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That hot-water tank you have in the basement or garage is keeping the water in its tank hot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, even when you're away during the day, on summer vacation or on a business trip.
Regardless of what the DOE tests may suggest, the less you use hot water - for example, you travel a lot, or the water heater is in a vacation home - the more you will save with a Paloma Tankless. The ICAD is a sophisticated system that monitors and optimizes combustion in the firing chamber, providing protection against Carbon Monoxide. In March, at the Running Medicine Conference at the University of Virginia, I had the pleasure of listening to a presentation by Rodger Kram, PhD; a researcher at the Locomotion Lab at the University of Colorado.
They can’t account for 100% of metabolic costs of running because there are so many variable factors.
No amount of ART, massage, cold laser, injections or foam rolling will help an injury if the underlying biomechanics aren’t addressed.
Life has been busy lately so it’s taken me a while to get around to writing this.  (Thanks to Dr. Kram frequently publishes research papers in journals but the topic of his presentation at the Running Medicine Conference was on “Disintegrating the Energetic Cost of Running”. In other words, 41% of the energy for running is used for forward propulsion.  The study is found here.

Kram and his grad students came up with a bizarre notion: Since the arms weigh about 10% of the body weight, and propelling the body weight forward and lifting it vertically costs energy, it costs a certain amount of energy to have the arms on your body. They developed something that stops lateral swaying, yet allows the runners to swing their arms freely.
Well, because as they found out, mass is bad but cushioning is good…to a point (as you will see below). What they found was there was a sort of “sweet spot” of cushioning for reducing metabolic energy. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that keeping a tankful of water hot all the time is not very efficient. The US Department of Energy test of simulated use, which is known as the energy factor, shows that the Paloma Tankless will use nearly 33% less energy than the latest tank-type heaters on the market and up to 40% less than other models. Since swinging the arms saves 4% of the energy cost, but the weight of the arms costs you about 9% of your energy, you could potentially save about 5% of your energy by amputating your arms.
This could be based on the idea that running with an unfamiliar gait pattern increases metabolic cost.  The study is found here. After measuring the metabolic cost without the apparatus and then with it, they found that there was about a 2% energy savings when the apparatus was used.

10mm was better than no cushioning, but 20mm was too much cushioning and energy expenditure increased. Basically, through a number of different studies, he and his students and colleagues have been able to look into how much each different task of running costs us – energetically speaking. In other words, there is a cooperative action of two or more movements, muscles, nerves, fascia etc.
The way he figured it, swinging the arms actually assists the energy of running by counter-rotating the upper body. That is to say, balance when running on a very flat surface constitutes 2% of the total energy expenditure. So, they ran normally, then with the arms behind the back, folded across the chest and hands clasped behind the neck.

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