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Overview:This will be a comprehensive, grade-level wide novel unit plan focusing on Kinsella vocabulary instruction, literary analysis, literary devices, a debate and persuasive writing. Use the Kate Kinsella - inspired vocabulary squares to pre-teach new vocabulary words to the whole class for each section of the novel. This PowerPoint presentation provides students with a greater understanding of how water has influenced writing and culture throughout history.
This outline is constructed to help students organize their notes and ideas after reading Tuck Everlasting.
After you login to your PowToon account you can get started by following the simple presentation wizard by clicking on the Start button. In the next step you will be provided with the chance to either start creating a slideshow (Presentation Mode) or Video Clip (Movie Mode). Once you have selected a preferred mode for creating your presentation, you will be asked to select a style.
After selecting a presentation style, you can pick a ready-made template to create your presentation or begin from scratch by using the Blank template.
Each template comes with various slides that you can easily edit by adding your brand name, website URL, characters, etc. You can also play and edit your video within the PowToon interface and download the created video, upload it to YouTube in HD format and share it across Facebook. Below is a brief sample presentation that we made to demonstrate the utility of the PowToon service. To begin creating your own video presentations, try PowToon by going to the link given below. Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs. Sorry, this page is under construction.Why not bookmark the page and return at a later date?
Included are examples of the beliefs and superstitions found in literature and cultural beliefs from around the world. Why do you think it might be a terrible disaster if people discovered the giant ash tree and the little, bubbling spring? 21-Epilogue: Weather and ActionIn this novel, Natalie Babbitt utilizes changes in the weather to foreshadow events that effect the outcome of the story.

In chapter 15, the man in the yellow suit explains this to the Fosters: “I’ve got what you want, and you’ve got what I want. Describe the offer that the man in the yellow suit makes to the TUCKS when he comes to their house to get Winnie.
When the constable arrives at the Tucks, Winnie explains, “They didn’t kidnap me…I came because I wanted to…” Why does she tell this to the constable? Explain the funny coincidence that happened at the end of the book between the toad and Angus Tuck? As the students work their way through the outline, they will see the skeleton of their essay. Recognize the origins and meanings of frequently used foreign words in English and use these words accurately in speaking and writing. Monitor expository text for unknown words or words with novel meanings by using word, sentence, and paragraph clues to determine meaning. Define how tone or meaning is conveyed in poetry through word choice, figurative language, sentence structure, line length, punctuation, rhythm, repetition, and rhyme. This pages includes support materials for assessments that work with the Common Core State Standards and rubrics for many different assessment products. With the advent of new and interesting concepts for making more dynamic presentations, MS PowerPoint is quickly loosing its charm and even the recent improvements to the Metro based PowerPoint 2013 hasn’t brought anything extraordinary for users.
PowToon provides a wide range of options to format text, add characters and change the presentation background.
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The PowerPoint ends with a brief prediction and question slide relating to Tuck Everlasting.
Explain what the author means when she writes, “Sitting relaxed with his back against the trunk was a boy, almost a man. Metaphors and SimilesStudents will use this worksheet to organize the similes and metaphors that they find in the novel. 9-20: Setting and PlotUse this worksheet to help students discover the role of setting in the development of a novel’s plot. Use this worksheet to help students explore how the author uses weather (heat, thunderstorms, etc.) to foreshadow the story’s action.

By working with this "skeleton," students will gain a powerful understanding of how to bridge notes and quotes from a book to formulate a logical and persuasive essay. It also contains some information on the creation of rubrics and assessment in general.If you find a link that is not working, please let me know the title and I will fix it.
If you are wondering what type of alternatives are making PowerPoint look like a thing of the past, then you should try PowToon.
While PowToon is a paid service you can sign up for a free 14-day trial version, with the option to create video presentations up to 5 minutes, export up to 10 HD videos to YouTube, download created videos and after the expiration of your trial free plan will remain active with a 45 sec time limit. In the second column of the worksheet, summarize in a few words their feelings about living forever.This worksheet to help students explore how the main characters feel about living forever. On the worksheet, students brainstorm different settings from the novel, and write a short explanation of how each setting effects the plot.
Sample EssaysThe following are actual essays that were turned and graded after teaching this unit. It is a web service which allows creating video presentations by editing out ready-made video templates.
For example, the Picto mode allows creating animated video presentations with characters in black color, whereas the Label style may be more appropriate for brand advertisement. Such items are all over the web; a lot of websites make use of animated gifs to draw the readers attention to a specifc part of the page or a particular feature. Why it is so important to Tuck that no one find out about the spring?  What does Tuck mean when he says the pond has answers? It was beautiful, and horrible too, with gleaming rainbow-colored scales, and an eye like a marble beginning to dim even as she watched it.
Typically, an animated gif is made up of a number of still images that are run together to create the illusion of motion in the same way that a movie reel is composed of thousands of stills. They came out of the 10._____________________ at last, and found a place to start their farm.

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