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Once you are satisfied with the design of your e-commerce website click on the a€?WixStoresa€™ icon, which is the last icon in the HTML5 drag a€?n drop editor.
So as you can see, it is a fully functional e-commerce website that is ready to serve your customers.
New Featurette Gives Us Our First Look at the Angry Birds Movie Pterosaur worker puts on blinders Pre-Order a Nest Cam for $200 at Best Buy Challenges Of The Final Frontier NHTSA finalizes rule requiring electronic stability control on heavy trucks and large buses Arctic Ocean Rapidly Becoming More Corrosive to Marine Species Global Ear Hears All How Do Oil Spills out at Sea Typically Get Cleaned Up? It makes life a lot simpler as you dona€™t need to know all the technical stuffs to make your first website.
You can create fully functional e-commerce websites from scratch or you can start from an already made template and rearrange it according to your needs. You can create different types of websites like personal blog, photography site, music related website and much more. You can also select the relevant payment methods to receive the payment from your customers.

This makes managing your business convenient, because instead of having to manage a variety of different applications, WixStores has all your bases covered.
If you are planning to step into the e-commerce business then, Ia€™ll recommend you to check out WixStores. Just like regular websites, you can make an e-commerce site and customize it according to your needs. You can add new products, add product images, and add brief description about the product, which you are going to sell online. Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht. If you are planning to start selling products online or you have small business and just about to expand your business online then, this will be extremely helpful for you. The HTML5 based drag and drop interface is a joy to use, it lets you customize almost all website elements like background color, images, font style, favicons and much more.

From here you can access your WixStores store manager, which serves as the backend of your store.
Think of this as the hub where you can manage all the behind the scenes work of your online store. Create a brand for yourself using any visual elements that depict your style – logos, favicons, colours, typefaces, etc.

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