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One that appears in the view only when the value it is set to is included within the date range specified by a date filter. Download and use the attached workbook, DynamicReferenceLine.twbx, and follow the steps below to create the objects described.
Right-click the date axis in your view (along the bottom), and select Add Reference Line, Band, or Box. Alternatively, you can create a parameter control that acts as an on-off switch for the reference line, and you can specify whether the switch is turned on or off. From the Dimensions pane, drag Reference Line to Detail, right-click the field, and then select Exact Date.
In the Parameters pane (at the bottom of the Data window), right-click Reference Line Control, and select Show Parameter Control. Now you can control whether the reference line appears in the view by selecting either On or Off in the Reference Line Control parameter control.
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On our most recent webinar: “IT Strategy and Architecture” we talked about how the demands on insurance IT have never been higher. Unfortunately, too many insurers are dealing with the challenges of overly complex IT environments and brittle or redundant systems that cripple their ability to deliver business value rapidly or cost effectively. A vision is needed to address the business transformation, while leveraging technology trends and leading industry solutions. All too often there is a disconnect between business and IT, but having a common purpose and common understanding throughout IT and other business units enables true teamwork. For more information, please view our webinar recording or email me to set up a complimentary 30 consultation. This entry was posted in Insurance, Webinars and tagged Creating an Enterprise Blueprint, Creating an Enterprise RoadMap, Insurance, IT Strategy and Architecture, Technology Trends Insurance by Mitch Wein.

Stem cells from the blood and bone marrow are routinely used as a treatment for blood-related diseases. Most types of somatic stem cells are present in low abundance and are difficult to isolate and grow in culture. Therapy involving somatic stem cells is not controversial; however, it is subject to the same ethical considerations that apply to all medical procedures.
ES cells have the potential to become any type of cell in the body, making them a promising source of cells for treating many diseases. Without drugs that suppress the immune system, a patient's immune system will recognize transplanted cells as foreign and attack them.
When scientists isolate human embryonic stem (hES) cells in the lab, they destroy an embryo. Learn more about the controversy behind embryonic stem cells and why new stem-cell technologies may bring it to an end.
Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells are created artificially in the lab by "reprogramming" a patient's own cells. Therapy involving iPS cells is subject to the same ethical considerations that apply to all medical procedures. Therapeutic cloning can, in theory, generate ES cells with the potential to become any type of cell in the body.
In 2013, for the first time, a group of researchers used therapeutic cloning to make ES cells. We continue to make it available because the information is still valuable, but some steps may vary due to product changes.
However, when you enable a filter on the viewa€”for example, a slider quick filtera€”the reference line remains in the view, whether or not its value falls within the current filter values. Insurer IT groups are tasked with delivering an ever-expanding set of capabilities, including digital transformation, faster speed-to-market, better distributor and customer service, and better analytical capabilities. From this, a roadmap of projects must be defined to implement that vision, while keeping the business running.
Read on to learn where different types of stem cells come from, what their potential is for use in therapy, and why some types of stem cells are shrouded in controversy.

They are important for growth, healing, and replacing cells that are lost through daily wear and tear. However, under natural circumstances somatic stem cells can become only a subset of related cell types. Isolation of some types could cause considerable tissue or organ damage, as in the heart or brain.
The ethical and legal implications of this have made some reluctant to support research involving hES cells. Although more analysis is needed, the same appears to be true for human iPS cells, making them a promising source of cells for treating many diseases. However, because the "reprogramming" process introduces genetic modifications, the safety of using iPS cells in patients is uncertain. In addition, since these cells are made from a patient's own DNA, there is no danger of rejection by the immune system. It involves creating a clone of a human being and destroying the cloned embryo, and it requires a human egg donor. However, it should be possible to follow the procedure in earlier versions of Tableau Desktop. Somatic stem cells can be transplanted from donor to patient, but without drugs that suppress the immune system, a patient's immune system will recognize transplanted cells as foreign and attack them.
In recent years, some researchers have focused their efforts on creating stem cells that don't require the destruction of embryos. Importantly, since iPS cells can be made from a patient's own cells, there is no danger that their immune system will reject them.
If that date does not fall within the date range on the slider quick filter, the view may appear skewed, as shown in the following image.
This partial differentiation can be an advantage when you want to produce blood cells; but it is a disadvantage if you're interested in producing an unrelated cell type.

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