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Click here to watch a video that shows how to make a huge thermometer template poster very easily. It also has percentage marks all the way up the thermometer starting at 10% and working to 90%. Keep in mind this will fit perfectly on one sheet of paper, however you can make a huge wall poster by using the technique in the video…you can see it here. We realized that other schools and organization would probably appreciate the thermometer templates we made for kids and could use them for many different things. If you’re a teacher looking for a thermometer template for your classroom and kids please feel free to download and use ours.
Our thermometer and goal templates work great for all kinds of needs and can be blown up to make huge thermometer posters that work great for classrooms. All of the thermometer templates can be printed out on a single piece of paper or blown up across many sheets to make a large poster. Learn how to make a big thermometer template poster with one of these images…it’s easy and free! Private and public schools often depend on fundraisers to help them participate in special events or purchase items for their school.

Getting your students involved is going to be the key to being successful in any fundraiser that you choose to do. It is classed as a small breed with the cockerels only weighing up to 5lb and the females up to 4lb. We’ve added multiple variations that include a blank thermometer template, thermometer template with just lines, a thermometer template with lines and percentages, a thermometer template with thanks and thank you along with the goal box.
It will print the thermometer template across multiple 8×11 sheets of paper allowing you to make a large poster for your wall. Fundraisers are very important to schools because without them the students wouldn’t be allowed to participate in these special events or purchase the items that they need.
Box top for education is a program that helps schools earn money by clipping off the box top on items that they purchase every day. After looking for some ourselves we couldn’t find any good looking templates and ended up making a few styles of thermometer templates ourselves that took a few hours. For example, you can find box tops on items that you purchase in the grocery store such as Betty Crocker cake mix, Gold Medal flour, Fruit by the Foot and Kleenex products.
A good way to get your students and parents involved is by offering a prize for the top sellers of each fundraiser.

When having a bake sale you will ask your students to bring a cake or any other baked item to school.
You can get your students to clip off the box top of any items that they purchase and they can bring them to school. Some of the best locations are in the front of grocery stores, retail stores or at churches. Once you have your locations planned and your baked goods in hand, all you need to do is sell your items. All the money you make will be yours because your students will bring the baked goods and you shouldn’t be charged by the retailers or church to have the bake sale at their location.

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