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When it comes to getting more out of a marketing plan PowerPoint presentation, it starts with understanding the templates that are available.
Another important element of your presentation is to make sure that you have a solid outline and structure. Every company has a different marketing plan and presentation idea, but the basic goal of a marketing plan is the same across the board: To make sure that stakeholders understand the plan for marketing the product(s) of the company, including the goals, objectives, and strategies. My name is Scott, and I'm the guy who created every graphic, photo, and illustration on this blog.
Either if you are a sales representative you will be happy to learn how to make a simple catalog template using PowerPoint 2010 and other versions of PowerPoint.
Custom PowerPoint layouts can be used to prepare the different pages and slides for a catalog template.
The first custom layout that we will create for the product catalog is the product list page.
Tip: You can use the horizontal alignment tool to distribute the products along the entire slide. Finally, we will create a secondary custom layout for the product page in this catalog template. For the product page or product slide we will add the picture placeholder on the left and the description text placeholder on the right. The catalog template contains a summary layout, an about us layout, a slogan layout page, two column content and three column content page, a section break slide, quick facts, comparison table, as well as other product layouts, including product description, a product page, product list, product review layout, one product page with price, a product showcase plus a Thank you slide template. As you can probably tell by now, I’m a big fan of keeping presentation templates simple.
Speaking of customization, the great thing about this template is that you can put your own livery (or company logo) on the 737 on the cover slide and make this template totally yours! I had an equally powerful design created for the background of the interior slides, but I decided against using it due to past feedback I’ve received from clients regarding this kind of stuff. Going back to my Industrial Design roots is something I like to do every now and then to keep my creative mind fresh. To be honest, I’m not sure what all the buzz is about regarding smart watches and wearable technology. However, being in the tech industry, I know that smart watches and wearable technology is what everybody is talking about. I’m never really sure how my stock illustrations will be used, but every now and then I create one with a single purpose in mind. To be honest, I had a little bit of difficulty trying to come up with a good design for the interior pages. I’ve been finding a lot of use for presentation templates featuring smartphones and other wireless devices, and this one is a variation of another green and gray smartphone cover slide template that I uploaded a long time ago.
The perspective of the smartphone is a bit more extreme though, but it would look great with your logo or other image applied to it. If all goes correctly, you’ll have a sharp-looking PowerPoint deck that is uniquely yours.
One of the cool things about producing stock illustrations is that each one of them can be used in a variety of different ways. This presentation template is based on one of my most recent illustrations featuring an Android logo inside a large gear.
Once downloaded, you’ll find a fully editable cover slide, and two different types of interior pages.
I don’t know what it is, but somehow I always gravitate to metal textures in all my design work.
The good thing about this cover page template is that the screen on the forward facing smartphone is blank – so inserting your own screenshots or any other kind of graphic should be really easy. Every now and then I go on a huge binge creating abstract background elements and textures to use in my projects, and the transparent tubes that are the main feature of this presentation cover page template are the result of my latest one.
All of the text on this presentation cover page template is fully editable, and you can extract the background and import it into PowerPoint or Keynote . I recently finished a huge batch of white and black smartphone illustrations, and now I’m starting to find all kinds of uses for them. I’ve got a lot of different versions of this template in my archives that feature phones of a different color, tablets, and different background colors and textures.
I recently created a TON of concepts for a UX-themed PowerPoint template, and there are a lot of leftover designs that I have no idea what to do with. This blue and gray cover page template is in a fully editable layered format (PSD), so you’ll be able to move things around and adjust the design however you wish before you import everything into PowerPoint or any other presentation software such as Keynote.

