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CREATING SHARED VALUEOrder to reinvent the featuring janet vote vice president and advantages. In her presentation, Jameson emphasized that the fear of cost is the number one reason people don’t go to the dentist. Helping your patients overcome financial fears and accept your treatment plans involves asking important questions, listening intently, and employing effective verbal skills, visual aids and strong financial arrangement systems.
Patients must see the value and benefit of treatment before a financial agreement will be obtained.
Call patients by name and have all necessary information in order to communicate about treatment in layman’s terms. You should have the professional assistance of a financial coordinator who can carefully communicate with the patient about financial concerns.
Cathy Jameson will be a featured speaker at the 2013 Dentrix Business of Dentistry Conference. This script outputs the google search parameters required for search on edocs documentation. Data Entry Templates consist of properties that define the fields available for creating a content item. This chapter provides an overview of Data Entry Templates and discusses how to create and edit Data Entry Templates. You can create a Data Entry Template for each category of web page: for example, a Data Entry Template for catalog listings, another for job postings, and so on. To create Data Entry Templates, you assemble properties—one property for each variable component of a web page. When you create a property, you assign a property type to specify the kind of information the property should hold: text, long text, integer, date, item (a reference to another content item), image, file, list, selection list, real, and Boolean.
Provides a Rich Text Editor that enables users to enter formatted text, images, tables, numbered or bulleted lists, hyperlinks, HTML, and portal transformer tags. In Netscape browsers, this field appears as a simple long text field, into which users can enter text and HTML formatting tags. Enables users to enter a date or select it from a pop-up calendar control and choose a time from a drop-down list.
Enables users to create a new content item or select an existing content item that will appear within the content item created from the Data Entry Template. Users can open the content item in a new Content Item Editor window by clicking on it or view the item’s content in the lines immediately below the item name by clicking the + next to the item. Enables users to add multiple content items to the content item created from the Data Entry Template.
Open Publisher Explorer and navigate to the folder in which you want to create a Selection List.
Publisher provides sample content portlet templates that you can use to create published content portlets or branding portlets using the Portlet Editor and the Configure Portlet Wizard. To create new Data Entry Templates and configure the sample Data Entry Templates, you use the Data Entry Template Editor. The easiest way to learn how Data Entry Templates work is to configure a sample Data Entry Template when you create a published content portlet. You can open the Data Entry Template Editor from Publisher Explorer, the Configure Portlet Wizard, and the Presentation Template Editor. To open the Data Entry Template Editor from the Configure Portlet Wizard on any Edit Objects page for an object category that includes a Data Entry Template, click Edit next to the template name.
To open the Data Entry Template Editor from the Presentation Template Editor, click the Data Entry Template name in the Data Entry Template field.
If you want the Content Item Editor to display instructions for users who are creating content items from this Data Entry Template, enter the instructions in the Instructions text box.
On the Advanced tab of the Configure Property page, you can set the default value for a property, set the property as a document property, and map it to a portal property. You can configure Publisher automatically to insert the content items created with this Data Entry Template into a List property in another content item. In the Select Content Item dialog box, select the content item into which Publisher will insert list entries.
If you use automatic insertion, add a note to the List property in the corresponding Data Entry Template to inform users of the source of the content items and to let them know that they do not need to add new entries manually.
Add properties for each type of content you want captured by the content items created from the Data Entry Template. The Data Entry Template must be attached to a Presentation Template before you can publish any content items created from it.

In the Data Entry Template Editor, under Properties, create a property for each type of content you want captured by the content items that use the Data Entry Template. If you change a property name in the Data Entry Template, you must also change any references to the property name in the associated Presentation Template. If you want the property name that is displayed in Content Item Editor to differ from the name you entered above, enter a Display Name.
For information on each property type, see Property Types Available for Data Entry Templates.
If you select a Text property type, you can use the Maximum Length field to set a maximum number of characters enterable in the text box.
If you select a Long Text property type, select whether you want users to edit text with a Rich Text editor or with a Plain Text editor. If you want the property to be required for checking in a content item, select Require value to check in.
If you want the property to be required for publishing in a content item, select Require value to publish. If you want the Content Item Editor to display instructions for using the property, enter the instructions in the Instructions text box. You can set the default value for a property, set the property as a document property, and map it to a portal property on the Advanced tab. You can map a content item property to a portal property, and by associating the properties defined in the Data Entry Template with portal properties, those properties are indexed in the Search Server when content items created from the Data Entry Template are published (if associated with a portlet).
You can choose Set as Document Property if you want this property to be set as a document property when content items created from the Data Entry Template are published to or crawled into the Knowledge Directory. When you are finished configuring a property, click Finish to return to the main page of the Data Entry Template Editor. Each added property is listed in the Properties grid, including the property name, display name, property type, and required status. You can copy, move, rename, and delete Data Entry Templates in Publisher Explorer, just as you do with any Publisher component. When you copy a Data Entry Template and you want to preserve its association with its content items, copy the content items and the Data Entry Template simultaneously.
If a content item includes an Item property that references a second content item and you copy both of those content items simultaneously, then the item reference in the copy of the first content item refers to the copy of the second content item.
You can move a Data Entry Template to another location without affecting content items that have been created from that Data Entry Template. Most brands getting on social media are reproducing the same things they used to do on TV or radioa€¦ They adapt their famous 360A° marketing plan and eventually invest in a bigger media plan.
Here, Heidi Hackemer gives 3 main parameters for a great idea today (slide 31) : Aim for platforms, a long term commitment to the people who appreciate (or will appreciate) your brand, something which will give a rich experience. We believe that Brand Utility should not be limited to people who are likely to buy your product. Connect everything else shows us clearly how the brands should use the Internet and the new technologies in general.
I particularly appreciate the way Helge explains the different opportunities and this missing link (slide 3).
Jameson taught the art of the new patient experience and introduced techniques you can use to become a more effective, convincing salesperson. Ensure their entire interaction with your team leaves them with a clear, consistent, professional image of you and your services.
Even a large e-commerce site, with hundreds of web pages, typically groups them into a home page and a small number of categories, such as catalog listings, weekly specials, news releases, job postings, and so forth. In each Data Entry Template, you specify the kinds of information that will appear on all web pages in that category; later, contributors use these Data Entry Templates to create content items and enter content for web pages. In a Data Entry Template for job postings, for example, you might include properties for job title, hiring manager, responsibilities, qualifications, salary range, and start date. The published content item displays the items in the list in the same order in which you list them in the Content Item Editor; the up and down arrows on the right allow you to rearrange the order of the list. These portlet templates include Data Entry Templates that the system automatically copies when you create a new published content or branding portlet. For more information about creating and configuring published content portlets from sample templates, see Creating Published Content Portlets.
Only Publisher Explorer enables you to open the Data Entry Template Editor both to create a new template and to edit an existing template; the others enable you only to edit existing templates.
These fields are determined by the Presentation Template that you associate with the Data Entry Template.

