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We are constantly expanding our product range and are more than happy to hear your ideas of what designs you would like us to make. When designing your training plan you must also keep in mind the objectives you wish to fulfill at the beginning of the session.
Even after you have created an amazing opening for your presentation, group attention or understanding may disappear in a moment’s notice, therefore we shall present 8 methods to keep the participants engaged and transform a usual training into an active one.
For the first time, you can now manage your schools app on the go without having to access a computer to send out instant messages or check your app analytics.
Besides sending instant messages, scheduling instant messages, and checking analytics — “Manage Your App” can sync with a schools social media pages to simultaneously post to their Facebook and Twitter pages along with their push notification.
We plan to develop this app for Android in the near future, but likely not for a couple months. You can send me your feedback at any time, I know you are going to love this awesome new tool. One of the essentials for students and parents (with younger children) is the school apps that are used on their smartphones.
Apps for schools to use to communicate to parents via their mobile phones are becoming more and more common these days, especially as more families get access to a smartphone which enables them to make use of mobile apps (these include iPhones and iPads, as well as phones that use Android technology). Mobile apps transcend the use of SMS messaging to parents as well as email communication, and in the future schools will start to rely almost entirely on mobile technology in their communications with families. General Manager Leigh Kostiainen’s first-hand experience with the at times inefficient and wasteful note and newsletter system led her to seek a solution that would incorporate simple, easy-to-use technology. If you would like further information about Active School Apps, please contact us via our contact form.
Many of our markings, while so much fun during playtime, are also attractive teaching aids, encouraging children to continue their learning process outdoors.

Either if it’s a BANG, a team-building exercise, a group assessment or goal setting, always keep in mind your audience and their specific characteristics. Group Characteristics: Would you use the same type of activity for an audience of managers as for an audience of students? Connection to content: The conclusion of your chosen activity should be related to the rest of your training. Sharing: Pose an open question and ask the participants to feel free to share any opinions.
Questionnaires: Create a brief questionnaire that can be answered easily and can be verified fast. Panel: invite in front of the audience a small group of representatives to share their views on a certain matter. Fishbowl: Select a part of the audience to form a circle and begin discussing the requested subject, as the rest of the audience listens from outside the circle. Games: the variety of games, from icebreakers, to puzzles, quizzes or team challenge can help challenge your participants’ knowledge and ideas, bringing forth a key message of the training. Send out pop up messages (push notifications) to your parents via the app and social media networks, check detailed analytics, and more.
With this feature, a school can keep their parents informed with their app and social media pages all at once and reduce the amount of multiple administrative tasks.
They are very useful so this article will cover 7 of the best ideas, and how to create custom apps for schools. There are features such as the search function and the glossary, which can be used with the tap of a finger. Will they be open to new exercises and ideas or will they be hesitant and reserved as you begin your presentation?

Presumably your answer is no, therefore adjust the level of the exercise to the type of audience you are delivering for. By tying an icebreaker to the content of your training, you are creating a transition stage that will help the audience smooth into the subject.
The anonymity of the cards will offer you truthful opinions and it also saves times for the conciseness of the cards.
Sharing the results of the questionnaires during the training will be extremely appealing for the participants. This system is efficient in creating a collaborative environment but time to create bigger groups is not enough. If time allows it, rotate the members of the panel so as many participants as possible, you may offer their insight. Shift people from the outer circle into the discussion circle to keep the discussion going and offer new perspectives. Users have the options of text and handwriting, as well as zoom functions, smooth lines and the mixture of sound. Be aware of your opening exercise so that it does not expose your participants’ lack of knowledge or skills; be prone to engage them in an activity that encourages opinions on a familiar subject in order to create a relaxed environment. Ask the audience to offer different answers, personal opinions and not repeat the past responses.

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