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Invoice Place – The simple to use billing system for small business, home business, consultants, and freelancers. I am very happy with Invoiceplace which has replaced my previous method of issuing invoices and follow-ups for my small business. Price Per Unit: The price charged for each individual product, for example the hourly price for a service. Invoiceplace has been updated so you can nowA record a fax number on your business (supplier) details, and forA your customer’s details. If you need toA fax your invoice or quote then your customer’s fax details will now be printed. The Invoiceplace tour (screenshots) has been updated to demonstrate the benefits of creating an invoice using a template and using products on line items. Review your invoice before printing as a PDF or Microsoft Word document, or emailing directly to your customer.
You can now create re-usable products (or services) that you can use on your invoices and quotes. In the example below an electrical contractor has created three products that she can use on her invoices – a power switch, a standard labor rate and an after hours labor rate. To use a product for an invoice or quote select the product from the drop down list displayed above the description of the line item.
Free accounts provide up to five products, paid subscriptions start at $12 USD a month for up to 100 products. Save more time when billing using Invoiceplace by creating multiple quote and invoice templates.
Free accounts provide up to five quote and invoice templates, paid subscriptions start at $12 USD a month for up to 50 templates.
A new Invoiceplace update is now available that shows the last invoice number used when you create a invoice.
The last created invoice number will only display before the invoice has been saved for the first time. The last created invoice number is sourced from the last invoice that you created – regardless of the invoice date entered or due date calculated.

Sensis (which runs the Australian Yellow Pages, Whites Pages and the Trading post) has made available a free book to help Australian home and small businesses improve their sales and marketing titled Small Business, Big Opportunity.
So what are the right media channels and more specifically advertising channels, for your business? We give you some advice for identifying which newspapers and magazines are best for you and how to get your ads placed in the best spots. Cultivating relationships with external stakeholders can play an important role in your businesses success. Below are six screenshots of the steps required to create an invoice, print as a PDF document and email the invoice as an attachment to your customer. This incorporates the new features of creating an invoice from a template and using products. An individual product code can only be used once on a product (they must be unique for each product). For example the insurance claim template has a section where a claim number should be entered as a reference. Similarly when you create a quote or receipt the last created quote and receipt numbers will be displayed.
Identify the big issues that affect your business and discover what type of business owner you really are.
Learn about the three steps of entrepreneurial business development, turning ideas into vision, the measurement of success and refining of the approach.
Marketing should be tightly linked to sales and in small business this is absolutely vital. First impressions count for a lot so find out here what you can do to promote your brand and get your customers talking about it.
Identify your target market, know your customer inside out and the low-cost ways to reach them.
Find out the secrets to building rapport with your customers and ensure they’ll be satisfied with the service you provide. Increasing sales to the people who are already your customers could be the key to bigger profits.

Use our practical points to write ads, slogans and use our design brief template to get your ads looking better than ever. From the internet to text messaging, we give you a heads-up on navigating this complex market.
Break your target market down even further and focus specifically on the best media channels you can use to spread the word amongst your local community.
Update your databases and read some simple ways to reach many customers with ease and creativity. It’s the place we often turn to when we have already made a decision and we are ready to buy.
We tell you the important reasons why internet marketing should be on the small business marketing agenda.
Protecting yourself and brand online is a must, so read here how search engines can work to your benefit. Learn the best way to handle the media (radio, tv and print) and promote your business through conferences and events.
Selecting this checkbox will have Invoiceplace automatically calculate the pre-tax unit price for you (based on the Tax % that you enter). If you do not enter an invoice shipping address the billing address will be automatically used.
After saving the product the pre-tax Price per unit is automatically calculated (using the Tax %).
Learn the many methods of creating value for your customer and the benefits of advertising.
We explain the benefits of advertising with both mediums and the ways to keep costs to a minimum. The item description, unit type, tax percentage or discount percentage are automatically entered. online zuma y8
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