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I recently watched a video from Corporate Visions about how customers can only recall on average 10% of your sales presentation 2 days later.
Research tells us that if you associate a visual with your story then the potential to recall your presentation can increase to 65%. In fact, research suggests that customers remember 70% of your beginning and up to 100% of the end of your presentation, but during the middle (when you often share the most important points!), your customers’ attention wanes and the majority of your information falls on deaf ears. In whiteboard presentations, you cannot hide behind a powerpoint presentation that has been created for you by the marketing department, therefore you invest more time in understanding how you will present, what you will present and why that information is important to the customer. I recommend watching the original presentation here for more ideas and info on whiteboard presenting.
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Cognitive load is one of reason why presentations you have spent hours working on are easily forgotten by your students.
Firstly, you’re sure to burden their cognitive load if you fill your slides with textual content and then explain your lesson vocally. Below is an example of educational content that could be sent home to students to reinforce their in – class lesson. Thank you Mary Jo Madda for giving us guidelines on how to make your presentation memorable, and Professor Richard Mayer on his dedication to the fields of education and science!
Make your next classroom lesson on buncee with these tips in mind, and you are sure to make a presentation your students won’t forget! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
On the “Find a Gunmaker” page is a link titled “Regular Membership List” which lists Guild members and their categories of expertise, including Stockmaker, Metalsmith, Engraver, Metalfinisher, Checkering Specialist and Casemaker.
While Anderson does virtually everything concerning the construction of a custom gun, James A. Bisio, who served in the Air Force 22 years before retiring, began working with gunstocks in 1971, primarily as a hobby. While the “Find a Gunmaker” link introduces visitors to experienced craftsmen like Anderson and Bisio, the “Custom Gunmaking Resources” link on the Guild’s home page opens the door to a wealth of information for both novice and veteran, including a 60-page booklet entitled “Realizing Your Dream” that has detailed information about the process of commissioning a custom gun, including how to work with a gunmaker. Another helpful resource is “Introduction to Custom Guns,” narrated by metalsmith Jack Belk, which is a video that focuses on the various parts and components involved in building a custom gun.
Bisio, the stockmaker from Colorado, put it this way: “Savor it as you go along,” he said of the process of commissioning a custom gun.

ABOUT ACGG: The American Custom Gunmakers Guild (ACGG) advances the art of custom gunmaking by increasing public awareness and appreciation for quality custom firearms and promoting custom gunmaking as an art form. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. We are very sensitive in creating an event specific to your individual needs which may include a buffet reception or cocktail reception.
One of the reasons customers choose The Ritz-Carlton brand is because of our reputation for providing legendary service. On the day of the surprise, the Director of Sales and Marketing pretended to be a celebrity VIP. They escorted the young man to the Loss Prevention Base, where the Loss Preventions Supervisor was waiting to brief the young man on his assignment. When the young man returned to the hotel, the Ladies and Gentlemen gave him a wall of applause for his excellent security work. Creating unique, memorable and personal experiences require that you engage with your customers to learn what would be truly meaningful to them.
The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center offers advisory services, courses and presentations to organizations that wish to benchmark the award-winning business practices of The Ritz-Carlton.
Before you tinker with your organization’s culture, be sure to ask for input from employees at every level of the company.
I was so energized after the course that I worked out some changes on the plane ride home and implemented immediately when I returned.
Using a digital projector and laptop, Joe's has a lively presentation that gets children excited about reading, writing and creating.
He can tailor his presentations based on the age groups of the children he is presenting to. Joe talks about how he create a children's book and shows exactly how he makes his illustrations come alive with his digital drawing tablet. To find out about availability and rates, please contact him by email or call (215) 804-0303. By using buncee’s audio recording tool, this interactive content utilizes both verbal explanation and visual imagery. Building custom firearms allows me to work with both metal and wood,” Anderson said, adding that he graduated from Trinidad State Junior College in 1991 with an emphasis in Gunsmithing. Whether you’re throwing a large wedding or an intimate dinner party, we can accommodate any party size.

Let your guests taste the Chef’s creations in our private room elevated above the street that seats up to 50 people. Louis, and the Sales Manager learned the young man was especially looking forward to meeting the security officers because he was fascinated by this type of work.
She dressed up in a fur coat, scarf and movie star sunglasses and waited in The Ritz-Carlton Suite. The Loss Preventions Supervisor provided the young man with a personalized nametag, radio, and official Loss Prevention lapel pin. The young man used his radio to call out, “Escort in route” and led the VIP to the security entrance—where special escort SUVs were waiting. They presented him with a personalized plaque, naming him an honorary member of the Loss Prevention team.
When you provide the kind of service that shows thoughtfulness, care, extra effort, and creativity—you touch the heart of your customers and create unforgettable experiences. Your organization can learn about The Ritz-Carlton methodology for customer service, employee engagement and leadership development.
According to the Modality Principle (explained in the video above), presenting images with verbal explanations is a better approach than presenting images with textual explanations.
Before starting his own business Anderson, who was born in Iowa, worked for a number of companies in the firearms industry – including Dakota Arms, John Linebaugh's Custom Sixguns, Taconic Firearms and Miller Arms. The Sales Manager recruited the help of the Loss Preventions Supervisor, the Director of Sales and Marketing, and a Loss Prevention Officer. Then, the Sales Manager and the Loss Prevention Officer met the young man in the lobby and asked if he would be willing to help them escort a very important guest. Once the VIP was safely in her vehicle, the Loss Prevention Officer and the young man took a seat in the lead escort vehicle, turned on the siren, and drove away.
We also guide organizations through a multi-step process in order to achieve sustainable culture transformation.
Together, they decided to stage a VIP departure with the young man assisting with the escort. The following guest story shows how listening, caring and creativity were combined to craft a unique, memorable and personal experience for a very special guest.

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