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I found an interesting online test while visiting the MAL Nodoka Fanclub a few days ago and I thought I might as well post my results as an excuse to write about Negima.
Sadly, many of my favorite characters didn’t even score that well such as perpetually-bored-vampire Eva, mage-in-training Yue, and super-genius-descendant Chao. God, I need to order the rest of the Tankouban of Negima, especially the new ones that will have the OVA’s. I was interested, so I followed your link and took the test with intent to post my results, too… but they were pathetic. But the test did say that Konoka has a 93% chance of being mai waifu, which is pretty all right. With the Ascend Mate 7, Huawei is a major success. If you want to a good smartphone with big screen size, Huawei Mate 7 is really budget comparing with Samsung Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6 Pus. The Huawei Honor 6 is equipped with a 5-inch IPS display that achieves a very high pixel density of 445 ppi according to the manufacturer, and its full HD resolution is 1,080 x 1,920 pixels. Till now, only Google Nexus 5 offers such pixels per inch.
Following the release of Octa-core Hisilicon Kirin 920 chipset, Huawei Honor then debut the world’s first new Category 6 4G LTE Smartphone based on this platform.
Like other mobile phones, Huawei Honor 6 has two cameras, rear camera is 13 mega pixels with Huawei own smart engine, and front camera is 5 mega pixels. Huawei Honor 6 has a 5 inch screen from JDI, from the configuration; we can see honor 6 is the flagship of honor series smartphones, so the resolution reaches 1080p. The inserted button follow the tradition of Huawei Honor series style, which can save the body size and increase the screen occupy rate to some extent. The three quarter of honor 6 is covered by metal in silver color and many buttons are listed in the metal side. Considering the power consumption of Qual-core A15, Huawei Honor 6 has inserted battery of 3100mAh, which is under the back cover.
Honor 6 adopt the dynamic lock screen, which will update the status from blog, news on the screen without unlock the screen. Honor 6 also provides own mobile phone manager and power saving management, the former is for the apps with large power consumption, files clearance and Harassment interception; the latter is to save power with multiple solution. With the infrared remote controller, Huawei Honor 6 can control Huawei wireless routers and air conditioner or TV in other brands, the supported equipments are the common well-known.

Huawei Hisilicon has always the compatibility problem for long time based on Vivante GC CPU. In the Video, only RMVB can’t be supported well and no voice comes out on MKV, other 1080p video can play smoothly without delay. In the game test, we run the game “Need for Speed 17”, “Asphalt 8”, “Modern warfare 4” and they all works smoothly. As the typical models of processor made-by-China, Huawei Hisilicon Kirin 920 is the new star with Octa-core. Both me and Setsuna have the exact same birthday, January 17, 1989, so it wasn’t a shock that she had 100% compatibility in all areas.
I find it strange that the 2 Otaku in class would have the second lowest compatibilities since I’m pretty sure the 3 of us would get along pretty well.
Cause I fail to see what other algorithm they could have used, lest they pulled something out of their ass. WLAN is, however, not in the fastest ac version, which already is a bit surprising for a technology-High Flyer on the Mate.
Here, the Ascend Mate 7 comes not only Sino-cheap, but also makes in its aluminum dress also optically appealing. The Honor 6 is in an attractive design with a back made of glass, while the windscreen with Gorilla Glass is protected from scratches.
With the support of Huawei 4G modem, Honor 6 could reach peak download speed up to 300mbps theoretically, which is the double speed of LTE Cat4 downstream, and 14 times of 3G HSPA+ link speed. The whole back of honor 6 is with good touch feel like glass, just like the Huawei Ascend P7. On the top side, there is infrared transmitter, which is used for remote control of home electronics and reduces the noise from microphone. Now the Kirin 920 has improved the performance and with Qual-core Mali-T628 GPU, the compatibility problem will disappear then. Kirin 920 is produced based on 28 nm technology and octa-core big.LITTLE structure, including Qual-core Cortex-A15 and Qual-core Cortex-A7. And ISP is also made by Huawei, which can reduce the noise and supports video decode 4K H.265, but 4K is not supported.

And from the test, we can see Kirin 920 is much better then predecessor K3V2 not only on the performance but also the functions. Since I am too lazy to put all the girls in order, I’ll just do the top and bottom 3. Her father has knowledge of the magical world which makes me wonder if Yuuna has latent magic abilities. The main camera on the back is 13 mega pixels with two LED flash, which seems not to improve double color temperature and just for flash lightness.  There is also loudspeaker and logo on the back, the position is very similar to Ascend P7.
In addition, the lock screen has a shortcut menu like iOS 7, which help use to easily open the calculator, calendar, and flashlight etc.. So we can conclude Huawei Honor 6 is on the top series smartphones with improved performance and compatibility ability. Obviously this test doesn’t use real magic but even still, some of the results really make me sad.
I like how she has opened up to Negi and crew so much since her first real introduction way back at the beginning of the Kyoto arc.
Unlike Asuna who only has brute strength and magic nullification hacks, Chiu can actually think. As the successor of the 4G technology, Huawei Honor 6 brings the new LTE Cat6 Standard, the theoretical downstream speed could reach up to 300Mbps, and the total configuration of honor 6 is better than any models ever. She’s always such a dependable ally and has a good balance between strength and wisdom. I really admired her during the last few chapters (~200’s) and was happy that despite being new to the magic business, she took charge and helped Negi through the Magic World fiasco. So what’s the real performance of this new phone and what it means to Huawei, let’s have a test of the new smartphone.

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