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Here is a list of 3 free Chrome extensions to create disposable email addresses so as to avoid spam.
MaskMe is a free Chrome extension that lets you create disposable email address, phone numbers, passwords, and credit cards to avoid useless spam mails and unwanted conversations with telemarketers. This free Chrome extension lets you send an email to the desired person anonymously, directly from the interface itself, but to avail this particular feature you’ll have to spend some money out of your wallet as it is paid facility. Easy disposable email address is a free Chrome add-on that lets you create disposable email address using the right-click context menu to avoid useless spam mails. If you’re receiving plenty of spam from various websites, then try your hands on these Chrome extensions to create disposable email address and avoid distributing your private email address all over the web.
A cover letter is a part of your job application that gives you a chance to explain your skills and interests. Writing a resume can be tricky because it’s a paper that will speak for you and represent you, in the hope of landing a job.
Frittt Templates brings you another addition to the family of free one page website templates. One of the requirements for the internet success of any business is a professional web page design is essential to internet success.
Email newsletters keep up customers up-to-date with informative contents like news updates and services. If you are not a designer you still need some help to design a good newsletter, you don’t need to worry, we have shared some excellent newsletter PSD templates files in the past which you can use for free.
Free One Page PSD Website Templates allow you to tweak an existing web design template into something of your own or something to match your clients requirements. If you’re using a web-based email client like Gmail or Yahoo, then you have probably learned that neither service supports HTML signatures. For most people the default signature settings are enough, but for truly unique and professional looking signatures, HTML is the way to go. There are many websites out there, several that I will mention in this article that let you create your own HTML signature or download one from hundreds of templates free or for a small fee.
You’ll automatically be brought to the General tab where you have to scroll pretty much all the way down before you see the signature box. Go ahead and open the HTML signature in your web browser, select the whole thing and copy it.
Now compose a new email and then click on the little down arrow at the bottom right of the compose window.
It should retain all the HTML formatting and look exactly like it is displayed in the web browser, except for the image issue I had mentioned above.
Under the Personal Signature heading, you’ll see the signature box set to Rich text by default. Lastly, you don’t need to worry about coding your own HTML signature because thankfully lots of coders and designers have done all the hard work for us. To create your own, you can use a couple of websites mentioned below, some free and some paid. NewWorldStamp has a free online HTML signature generator that lets you pick from a couple of nice looking designs. If you prefer to just download a template and enter your information, then there are a many sites you can download templates from. Hopefully, you can now create a great looking email signature that will wow your friends, family and clients when they see it. About Online Tech TipsWelcome to Online Tech Tips – A blog that provide readers with daily computer tutorials, technology news, software reviews, and personal computing tips. WiseStamp is a free productive Firefox extension, which allows you to make your own personal email signature for different email accounts.
Instead of having the regular signature we see in the numerous emails we receive daily, which are basically transparent, we can stand out away from the rest and add our own spice and personality for all our contacts to see. Another amazing feature within the WiseStamp signature tool is the ability to add your social networks ID as part of your signature. For other great Firefox extensions, you can check out the 5 must have Social Media Add-Ons and also play NES games for Free right on Firefox.
If you are a Geek who likes New Gadgets, cool Technology or fun Designs and want to write about it, let us know! There are many paid options provided by many email newsletter providers, but if you can send one from your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and any other free email account, you can reserve more of your budget on other items. If you are looking for a better managed newsletter services with tools to monitor your email campaign, go with the paid service, but if you are looking to just send a newsletter to a few friends, you will love this tutorial. We’ll guide you on how to save your very own newsletter template as an HTML template and start sending them, with the help of CampaignMonitor. If you have an idea on what you want your newsletter template to look like, you can start working with Photoshop.
You can be as creative as you like with your email template, but bear in mind, with more creative elements included, there will be more work in slicing each element.
Try to limit having to save too many images in your template, as this will only make it larger and hence take longer to load. In this guide, we will be using an edited version of free email template by CampaignMonitor. Now that you are ready with your email template, open it with Photoshop, select Slice Tool and start slicing every element of the template. When you slice a text, make sure you select the exact size, do not leave any extra space in the text area. When you are ready with your sliced template, go to File and select Save for Web & Devices. Next at the top right corner of the popup window, set the image type as JPEG from the dropdown menu. Now from the HTML dropdown menu, select Slices, and select Slice Output to Generate Table and set the columns as the following.
