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More and more people want to establish a presence on the web whether it be to succeed in today’s business environment or even just for fun. Table of Contents Chapter 1 Plan your websiteTASKS· Website basics – What makes a good website? Rob Clymois Editor of Website Maker magazine, the long-running title formerly known as Web Pages Made Easy launched in the late 1990’s.
Weebly is an online, free widget-based Web site creator that allows you to create pages with template skins and content widgets.
Web Piston is the leading website builder for small business which allows you to make a web site that is both visually appealing and fully functional for free. Webnode is a free online website builder system which allows users with no technical knowledge to create and manage websites.
Roxer is an online tool that lets you create web pages without the hassle of HTML by simply using their drag and drop functionality.
ZyWeb is an online webpage authoring tool that builds and makes a web site with the e-commerce shopping cart tools. Jimdo is a free web hosting service that lets anyone create a good-looking website complete with blog, photo galleries, video and online store.

SnapPages is a collection of online tools which allows you to create an entire website with drag-and-drop simplicity. Moogo is an online website builder that enables anyone to make a professional website in only a few minutes. Wix is a free software toolset you can use to make stunning Flash websites with an easy drag and drop online platform.
Blinkweb is a web based website creation tool that allows you to create a website, blog, or salesletter-style site using a drag and drop functionality.
Edicy is a super simple tool for creating a fresh site with great design and webspace on any domain in seconds.
Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform that lets you create a website easily in just a few minutes.
YouFreeWeb has a huge range of creative and unique free web templates to let you design and create your own website for free. HyperWebEnable is a free web hosting service that provides a suite of user tools for developing a website.
Brilliant Web Design explains how to design and create an effective website using the task based method of the Brilliant series.

This is a tutorial based magazine aimed at helping people create a web site in simple steps.
If you prefer to advertise your business with the use of the internet, you must create a website that your costumer can view and get some information about you and your business.
These websites include a step-by-step guide for you finish the whole process of creating an attention-grabbing website.
As well as being a keen writer on the subject, he is also a commercial site builder specializing in eCommerce. Rob is a regular contributor for other web creation titles including Web Designer, Practical Web Projects and Web Developer.

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