If you are wondering how to make a product comparison table or matrix in PowerPoint 2010 then you can download this free template with a nice table for product feature comparison.
The slide design comes with three unique slide design templates containing product comparison tables. The slide template can also be used as a plan comparison for example if you have a web service or platform based on subscription model and different service plans like Free, Basic, Pro or Enterprise.
Actually, the cells are created as PowerPoint shapes so you can select all the shapes from a column and then duplicate them. You can take advantage of this template containing slide layouts with puzzle illustration to make better presentations. You can download this free puzzle piece PowerPoint template with customizable background (just change the slide background to replace the red color by any other desired color). The client thought it was too bright for his taste, but I hope someone else out there can use it. Most of these files are leftovers and unused concepts from real projects, and rather than letting them rot in my archives, I'm offering them here (for free).
We will show you here how to insert a custom layout and customize it to show your product catalog, descriptions, photos as well as price and other product information.
This will create a new custom layout in the PowerPoint presentation template or slide template. Here you can choose to insert any of the following placeholders: Content, Text, Picture, Chart, Table, SmartArt graphics, Media, Clip Art.
To use the horizontal distribution you need to select all the shapes that you need to align and then go to Drawing Tools menu -> Format menu and look for Arrange button.
Repeat the process by inserting a new custom layout and this time we will add a bigger picture and a description like the sample below. We have added a simple text placeholder for the price too, and you can increase the text size to make it more visible. You can edit this product catalog template to add your own products in the PowerPoint presentation. You don’t need to know about Photoshop or other catalog tools to edit it, and no additional software is required.
Content should be king, and the graphics in the template should be totally secondary and non-obtrusive. The cover slide features a side-profile view of a Boeing 737-800 airliner (which came directly from my aircraft illustration collection), hovering above a clean white background and directly in front of a dark gray graphic.
I debated whether or not I wanted to include an aircraft graphic of some sort, but I really feel that these pages don’t need it.
Mostly because my pathetic Fantasy football team has finished in dead last place for the past few years – I think of this new season as a new opportunity and a fresh start. I also created a couple football-specific images without the NFL branding, just to have something available for folks who might need generic football-specific images instead. I’ve never been a watch kind of guy, and these days my mobile phone is my primary source for quick bits of information and entertainment on the go. That’s why I thought it would be perfect to take that illustration I made and incorporate it into a simple PowerPoint template design.
The medical symbol illustration used on the cover slide of this PowerPoint template was created with the thought that it would be perfect as the cover of a book or presentation – hence the reason for the large white borders along the top or bottom.
I tried a few things like adding a large nearly-invisible (watermarked) medical symbol to the center, but it just got in the way of the content. That one featured three white mobile phones arranged over a green and gray background, while this one features just one over a backdrop which is much cleaner and simpler. I know all of that is easier said than done for anyone without much graphics editing know-how, but adding a logo like that is just an optional thing – this template would sill work great without it. I’ve done a lot of stock illustrations featuring the Android logo over the years, and I never seem to run out of ideas for more. I personally don’t like using dark templates to present text-based information, but they do come in handy when the content consists of photos and illustrations instead of text.
It’s funny how it works that way, and I swear that I’m not doing it on purpose!
The top section is visually rich with loads of transparency and gloss, while the lower portion was intentionally left plain and simple to allow space for a corporate logo or other information. One reason why I have so many is that my client was looking for several templates to use on a rotating basis – which seems to be a smart idea for anyone who gives presentations frequently. My name is Scott, I am a 3d and 2d illustrator, and I have been making stock illustrations since 2006.

This time you can download free Product Comparison PowerPoint template with an awesome table design in PowerPoint with different columns that you can use to make awesome product and service comparison. We have published many different puzzle pieces in the past but if you are looking for a nice and readymade puzzle PowerPoint template with editable puzzle pieces that you can manipulate as simple shapes, then this free puzzle piece PowerPoint template is for you. We will prepare a layout to embed our product photos and description, and include a price and any other product meta information. This will help you to create a new layout for your product catalog as well as defining all the styles for the catalog PowerPoint template. We will add a picture using a placeholder, a description using a text placeholder and a price. Notice that you can duplicate an existing layout by right clicking in the layout thumbnails and clicking Duplicate Layout option. Also we added another text placeholder for the title or product name (or eventually the product SKU used in this catalog) and a product description title, but of course this will depend on your product catalog template needs.
Remember that you need to insert new slides and right click over the thumbnail and then choose Layout. My favorite one happens to be the one you see on the cover page of this PowerPoint template. It also makes them quite painful to sit through as an audience member if the presenter doesn’t do a very good job integrating their content into the template. Yeah, my product design skills are rusty as heck but it was a nice break from all the pixel-pushing I’ve been doing lately. Why would I need a watch to do the same thing – especially in a more inconvenient form factor? The cover slide features a large version of the silver and gray smart watch over a black and white background, positioned so that the screen is the focus of attention – allowing you to place your own logo or image onto it.
These borders act as a nice frame for the image, as well as helping to give the image a clean and sterile feel (which makes sense for a medical theme). That’s totally by design, of course, as I think that any sort of presentation template related to the healthcare and medical field needs to look clean and pure in order to increase credibility.
Adding color was a bit difficult as well because of my intention to keep things as clean as possible.
And actually, even though I put the presentation title in the upper section, it would work just as well to leave that area blank and put all the text in the gray section below.
I always get a kick seeing how people use my work, no matter how extensive the modifications are!
I recently created this cover page template  for some colleagues who were giving a talk on mobile devices and UX design, and it features three large white touch screen mobile phones arranged in a nice composition on a green and gray background.
It keeps your content looking fresh and your audience interested (especially if it’s the same audience over and over again). All of the graphics on this blog have been created by me and are free for the taking - if you see something you like, please feel free to use it for your own blog or articles (with a link back to my site, if possible). This is an alternative to other comparison slide designs including the default comparison layout that comes in Microsoft PowerPoint. Free editable comparison template for PowerPoint is compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010, but you can also use it in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 for free. You can also select all the shapes that you want to change the colors and then change the shape properties to pick a different background color. It’s a 3d rendering of a transparent glass football sitting in front of a glowing green football field over a really dark background.
I suppose this is more of a fashion accessory than anything else, something of which I’m not much interested in. The interior slides have a smaller version of the same device, pushed out and away from the content of each slide. In the end, I just decided to add a small 90% black version of the medical symbol to the bottom left corner. With that said, I present to you another presentation cover template with mobile devices over a metallic silver and gray background. Hope it works, alternatively I can recommend you to check other text & tables PowerPoint templates that are very easy to edit. For this example we have used a simple PowerPoint 2013 product box and the same description that you can find on Amazon, but of course you can edit this placeholder with your own product text.

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