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In this post I will describe how you can create a System Center Service Manager 2012 User Configuration Item (CI) and add a notification email address to it with Orchestrator.
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Update 1604 for Configuration Manager Technical Preview – Available Now!22 April 2016Happy Friday! Searching email address from mail servers are now easy with email address Generator Software. Once the list has been generated by the Email Address Generator, it can be saved at the location of your preference. Multi-threading technology allow the user to search threads numbering up to 500, simultaneously. Recently i wrote about what is disposable email and how to create disposable email address, but you can also create disposable email address with popular email providers like Yahoo and Outlook(Hotmail). To create disposable email address go to : Creating Additional Disposable Addresses With Yahoo and follow steps and create your disposable email on Yahoo.

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One that kicks the whole workflow off, one to add the user CI and one to create the email address notification in the CI. It will then kick off the other two Runbooks that will first create the user CI and then add the email notification to the CI.
I use this blog to post information about System Center products and as a notebook for myself. This email generator efficiently generates valid email addresses based on the user name mentioned by the users. You can try the free version of the software to generate valid emails in large quantities from mail servers.
The panel at the bottom shows you how metrics elapsed, queued up emails, verified emails and other valid emails.

The only thing that is needed to create the User CI and the email notification in this three Runbooks are the email address as an input. I use this blog as a notebook for myself and all blog post are all my own thoughts and opinions. The email creator connects with a special SMTP server and then initiates the verification process after the server informs about the specific searched email address in the list. All you need to do is opt for a server, specify in characters, length of the addresses that need to be created and start the procedure of generating emails.
The Mail generator disconnects as soon as the server informs that a particular email address is invalid.

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