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Andy Wolber explains how to create an animated GIF in a presentation to focus attention or emphasize a point.
September 23, 2009 by Editor You can download a Visio process flow diagram, with Horizontal Swim Lanes below.
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Use our Social Media Policy templates to control your employees’ use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Blogs and more. A moving object inevitably attracts your attention, whether the object is a living creature, a vehicle, or something pulled in the wind.Yet presenters either tend to ignore motion entirely or overuse it. Keep your images the same size to minimize the appearance of unwanted "jumps." If you crop images, make sure to select the same section of the image. Add an arrow to point to a menu item, or a box or circle to draw attention to a portion of the screen.
At worst, a presenter will create slides that induce nausea as a result of meaningless zooming or panning.

Text captions may help, too.I like to create a Google Drive folder to save my source images. Most slides contain motionless words and images.Motion on a slide—thanks to the animated GIF—can focus attention in a controlled manner. To be clear: I don't mean you should use GIFs with images of movie stars or pop culture icons. Instead of several screenshots, create a GIF that shows a series of steps on a single slide. Unlike many other GIF creation tools, is free, doesn't require Flash, doesn't watermark your work, and does allow you to download your creation.
Instead of a chart, create a GIF to emphasize the trend indicated as numbers change over time. Or, replace a text list of app names with a GIF that reveals a new app icon on a mobile home screen every five seconds. When used well, whatever item changes in your GIF—the menu selection, color, or icons—will reinforce your message.

Set the speed that images change: Choose a transition time as low as one millisecond or as high as five seconds. If needed, adjust the size of the GIF.Choose "Create GIF Animation," wait a bit, then choose "Download GIF" and save the GIF file. And that's the point: Well-crafted moving images take practice, skill, and an artistic eye to create. I hope that the next set of slides you create include an animated image that's creative and compelling.What's your experience?Have you created an original animated GIF for use at work?

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