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May 9th, Microsoft announced Office Mix, a new innovative cloud-based service that enables users to create interactive, online training sessions using PowerPoint 2013.
It takes quite a while to upload your course, so it’s best to preview what the final result will look like before you initiate the upload. Once you’ve uploaded your course you can analyze how your audience is engaging with your content.
This green course PPT template has colored green lines at the bottom of the PowerPoint presentation and makes this suitable for green sustainability presentations or eco green businesses.
We may send you updates periodically (once or twice per month) about new content posted in our website. One of the things that some people find difficult about creating visual PowerPoint slides is knowing how to replace their bullet points with visuals. To help people get started creating visual slides, we’ve put together a four week set of quick tutorials to show you how to make visual, animated slides. The tutorials each last less than 10 minutes, and include a video lesson to watch on-demand, as well as all the files you need to build your own animated visual slide. With your new PowerPoint skills you’ll be able to make some seriously sophisticated slides for your next presentation! I registered for your free four part PowerPoint training but have not received the link to access. Hi Ankita, we’ve sent you an email with some more details, so I hope that you find it useful.
Hi Danish, check out the BrightCarbon master classes for loads of great techniques every week.

Office Mix, which is currently available as a free customer preview, enables users to record and share their courses directly from within PowerPoint. Decide on the structure of your course, where you want to add ink annotations, demonstrations using screen capturing and quizzes. You won’t be able to see your presentation notes when you record your course, so unless you know your presentation by heart, write down some supporting notes for your presentation.
You can select from a number of different quizzes, multiple choice, true or false or free text answers. You can select the option to create a video of your course, that way it can be downloaded for offline view and also accessed via mobile devices (note that quizzes are not supported if you select this option). You can make it private (only visible to you), share it with people who log in and have the link you provide them with, or make it public (available to anyone). You can see how many have viewed the course, how long they have viewed each slide, responses to the quizzes and so on. LearnKey expert, Michael Meskers guides you step-by-step through all of the newest features of PowerPoint 2010 in this new course. We’ll have to have a think about how we could go about adding this functionality to our videos, but thanks for the suggestion! In the mean time, you should be able to attend our free online master classes we run each month. This is a fantastic service for teachers across the world who want to teach students online – but it’s not just limited to teachers. Create your slides like you normally would using your desired theme, content and animations.

When I tried the service the published course took too long to load, viewers wouldn’t have the patience to sit through the course. Nowadays that green business and sustaintability are becoming more popular and a real need for companies and industries, making green templates is a must to keep the green belt tighten. Stick with standard fonts and refrain from using extravagant transitions since these are not supported. If you don’t feel comfortable being captured on video it’s better to just record your voice.
You can sign in using a Microsoft Account, Microsoft Organizational Account (Office 365 account), a Facebook account or Google account.
Use the new “Backstage” features to quickly and easily share your presentation with family, friends, and co-workers. Even so, for enterprise solutions you need to be able to guarantee certain bandwidth levels to ensure quality in delivery.
If you have an idea, business concept, or even a vacation that you want to give a presentation on, then PowerPoint 2010 is the program for you.
I’m hoping that we will soon see the Office Mix offering for enterprises via Office 365 with more advanced functionality added.

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