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Looking for a neat little advertisement about how easy it is to step by step build a successful website that gets found on You Tube or FaceBook and then you become the next American Idol and make millions and live happily ever after.
It's very easy to forget how confused you were, the first time you tried to learn something new. The farther you get from the first experience, the easier the process is to you, but the harder it is to explain away the confusion to some one else.
Today when somebody asks me how to build a website, I sometimes start throwing words at them like HTML, web page, web host, domain name , ip address and they walk away discouraged and confused, like I did 15 years ago. I did build a website on my PC using the book but it confused me about the process of getting my collection of electronic pages on the internet for others to see. I tried asking questions like 'How do I put my pages on the internet?' Finally some tech told me in their usual condescending terms that I needed a web host.
About the time I started building websites, what I like to call 'Tech Interpreters' started to emerge. Believe it or not, the easy part of building your website will be the actual construction of its pages.

Most will provide you with a domain name which is linked to your IP address, which makes it easier to remember the address of your website. Your web host may even provide you with an online tool for building the web pages of your website. Most web hosts will provide you with (FTP) tools to upload your web pages to your web space if you build them on your PC or Mac with a third party tool. They'll sit a monkey behind a desk somewhere who will read your request for help from a trouble ticket, the monkey will find a couple of words that relate to your plea for help and shoot you back a canned response that may or may not relate to your problem. When searching for your web host look for one that provides every means of support available. If I haven't talked you out of building a website yet, you should read my article on doing your research before you start. That simply means building one website that can be accessed with any device: desk top, cell phone and anything in between. Get started right by spending a few minutes in our NEW Tutor that introduces you to the world of RWD.

Or go ahead and start 10 years behind when you post your first web page built using STATIC Design! Then you will learn to look at the HTML document with a browser and see how HTML and CSS work together.
You'll be surprised at how much of the information sinks in about the third time through just by copying and pasting. If like us, you've finally left the insane world of Microsoft Windows, we highly recommend the free BlueFish HTML editor.
Before you begin the actual construction of your website, you should visit our Website Design Tutor for information on Research and Planning your website.

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