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Did you know that not only can you customize your SharePoint 2013 site theme, but that you can also customize your site collection's help content? In order to create and manage a Site Collection Help Library, you will need to first verify that the user in question has the correct permissions as a site collection administrator.
The Site Collection Help Library is a new special library, and resembles a document library that has been merged with an asset library in that you can upload files (like a document library) as well as media files (like an asset library). Now that you have created your Site Collection Help Library in part one of our three part series, here in part two, we'll introduce you to how to create help collection items, help media file items and more.

To create a new Help Collection content item, click New Document under the Files tab on the Ribbon. A Help topic functions as a file content type and can be uploaded to either a Help Collection or a Help Category.
A Help Media file Item is an audio or video content type and can be uploaded to either a Help Collection or a Help Category.
With the custom Site Collection Help Feature, you can create a new system Help Library that can be used to store custom help for a particular site collection.

The Site Collection Help Library can quickly and easily be created by the Site collection administrator, who likewise has control over the content that is added and displayed in the help section. In this three-part blog series, we'll introduce you to the custom Site Collection Help Feature and show you how to create, deploy, and utilize the feature.

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