After you press the save button, open up the location folder where you saved the file to, and you will see the html and images folder containing sliced images already saved for your email template.
At the end of the following steps, you will get the finalized email template in HTML format.

Now delete every line that’s highlighted, alternatively, click on the header image and press delete. Once you get the details of the font, enter the header text in the header area of the template, and include the font details too. If you registered your Dropbox account before 1st August 2012, you may follow the steps below. Register a free account with Dropbox, and then install the app to your PC or Mac so you can skip the uploading process over the Web. Most of the time when you visit some website it asks you for registration where you need to type in your private email id and contact numbers in some cases. This free Chrome plugin lets you create new account on various websites like The New York Times, Pandora, Skype, Twitter, Pinterest, IMDb, deviantART, and many more.
This Chrome add-on can be used while subscribing to forums or the newsletters and at those places where you don’t wish to enter your private details. It offers you 4 different websites as default providers namely: harakirimail, mailcatch, mailinator, and dispostable. Everyone has cameras or camera phones in their hands, so everyone is taking pictures, selfies, portraits and landscapes. The detail that you were not given enough space to explain in your resume can be given in the cover letter. Over the time, the number of email users has increased more than any other online activity including social media and search engine usage. Not only does your resume have to be fully representative of your capabilities but it also needs to stand out for you in the competitive market.
But especially since Google’s Panda update was first rolled out in February 2011, website owners now know that if they do not provide quality content on their sites, their rank will suffer.
For various reasons, professional web page design still stands out of the numerous tutorials, do-it-yourself websites and web design software programs available online. The simplicity and scalability of the newsletter to keep them the king of online marketing strategy. When I ask this question from people or often very skilled professionals, the answer I generally get is: “promoted!” or, “making more money”. This template is great for anyone looking for a clean business website or attractive portfolio showcase.
In Gmail and Yahoo, you can create rich text signatures with pictures, etc, but you can’t start typing HTML code right into the signature box. Using HTML, you can create fancy layouts, add icons for social networking profiles and more. All you have to do is copy your HTML code and paste it right into their signature box, which I will explain below. Firstly, if you want it added to every email you send, the best option is to use the signature box under Settings – General.
You don’t want to select the HTML code itself, but the actual output shown in your browser.
Notice that my images are showing up broken and that’s because the images are stored locally on my computer.
If you don’t want to include a signature with every email or if you need more than one signature for a single Gmail account, then the other option is to use Canned Responses. Click on the arrow, then Canned responses and then click on the name of the canned response under the Save header. To insert the previously saved canned response, click on the name of the response that is under the Insert header. Both methods work well and for different purposes, so feel free to use the one that works for you. Yahoo doesn’t have any canned response feature, so you pretty much have to add the signature to all your emails once you turn it on. You can do this by clicking on the gear icon at the top right and then clicking on Options.
Note that here you want to copy and paste the actual HTML code this time instead of the web browser version. Either you can download pre-made HTML signatures or you can use some online tools to create your own from scratch. Depending on how professional and unique you want the signature to be, your cost will range from free to $5 to $7. They have some paid subscription options, but I only recommend these guys if you have to create a bunch of email signatures for a business, etc. Have you ever wanted an email signature for your Yahoo Mail, Hotmail or AOL mail account that would place you away from the rest? You are able to add a personal image, logo, customize fonts, color, sizes and much more to have a signature that is truly built for you.
Add your Facebook profile, LinkedIn account, Delicious page and many more, so friends, relatives and business contacts are aware of the different ways you are open to connect by. The template that we will be using has only a few simple elements: a header, photo, lines and text, for the benefit of this guide.
But if you are creating a newsletter, it is advisable to use web fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial and Georgia.
Firstly, double-click on your image element and name it so you can easily recognize the image file when it is saved. Here, select the destination where you want the file to be saved at, then change the format to HTML and Images and set the Slices to All Slices.
