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Budget is always the elephant in the room, but it can trample your project if you don’t address it early… and with care. Most developers without marketing experience, seriously underestimate the cost of getting the application to market, and without sales your application is dead in the water.
If the total budget of the project is $100,000, the total development budget can only be $50,000 or it won’t make it to market, but that is just one factor that can jeopardise a project. Entrepreneurs will often employ an inexperienced or offshore development team in their quest to reduce costs. No matter how well planned, as soon as the application is ready for alpha release and the owners start playing with it, more ideas are going to flow, more reports are going to be required, and the scope will be pushed and pulled. By far the most underestimated part of getting an application to market is the marketing and sales budget. As you don’t wield the threat of hungry lions or eternal friendlessness, you’ll need to make a lot of noise about your new app to gain traction in the market. This is especially the case in cloud-based application development where many levels of users access the same codebase. Every layer of access almost doubles development time, because every screen and process needs additional rules, which need to be coded and tested.  For example, 5 layers of security will take 5 times as long to test. Integration with 3rd party systems introduces the highest level of risk to a project – without fail. If your application plans to connect with others systems allocate a large portion of the budget to integration.
Thoroughly addressing these four points will help identify risky components and assist in developing a plan and a realistic baseline budget.
Clients tend to place their entire website development costs in one bucket, either expensing -- or capitalizing – everything. We’ve learnt a lot in ten years of building web and software applications, often for a fixed price, and have a few scars to show for it.
This is because an application is usually a new invention; otherwise you’d buy something that already does the job.

Every project has unique requirements, needs and marketing methods that influence budget requirements. Unfortunately, for most entrepreneurs’ ideas are scribbled on the back of napkins and rarely fully planned in great detail. This can work in some instances, especially if the scope is extremely well defined, however we have lost count of the number of projects we have rescued from this situation. If the coding methodology is out of date or sloppy or too many developers have worked on the system, it may render it impossible to fix or extend upon.
Whilst you can’t budget for this, reduce risk by seeking recommendations from experienced people within the industry BEFORE your start. It is very difficult to place a percentage of budgets on testing, mainly because it is an ongoing process even after the application goes live. Whether you are selling it one-by-one or with a top-down process, it’s still going to cost a lot of money. This flows right through the whole project, making every change more complex to implement and test. To enable your software to do the ‘heavy lifting’ it needs logic, so it can make calculations and decisions. There are many unknowns and no developer can truly eliminate this risk in the quoting, scoping or development phase. Integration may be as small as connecting to a payment gateway or it may mean connecting to an old clunky Windows system that was never made to integrate with anything.
The way in which you extract and present this data is often unknown in the early stages of project planning. It is a team effort, requiring transparency from all stakeholders, both on the client side and development team all working together with a common goal, but it can be done.
It’s often closely followed by discussions about crowd funding and start-ups that sold for $$billions.
KND Digital’s construction industry digital capability survey reveals how builders are marketing online.

The correct treatment is somewhere in the middle, and knowing which activities are which is important. Facebook wasn’t cashflow positive until its fifth year with 300 million users and a value of $3.7 billion. Fortunately, there are detailed accounting rules on what to capitalize and what to expense.Website development costs can generally be divided into various stages. The variables are endless, so it’s important to minimise these, work out the rough length of the string and reduce the risk before you start. For example,  the concrete for the foundations of a house is largely a fixed cost of materials and a portion of labour, however, the base or core of a piece of software will often fall into a range – 80-100 hours or even 1000-1500 hours.
It sounds ridiculous, but when shown this way with testing and marketing factored in, it demonstrates the relative importance of all the other factors that make up a successful application launch. What may seem like half price, may take twice as long and double the money if things don’t turn out as planned. As soon as another feature is added, the testing process needs to start again (see previous point.) Roughly 10% of the overall budget should be allocated to testing, but as the application matures, testing could be much more, say 20-30%.
The following table summarizes the accounting treatment for the most common activities in each stage. Developing software is not an easy process, so to establish a price for a project from scratch is more of an art than a science. The table is based on FASB ASC 350-50 Intangibles – Goodwill and Other: Website Development Costs. Also, make sure you have regular access to the codebase, usually via a version control system. Imagine the delight of your auditors when they see the spectacular job you’ve done of properly accounting for your website development costs!

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