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Just as Apple confirmed that promo code distribution was open outside the United States, the company also felt compelled to note that this will not apply to Mac apps soon-to-be-hosted in the upcoming Mac App Store. Earlier today, Softpedia reported that developers enrolled with Apple’s $99-a-year program were receiving notifications from Apple regarding the redeeming and distribution of promotional codes for iOS applications.
Previously restricted to the United States, promo codes - which allow users to download and install paid apps for free - are now usable worldwide, Apple confirmed via an update to the iTunes Developer Guide PDF (screenshot above, text reproduced below). This module allows you to request promotional codes that you can use for promotional purposes to provide interested parties with a free copy of your app.
Apple recently posted a wealth of information for developers looking to make a buck in the upcoming Mac App Store, including tips to increase their chances of approval. Those using In App Purchase for the first time, must be sure to submit both the In App Purchase items and the binary at the same time, Apple said.
More details about submitting In App Purchase items are offered in the same iTunes Connect Developer Guide that specifically targets individuals enrolled with Apple’s developer programs. Opinion: Do services really have the kind of revenue potential Apple would like us to believe?

Although Apple is yet to provide official confirmation, developers are finding that they are now being allocated 100 promo codes per version of their apps. Developers use promo codes to distribute prerelease versions to review as well as offering giveaways to users for promotions. To celebrate all these new promo codes, here are 50 codes for the #1 iOS app for Latin students: SPQR. Insert the link for the product you want to buy and we will search for the best offer available so you can save as much money as possible. Just click "Notify me!" and we will let you know as soon as we find a better deal or the price drops!
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There's no doubt that every online buyer is out to obtain deals from MAC Cosmetics and similar online shops. 100 promo codes per version gives developers more flexibility in how their promote their apps.
So what's the leading method to receive the lowest price when buying items from MAC Cosmetics and different online shopping sites? By returning six [6] MAC primary packaging containers to a MAC counter or MAC Cosmetics online, you will receive a free MAC lipstick of your choice as our thanks to you. In no time at all, the discount will be applied and you can get big savings for your online shopping know-how. There are also other MAC Cosmetics deals and MAC Cosmetics offers that you can take advantage of, so visit the site right now.

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