does have some basis in truth… but only where they are not living in their own country.
You can frequently see Chinese girls walking up the street with a small plastic basket filled with shampoo, face towel, and whatever it is girls use to wash with. The showers are communal, and in the shower houses are other women employed to scrub you down thouroughly.
It can’t therefore be said only Chinese girls like going to KTV with a group of friends, ALL Chinese like going to KTV with a group of friends or family. Walking past one of the small companies near where I live just after lunchtime I happened to look through their door, only to be greeted by the site of all the workers sat at their computers completely out for the count, with their mouths wide open snoring happily.
I’ve also experienced the pointlessness of trying to get anything out of any of the Chinese staff under me just after lunchtime.
Incidentally, if any western country ever plans to invade China they will have no trouble at all doing it at about 1pm just after lunchtime. This entry was posted in Chinese Girls and tagged chinese culture, chinese girls, chinese girls hobbies, chinese girls interests, what do chinese girls do in their free time by Sam Reeves. God, this is exactly what my chinese baby likes to do in her free time, exactly everything which is said here. If a random white guy tries to hit on them while they are walking on the street, the first thing that comes up in their mind is that the guy is a creeper. Anytime someone isn’t doing something you want them to, just tell them they are selfish (they do it all the time)! Just because the last time (and the time before that) I was ‘a little’ drunk and threw my shoe at your head?
He has lived in China for ten years (give or take) and been involved with the Chinese community in his native country for many a year. It is just based on the fact that they are not often brought up in the same way a western women are. Is it fair to say that this article is a bit of a generalization and that this author looks for the most physically attractive girls first without thinking about deeper issues? Plus she keeps recommending I wear her clothes or make up too lol :S, I have been able to get around this with some humour and lots of negotiation. Oh Russell, you're supposed to buy them a phone of their choice within the first three months at least. By the time the internet became popular; that phase had kind of past already for the mainland.
Couple this with the fact that when they are younger their education takes up huge amounts of their free time, and you have a recipe for a set of commonly held interests and free time activities that are strikingly similar, and also quite small in their variety.
Mah jong: Now you might imagine playing mah jong would be much higher up the list, but strangely not.
How can a daughter-in-law not play mah jong with the rest of the family on Spring festival (Chinese new year)?

The Chinese are a very gregarious people, which may be surprising to some who are well aware of the stereotype of the inscrutable silent Chinese person. I was very close with the Chinese community in my own country for many years before coming to China, and honestly I was shocked at the difference when I arrived in the mainland. I think 'Chinese baby' is perhaps the correct term that you have so precisely used!
I'd put the phone in with the mirror now though too, because most use the camera to check their hair If only someone would invent a phone that could also do a girls nails, they'd be a millionaire in China! They think western men can give them more freedom and will open the way for them to be more independent in life.
This might sound too exaggerating but this is what really happens in many countries in Asia, especially in countries that people don’t speak English.
You make the assumption that I'm only talking about pretty girls, and that it is pretty girls who are the problem. I was thinking about it like no-bodies business, which is why I came up with a system for seperating the wheat from the chaff. Look out for tell tale signs such as Chinese characters on the site, or seriously bad English grammar, and avoid. This is what has led many guys talking online to Chinese girls to feel that all of them seem to be reading from a script, and a rather dull script at that. I have little interest in walking unless there is a specific destination, and if there is, I’m gonna’ get there as soon as possible! Vampires also make an appearance as popular, because what isn’t attractive about a monster that sucks your blood and could potentially kill you. This banal response is in fact a bit more complex than it at first appears, but only a bit.
Mine likes to be agressive and blame me because I'm too cold or this kind of shit for almost no reason.
I'm not sure if it can be called a disorder as such, it's simply that some common line westerners would be careful not to go over, they happily go over!
Granted, I had to be friends with her for years before we dated, and I do know plenty of selfish Chinese gals.
Most Chinese parents would regard home ownership as a basic fundamental for marriage to their daughter. Everyone knows that western culture is a very straightforward culture, and every Asian woman wants that in their love life.
There's not many men who want to chase a girl for two years like you, with the hope that perhaps something will come of it.

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