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When you set your hand at rebuilding something, especially relationships, there will be opposition. Opposition doesn’t arrive like a gold-gilded letter in the mail that reads, “We are going to oppose you, so get ready.” Nehemiah was just doing the work that God told him to do, yet people were angry at him for rebuilding. Everyone returned to work on the wall, but instead of just building the wall, they worked and defended themselves at the same time.
While I was praying over a fractured relationship, the Lord directed me to write a letter of apology.
An exploration of dematerialization in architecture was a source of inspiration for the staircase in the Dickens apartment in Paris. The same idea was carried out with the Corian screen that functions as a handrail and visual separation between the main living space and the stairs leading to the master bedroom.
The Corian screen design also refers to notions of beauty concerned with ideas of the incomplete and unfinished.
Integrating oak and Corian together in this staircase allows it to bridge the two materials of the floors it is connecting. British Airways unveiled a new corporate identity in 1997 which involved repainting its fleet with around 20 daring tailfin designs by world artists?
Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of Halloween, you can turn the holiday into a positive, relationship-building tradition for your family. Offering a harvest party has been a popular Halloween alternative among Christian churches for years.
Instead of the usual youth car wash fundraiser, why not plan something totally different this year to raise money for the youth winter camp or teens mission trip?
For a more family-centered Christian alternative to Halloween, you might consider planning a pumpkin carving project.
Another suggestion for a home-based Halloween alternative would be to plan a fall decorating event with your family. Forces working against you swing into life like a wrecking ball, obliterating everything in its way.
But God had put something in his heart to do, a good work, and gave him the resources to carry it out.

Sometimes when you’re rebuilding something worth fighting for, you have to be armed and ready. I wrestled with my pride and assessed the pile of rubble that was left from our friendship.
They were driven by love, compassion and mutual respect, instead of a hastily patched-up facade of friendship. She spends her free time reading, cooking large amounts of food for her four children and sharing life with her husband of 19 years. The steps are less than 1″ thick on the bottom and become thicker and thicker as they go up. The massing of the stairs uses the logic of a solid and firm ground at the top and thinner, more ethereal massing at the bottom.
Based on a computer generated script, the pattern is more solid and opaque at the top and gradually dematerializes towards the bottom of the stairs. Like in some Eastern philosophies such as Wabi Sabi in Japan, the idea of imperfection and lack of finitude were a source of inspiration for the way the Corian screen was conceived and implemented.
Oak was utilized for the underside of the stairs to reflect the existing wood floor in the living room on the lower level, and the upper face of each tread is finished with Corian to provide a transition to the Corian floor of the master suite above. As one of the most popular holidays in our culture—for some more celebrated than Christmas—it can present a challenge for Christian families, especially when children are involved. A Fall Carnival or Harvest Festival adds a slightly new twist to this Christian alternative to the customary Halloween activities. With some well-thought-out planning, you can involve various established small groups from within your church to host carnival booths. Consider helping the youth group of your church organize a pumpkin patch and create an exciting Christian alternative to Halloween. One family might even sponsor such an event on a small scale in your own neighborhood as an alternative to trick-or-treating. The changing season inspires just the right atmosphere for this occasion, and it becomes both meaningful and memorable to include the whole family in the process.
But if it’s God-designed, and you have set your hand to the bricks-and-mortar of relationship, then keep building.

The foundations were deep and strong and were well-fortified to handle a little opposition now and then. An executive assistant by day and a writer by night, she enjoys copious amounts of coffee, deep discussions and seeking God with her whole heart.
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The aesthetic quality of the screen references ornament and its typical presence in Haussmannian Parisian apartments.
The relationship between the Corian screen and the steps was designed with the intention of creating an imperfection, and having this imperfection be a source of beauty.
Organizing an event at your church gives children and parents a place to go and benefit from celebrating together with other families. The church youth can sell the pumpkins, and the profits can go toward funding their next youth camp. The main difference was that the walls of relationship were not built by my hands alone — they were built by the Lord. To pump up the interest level, other pumpkin related activities can be incorporated, such as a pumpkin carving contest, a pumpkin cook-off, a carving demonstration, or even a pumpkin bake sale.
The enemy comes to “steal, kill, and destroy” (John 10:10) and above all hates when we set ourselves up for healing and repair. He put the wisdom and strategies in Nehemiah’s heart, along with compassion for the people, to get the job done.
I reasoned that giving up would be easier, but the nudge of the Holy Spirit pressed me onward toward rebuilding.

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