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This chronicle is a depressing account of a 60-year-old's journey into online relationships[PH]A couple of years ago, Monica Porter split up from her long-term partner. What did she get out of it (apart from a book deal, which can be quite hard to come by these days)? As she was by then 60, she assumed that was that on the relationship front until the wild and wacky world of online dating raised its wicked head and Monica logged on.And blow me, what did she find?

A whole generation of 20-something men all desperate, it seemed, to have a night of passion with someone old enough to be their grandmother. There is a bright observation that after sex with one swain, she hoped they’d have dinner the next time (there was no next time) in the reverse order of how it usually works.
This elicited shock from numerous quarters when it was revealed as part of the book’s pre-publicity a little while back.

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