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Christians interested in dating other Christian singles should be straight forward about their religious requirements, try to meet people through church and friends, and should stick to Christian dating Web sites. And some of it is just plain nonsensical (like advice about dating Jesus – does that mean I break up with Jesus when I get married, or am I cheating on my husband with Jesus? Be honest with potential dates when discussing Christianity, but keep an open mind, with advice from a dating coach in this free video on dating and relationship advice. With the exception of one three month relationship, I’ve spent my entire adult life (from 18 on) single. But, for me and the vast majority of my friends, this advice was totally useless, and, if received at the wrong time, quite hurtful. I suggest printing off a copy and keeping it by your computer for when you read blogs aimed at Christian women, or when you have that inevitable conversation with your parents about why you're 26 and still single.

I think it's really obvious that there are a lot of people who need to or feel more comfortable dating within their own religion.
And, being a female who reads a lot of Christian blogs, it can sometimes spring up where you least expect it – this article, from the CT Women’s blog, for example, suddenly turns into random dating advice, which seems to me, beside the [poorly thought out] point the author was getting at. Are you insane?) and partly by circumstance (living in a rural town in Japan will do that to you).
Because I’d been raised in a heavily Christian environment and went to private Christian schools for both undergrad and grad, I had no shortage of dating advice from well-intentioned (often married) people. If you date online, make sure to include that in your profile, that that's who you're interested in seeing. Tell your friends and family that you're looking to meet someone in this area and people will help you.

But, don't be afraid to just tell someone straight off the bat that this is a requirement of the people that you date and stick to your guns. If you meet someone you really like and they happen to not be in this same category, maybe you need to be really honest about that right away and clear things up while you can. Also, some good advice in this topic I think is, you know, to be open minded about people's beliefs.
If it takes a couple of dates where you sit and talk about what you want out of life and what you're looking for, you might find that you can date someone who's not exactly like you.

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