That is where you define your background color, font family, font size as well as letter spacing. Make sure all text images are transformed into web fonts and avoid unnecessary images in HTML.
To get this done, you actually need to upload the newsletter folder to your web server, but in case you don’t have one, lets get it done with Dropbox instead. It lets you browse web with full safety and freedom where you don’t even need to provide your personal details.
It offers you numerous domains among which you can choose accordingly depending upon your necessity.

Whenever you wish to insert disposable email address you just need to right click by placing your mouse on the input field and click on “Insert disposable address”.
This post will explain how you can unravel the full potential of a cover letter and how it can personify you in front of your potential employer.
No matter how qualified you are or how vast your experience is, if your resume does not portray it, it’s hard to say how long it will take you to continue the job hunting. Now that time and money is being invested on quality content, newsletters have become an integral part of online marketing. If you are into sports and love to talk about it, we have a gift of a free website template that you can download, edit and use.
Professionalism adds its own outlook to any business and therefore, we have outlined four major benefits gotten from having a professional web page design. So email marketing is the simple yet impressive method to reach customers or people directly.
But these are not life goals, these are the byproducts of advancement or success in career. The one page PSD website template file is well organized and it can be customized easily to suit your needs.
If you think you need to know HTML in order to create an HTML signature, you’d be mistaken. Scroll down to our Find or Create HTML signatures section to get an HTML signature you like.
This is a Gmail labs feature that you can enable and use to add blocks of content into an email. Log into Yahoo Mail and click on the gear icon at the top right and then click on Settings.
I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. With the WiseStamp Firefox tool you can make your own unique signature for personal or business email accounts for free.
Moreover, if you would like to separate your Business and Personal colleagues, this Firefox extension of WiseStamp makes it easy to create different signatures for your various email accounts. There are no specific width and height of an email template, but to make sure it is compatible and readable on any email without breaks, we suggest you set the width size at not more than 650px.
If you set the quality to 100, the image quality will be maximum but it will make your template heavy. Try to fill the text space with suitable letter spacing and font size; make sure it does not break your template.
To avoid such messy and annoying spam I’ve reviewed some free Chrome extensions that’ll let you create disposable email addresses to avoid spam and to keep your private data secure. This Chrome extension also lets you create super-unique fake passwords for better security. You can also customize the name as well as the domain and create disposable address of your desired one. As soon as you click on it, a new tab opens in your web browser where you can see the disposable email address.
But why not share them on your own personal photography website and showcase your camera art to the world! The article will cover the why, what and what not of a how to write a cover letter in detail. In an earlier post,we discussed how to a write a resume so it is a call to impress the employers, and gets you a ring back for a job interview.
But in this race where every email address is stuffed with newsletters, how can you write a newsletter that stands out from the rest and actually makes a difference for your SEO and marketing campaign?
This one page website template will allow you to get set and go with your personal website.
If there are any images in the HTML signature, you will need to make sure they are hosted online and that you change the link URL in the HTML code first before copying and pasting into Gmail, otherwise you’ll see broken images. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom and click on Save Changes before leaving the labs screen. Now open a new compose window and click on the down arrow followed by Canned responses again. These Chrome add-on’s create an extension icon which embeds next to the address bar and can be easily accessed from there. It provides you auto form fill facility and enter the details created by this Chrome add-on. It displays the total number of remaining forwards and the time of expiry of the disposable address. A free sample cover letter has been given at the end to give you an easy start before we wish you the best of luck for your job hunt. Today we shall discuss what exactly should be written in a resume and how it should be drafted. Here are 10 hands-on tips on how to write a newsletter that will not only make an impression but also collect leads for your website. Just put in your content and you are ready to make your online presence and if you make minor changes, so much as changing basic colors, no one will know that you are using a free website template. It offers you various customization options to custom set random alias length, email address prefix, life span, number of forwards, and more which you can choose according to your requirement. While there is no such thing as a ‘perfect resume’, here’s how you can make your resume more likely to land you an interview call. It also lets you lock the access to the masked features so as to keep your data secure from unwanted access. All you have to do is simply provide the name of the website that you wish to visit and rest leave it on this free chrome extension.

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