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This tutorial will show you how to create great looking presentation graphics with CorelDRAW X3.
You can easily create great-looking presentations with CorelDRAW by exporting your document as a full screen PDF. You can make change an open document’s orientation by clicking the Landscape button on the property bar.
The size of the document doesn’t matter, as the end result, the full screen PDF, will fit to the screen. Now, you’ll create a master page, which contains all the design elements — such as backgrounds, logos or titles —  that will be shown on all pages.
Regardless what image you chose for the background, it will likely interfere with text and other messages.
You can draw a perfectly horizontal line by pressing the Ctrl key and clicking the start and endpoint of the line. Now you can put a company logo into the top-right frame by clicking File > Import, browsing your computer to find the logo, and clicking the Import button in the Import dialog box. The outline of the circle will appear with a dotted line and an anchor point at the top of the circle. Darken the orange color by pressing Ctrl and clicking black in the Color palette once or twice. Repeat the steps with the other circles, making the slices bigger and darker in colour as you go along.
This flyout contains many tools for adding a variety of ready-made to your drawing, including the Flowchart Shapes tool. The Connector Tools flyout offers tools for creating a variety of connector lines, such as straight, right-angled, and more.

You can make any shape in your drawing interactive by right-clicking it and clicking Internet Links, which provides a list of the pages in your document.
In the PDF Settings dialog box, click the Document tab, and enable the Full Screen and Include hyperlinks, and click the OK button. We hope you found this tutorial helpful and we would love to hear your feedback in the Comments section below. Download your FREE 15-day trial to see what’s new in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and explore a world of new creative possibilities in graphic design, photo editing and website design. Combine your creativity with the unparalleled power of CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X8 to design graphics and layouts, edit photos, and create websites. If you love CorelDRAW® and want to learn how to work faster and smarter, this is the book for you! Create custom wedding stationery or decorate your wedding photos with this collection of 150+ images and text. Get the lastest newsOur weekly newsletter is filled with the latest tutorials, expert advice, and the tools you need to take your creative projects to the next level. Take advantage of the more powerful design features of CorelDRAW to make polished, detailed, professional presentations.To show your slide-show in full screen, you just have to export your document as a full screen PDF.
You make your presentation stand out by creating eye-catching master pages, using charts to get your message across, and adding navigational buttons. Scale the image to fit the page by dragging the midpoints on the top and side of the image.
To insert the information boxes, create two rectangles as shown below by using the Rectangle tool from the toolbox. To round the corners of the rectangles, select the rectangle, and then choose the Shape tool from the toolbox.

Now, fill the rectangles using the Fill tool in the toolbox with 50% gray, which is works well for white text. Next, create a black area at the top of the rectangles that will contain text, by drawing a horizontal line using the Bezier tool. The rectangle to the left will be used as a navigational area, and the one to the right will be used for the actual information. You can change the thickness of the line on the property bar by selecting the line with the Pick tool. The previous image shows another example, in which the left bottom frame will contain navigational buttons. When you drag this anchor point counter clockwise, you create pie slices by dragging inside the circle, and line-segments, when you drag outside the circle.
When you click any of these tools, you can click the Perfect Shapes button on the property bar to access the available shapes.
And don’t forget to visit our social media pages and show us what you’ve learned by sharing your photos, videos and creative projects with us. You might want to draw a darker grey line to separate a headline of text from the sub-information using the Bezier tool.
Notice that the property bar is context-sensitive, so it displays controls directly related to what you’re doing.
When you rearrange the symbols in the chart, the lines will automatically follow the symbols.

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