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I’m going to teach you how to set up a small business website using a tool call WordPress.
Host: Website hosts are essentially companies that keep servers (computers) hooked up to the internet all the time so that people can access your website.
To get your domain and host all wrapped into one simple, affordable service (as low as $4 per month!), head on over to Arvixe Hosting.
No matter which hosting service you signed up with, you should have received an email with your hosting information, like your username, password, cPanel information, etc. I’ve written a really helpful, in-depth guide to picking your website theme, which you can find here.
Once you’ve got your theme downloaded, it’s time to install it in WordPress to make your website look awesome!
Depending on the theme you chose, adding and editing content will work just a little differently.
WordPress Codex – The WordPress Codex is a great place to get acquainted with the content creation and editing process. Great post and very helpful to people who are daunted by the prospect of building a website for their own business.
This makes it look quite simple though and the steps laid out seem straight forward enough.
I see any questions I have pertaining to it I’ll be referring to you for some help, thanks for advice. I can vouch for this post, If you looking to create your first website this definitely takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to get started. Below are some clean, creative, attractive and converting templates to boost your traffic, conversion, sales and revenue. Need a custom landing page design, responsive landing page design, ppv landing page designs, website template psd or HTML website templates, please send us your details requirement, we will check it and get back to you soon. I used to talk to owners every week that needed a website, but couldn’t afford the many hundreds, if not thousands dollars it took to hire me to design it from scratch.

So while building this website will be easy (trust me, it will), you’ll be investing a little sweat equity. If you still need to create your website content (such as product or service descriptions, info about your business, etc.), you will need to spend a few hours doing that as well. You need one of these to have a website, and many companies lease them for a small yearly fee ($10 per year). You need one of these to have a website, and many companies will host your website for a small monthly fee ($4-$30 per month). I recommend paying for 2 years up front because of the savings, both money and hassle. Plus they give you a free domain! By this point you should have set up your hosting account through Arvixe, or another service you chose. This can take some time, so I recommend that you bookmark this page, read and follow that article, and find an awesome theme. I like to save them in a folder dedicated only to my unaltered WordPress themes and plugins. If you paid a little money for a premium theme, your theme creator likely has tutorial videos and articles about how to get the most out of your new theme.
If you would like to receive these for free, feel free to subscribe here and get new posts and tools directly in your inbox!
I’m a regular user of WordPress myself and this is a really good piece teaching its use and getting you going. In this post I’m going to walk you through each and every step of how to create a small business website.
I found my website to be totally invaluable when it came to getting my business line ringing. You’re not afraid of a little work though, or you would have never gone into business for yourself! You’ll need to spend a little money for hosting ($4 per month), and a little on a theme ($0-$60), but these minimal costs are unavoidable for the most part.

However one of my favorite host companies has combined these services into one, simple service. Unlike GoDaddy and some other providers, Arvixe has no surprise or hidden fees, so go ahead and follow their lead, and get your domain and hosting services set up. I recommend hosting companies to a lot of my design clients and they seem like a worthy choice! No computer savvy needed, and it’s way, way cheaper than most of the other quality options out there. However, it’s most likely that your desired domain, if available, is quite affordable. If you need more help signing up, I recommend following this helpful guide on the Arvixe Support Knowledgebase. There are tons of reviews you can google about which ones are best if you don’t want to follow my recommendation. For many, many reason, I totally recommend purchasing a quality theme from a quality theme creator.
The small business market environment is getting tougher by the year, and without a website, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.
Being a small business owner and long-time support of small, locally owned business, I would be more than happy to help as best I can. It features tons of articles by the WordPress folks about adding and editing content, menus, themes, etc.

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