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Join 40027 educators, professionals and students from 100 countries that use PortfolioGen to showcase their skills, work and achievements. Digital portfolios allow users to showcase themselves and provide an opportunity for reflection and continued professional growth.Developed by teachers, PortfolioGen makes it easy for users to create and add portfolio pages, upload documents, insert photos and links, embed videos and add relative content to build a comprehensive online portfolio website that you can customize and design to reflect your own personal style. Educators can create a free portfolio to display and share their skills and achievements beyond conventional paper-based binders. Professionals from all walks of life utilize Portfoliogen to create a career portfolio and stand out from the crowd when job searching. I was not sure how easy it would be to turn my binder teaching portfolio into an online portfolio until I joined PortfolioGen.
I decided to give your product a try, to use as an electronic portfolio for my teacher evaluation this year. PortfolioGen has allowed me to create a professional approach to and structure in respect of a previous jumbled Portfolio of Evidence.
The PortfolioGen layout is user friendly, guiding you step by step through each aspect of portfolio building. From logo design to video animation, web development to website copy; expert designers, developers and digital talent are ready to complete your projects.
Here's a free video course on how to install WordPress, add new content, use themes and plugins, customize your site, and more.

Bring your ideas to life using Viewbook’s website creator and show your photography portfolio in the best possible way. Organize your photos and invite others to view, share or download them on Viewbook’s online portfolios. With Viewbook, your portfolio looks perfect wherever it appears – on desktops, tablets or mobiles.
Since 2009, Viewbook has helped thousands of image makers create beautiful photography websites and share their work with clients, fans and followers around the world.
I have tried other websites before but none offer the simplicity and ease of use as well as options and tools designed specifically for teachers.
It allows colleagues and other interested parties easy access to my documentation without having to "kill a few more trees" by printing these out.
I saw the multiple ways the site could be used as a classroom tool but I also realized that I could display my whole portfolio for prospective employers to peruse at their leisure.
The staff at PortfolioGen is readily available, answering questions in a timely manner, and always willing to help. I am so pleased with the service and product provided by Portfoliogen, I recommended it to my other friends and highly recommend it to anyone seeking to create a quality e-portfolio.
I was able to create exactly what I needed through their site and they gave me many options when creating the design and layout.

I absolutely love that I can embed multiple videos for teaching and place endorsements right on my website. I put my philosophy, my resume, pictures, highlights of my career, and letters of recommendation on the site. Adding a personal electronic portfolio website to resumes, cover letters, and business cards allows school administrators to view my credentials, lesson videos and photos with ease. I am extremely pleased with PortfolioGen and would encourage teaching professionals to create an online portfolio. However, as PortfolioGen has created such a user-friendly format, I can access my Portfolio in one place with all the various documents professionally "stored". I probably could have gotten by with your free portfolio, but I think I may have future use for it, so I upgraded.

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