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Microsoft Publisher is a Microsoft Office product that allows users to create brochures, flyers, calendars, newsletters, and more.
Microsoft Word is a Microsoft Office product that allows users to create tables, charts, and documents that are used in ebooks, manuals, and other content media. Those who prefer to have an actual program rather than using a web based service can use Universal Document Converter to convert any type of document file to any other type of document file.
Convert Pdf to Image Pro is an excellent Pdf conversion tool that can convert Pdf files (Website included) to a large variety of Image file formats at a very high speed.
Shareware Junction Network is your source for Shareware, Freeware, Demos, Betas and Pre-Releases. CONVERTED PDF: The PDF file is lacking line feeds on the converted version, so the table of contents appear in a paragraph instead of in rows. You can select 6 different font sizes after converting your PDF file to Amazon Kindle format. Microsoft Publisher saves time and money by allowing the user to design professional products without graphical design experience. Like Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word allows users to insert text, upload images, and format content, but is designed to create electronic media rather than physical documents. Universal Document Converter converts Microsoft Publisher documents to Microsoft Word documents within seconds and includes additional features such as web publishing and tutorials. It can produce kinds of image files like Jpg, Bmp, Gif, Tif, Tga, Rel, Png, Emf, Wmf and Psd.
In addition to inserting text, uploading pictures, and sizing content, Microsoft Publisher includes templates that allow the user to automatically generate professional documents that are already laid out with sample text and images.
Microsoft Word allows users to check their spelling, highlight text, and insert details about the author, title, and subject of the document.

The converter is easy, quick, simple to use even for inexperienced users to generate customized image file format with editable features. Additionally, Zamzar allows users to download videos from the Internet and send large files to another person’s email address.
Beta testing is a unique opportunity to try the latest programs and provide feedback directly to the program developers. Their built-in tools, shapes, text boxes, swatches, objects and text styles all behave in a similar way, making their conversions much more predictable. The final version of many programs is often determined by suggestions from testers like you. Shareware Junction lets you choose from a variety of these products - all in one convenient location.
As Markzware makes clear though, even an approximate conversion is a great deal less time consuming than recreating a document from scratch. The purpose of this article is to give an idea of what to expect from a standard conversion, with screenshots of the results you'll end up with.
Once activated, a new Markzware menu item will appear alongside the existing InDesign menu items. If you nudge a box which is being affected by the Text Wrap values of another element, the box will move around whilst leaving the text inside where it is. If there are raster images (photos or similar) then the PDF file could be rasterized in Photoshop and saved as TIFF or Photoshop EPS files. Make sure they're CMYK if the document's going to end up being professionally printed. As you'll see in the example advert above, the only absentee (apart from text formatting) is the starburst from the top left corner. This has disappeared because it was an 'Autoshape' some of which are unsupported by Pub2ID. There are two ways to recreate this.
The most accurate method would be to extract the starburst from the accompanying PDF file which can be opened in Illustrator.

Copy the starburst into a new Illustrator file (as explained above) and save it as an EPS which can be imported into InDesign.
You'll notice that generally the text box positions are correct, but the text within has shifted position. The photo in this case (rather shockingly) turned out to be an Index Color Mode, 72DPI extremely low resolution image, completely unsuitable for press.
Double-click each one to convert it to CMYK. The reason for including the example below was to demonstrate how some of the Publisher features such as 'Wordart' are handled in the conversion. As you can see, some of the Autoshapes convert correctly and some (like our friend the starburst) do not. This can be recovered either by recreating it as closely as possible using the Illustrator 3D tools, or by importing a PDF version of the document (if supplied) into Illustrator. To achieve the latter, copy the vector information and paste it into a new Illustrator file (the Wordart is conveniently converted to outlines when you open the file). This can then be imported as an EPS into InDesign. Other items, like the Design Gallery Objects, vary in their faithfulness to the original. Although we probably won't use it much (fortunately we don't get sent too many MS Publisher files) when we do need it, it'll save a great deal of time.
At the very least it'll import ungarbled text into a new document to save OCR time-wasting or re-typing.

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