For example, in portlets created from the sample News Portlet template, when a user creates a content item from the News Article Data Entry Template, that content item is inserted into the Items property of the Index content item. The Select Selection List dialog box opens when you select Selection List from the Type list. Publisher displays an error in the Content Item Editor if a user tries to check the item in without entering a value in the field. Publisher displays an error in the Content Item Editor if a user tries to publish the item without entering a value in the field. This value appears in the data entry field and can be seen by Contributors (or users with higher roles) when they create or edit content items derived from this Data Entry Template. The Publisher attempts to find an attribute with the same name as this property in the portal's Global Document Property Map or in the document type identifier specified in this Data Entry Template.
To move a property up or down in the list, use the Actions arrows at the right of each row.
Either copy the entire folder that contains the Data Entry Template and content items or multi-select and copy the Data Entry Template and content items. In the mobile application era, the marginal cost of a user tends to zero, so why giving the exclusivity of your service to your target?
The deal is not anymore in buying short term exposure, people do not remember anymore what youa€™re saying and they dona€™t look to your ads to decide which product they will buy, they look for what theirs peers say about a product, a service or a situation on Google, thata€™s why your reputation matters more than your image. Technical advance in the IT sector is completely reshaping the way businesses and brands interact with their customers. When you publish the content item, Publisher uses an associated Presentation Template to define how the property values are displayed to the end user.
You might want to add instructions to help users understand that they must enter a whole number.
The Presentation Template can use this property to access the properties of the referenced item, create a link to the referenced item, or insert the referenced item’s published contents into the body of the item being published. If you create a new item using the Create Item button in the toolbar, you are prompted to select a Data Entry Template first; if you create a new item using the Create Item icon to the right of an item already in the list, the item uses the same Data Entry Template as the listed item.
You can use these Data Entry Templates as they are or customize them to fit your organization’s particular terminology or content collection needs. While these defaults are not required, the example they provide can help users who are creating content items from the template.
The list order in the Data Entry Template determines the display order in the Content Item Editor. If you copy the Data Entry Template to a new folder and then copy content items into that folder, the copied content items will retain their association with the original Data Entry Template and will have no automatic association with the copy.
This graph (slide 39) perfectly illustrates how your idea must appeara€¦ With all this interesting ideas, youa€™ll find some interesting tips to find and develop new and relevant ones.
You might have noticed that in our definition of Brand Utility, we prefer to talk about users than customers, when it is about people who benefit from it. Griffin Farley, in its propagation brief, makes the distinction between aspirational audience and inspirational audience. Until now, most of the brands use the Internet to create attention and awareness, what they did with mass media but thata€™s not the objective any more : a€?Ita€™s not about attention, but offering something valuablea€? The innovation can come from anywhere but most of the time you need to rethink your business model (slide 20).
One job posting, for example, looks like another job posting and contains similar kinds of information. By ensuring uniform data in a contributor's input, a Presentation Template writer can confidently use the value of a property to include content conditionally while publishing.
In the Data Entry Template Editor, you can specify whether users can select more than one item.
They are populated after you save the Data Entry Template and associate it with a Presentation Template using the Presentation Template Editor. Your aspirational audience is the one who buys your products or services, who helps you to reach your business objectives.
Computers and the Internet have changed many things in the behaviours of brands as well as the ones of their users.
Your inspirational audience, on the contrary, is the one who will engage with your creative assets and who is likely to influence the aspirational audience in a positive way.

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