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Once you’ve purchased your hosting, you will receive some emails from HostGator instructing you on how to login to your control panel. Once you are logged in, you will then be able to customize your wordpress website to your liking. I'm an Entrepreneur and military veteran who passionately loves life and loves to EMPOWER others. After spending just a little bit of time on our website you will clue in to the fact that we love WordPress. With all the plugins available for WordPress, we can often cut down on development time and pass the savings on to our customers.
This is actually quite simple and if you follow along, you’ll have your website up within 15 minutes.
Once you’ve chosen a domain name, proceed to creating your account and purchasing it.

If you’ve been following the video, you will notice that you need to click to Fantastico Icon.
I coach people on how to build a business from their living room with nothing more than a computer and an all out passion to win! WordPress doesn’t just keep up with the latest trends, it is at the forefront of improving the Internet. In those exceptional cases, Intuito still has you covered with custom web development or with another Content Management System such as Drupal. This entire two part series will cover design tips as well as how to use WordPress posts to contain flash games. Then click wordpress on the sidebar, select your domain name, fill out your username and password, then click Install.
We like WordPress because it empowers our customers to manage their own websites efficiently.

And if there is something that WordPress can’t do, we can simply create a plugin to add new functionality. There are no design constraints for a WordPress site, it can look and behave any way you like. After you have downloaded the Kimili Flash Embed plugin, you will need to upload it to the plugins folder in your WordPress directory.

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