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Based on my question on the matching TOC (fancy-table-of-contents-for-beamer) I came up with the following code which does not look so bad but does to really resemble the given layout.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged tikz-pgf beamer sectioning or ask your own question. This high school cafeteria is a blend of function, design and environmental responsibility. The floor was polished with the traditional RetroPlate method by starting wet from 30 metal to 200 resin and finished dry from 400 – 1,500 resin. This school in Texas combines the natural look of acid staining, saw cutting, and RetroPlating to add richness, color, and pattern for a unique and beautiful floor.
The existing terrazzo floors at this college campus have been RetroPlated providing looks, durability and ease of maintenance. The owner and architect selected RetroPlate to ensure the durability of the concrete wall panels, ensuring it could hold-up to the elements, all the while serving as a uniquely attractive and stunning show piece. A close-up on the 20,000 square foot RetroPlate application at this Canadian college shows the beautifully polished exposed aggregate. Nearly 40,000 square feet of RetroPlate with acid stain fills the common area corridors and lobbies of Todd Beamer High School.
Thank you again for all you and your foundation does to help people in difficult life situations.
Already we have seen people gravitate to using the new chairs when they know standard chairs are too much work to arise from. Getting accurate weights is critical for patients at risk for swallowing dysfunction and malnutrition.

6 to 21 years old with muscular dystrophy to Summer camp held at the Rotary Sunshine Campus in Rush, New York every year since 2000. I know I can't get same resolution with it, but I am tired of having a loooong screen, but no high.. If any one did a curved projector screen with one projector, I would be happy for all information about yours and what you think about it. This might look a bit low tech but it is an interesting low cost solution for creating a short throw wide angle (even 180 degree) projection. Had a chance to test the new benq1085 projector - friend got one for his eleconomic home theater. Sitting about 4 feet away picture fills the field of view almost completely and pixelation is no longer visible. But all in all i have some doubt's - picture looked very soft to me (proj was correctly focused). The graphic was created with both natural concrete color and acid stain within a terrazzo strip design.
RetroPlate was applied to the point of rejection, maintained wet for 45 minutes, left to sit no less than 24 hours before polishing and used with a fully refined polishing system.
The halls, cafeteria, and classrooms all received saw cutting patterns, acid stain, and RetroPlate. The maintenance regimen now consists of dust mopping and occasional running an automatic scrubber over the floor, compared to the stripping, waxing, buffing, mopping and scrubbing that was required before the RetroPlate System transformed these floors. The exterior of the building – more than 250 precast concrete walls – was polished with RetroPlate.

The grinding step during the RetroPlate System can expose heavy aggregate, light “salt and pepper” aggregate, or no aggregate to give different options and enhance the natural look and feel of polished concrete.
I can’t tell you how much “freedom” this gives Michael, which is critical for someone with ALS. Immersion is quite a thing - I felt strange things in my stomach when wags was doing barrel rolls.
Maybe it was youtube, maybe its the fact I wasn't wearing glasses (my vision is -1.25, barely enough to pass vision exam for driver license without glasses) while looking at screen much farther away then PC monitor.
As a result of the significantly reduced floor care cost and aesthetic qualities, the new Bennett Middle School will receive the same flooring system to be performed in July 2014. Final Finish, based in Canton, Ohio, did a superb job of polishing the wall panels which reflect the natural light throughout the day. Cuviello Concrete has been awarded this job and will not only include corridors but also classrooms totaling 95,371 ft2 of area. In addition to the concrete-polished exterior of the facility, dichroic glass fins (metals or oxides in glass that provide the glass with optical characteristics) also transmit and reflect natural light, creating a dynamic color show on the building’s facade.

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