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The purpose of an online form is to allow interaction between visitors to a site and the web owner. Having specific fields can help to make sure the user provides all necessary information to help with an enquiry. Many social networking websites use forms to allow users to tell their friends what they are doing.
When people browse online, the very first thing they notice as they land on a website is its aesthetics or its appearance. One of the consequences of having too many graphics is to make a web page look cramped and confusing. Much of the functionality of cool website design lies in the hands of the web designer and programmer.  There are tools that they can utilize in form processing, content management and other such programs to make the performance of the website as interactive as possible. Creating a user-friendly website is all about the viewer’s ability to use the website tools that are being presented.  The layout is important and there are different website layouts for different website purposes. One way of achieving a cool website design is to simplify the site’s usability with a navigation menu available on each page of the website. If these three elements are fully utilized on a website, you will have created a good-looking, functional and usable website that integrates together into a cool website design. Chris Hunter is an expert Web Designer and Internet Marketer  and runs a blog about Internet Marketing techniques. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. Actually, you’d be amazed at the amount of websites we come across that are still very unusable and appear very ugly in nature. Think about the various factors you would need to test when making sure a website is ready to be published. A little history: This article first appeared on the MiddleWeb site (with permission from the author) in 1997, in the early years of rubrics in the classroom. The example in Figure 1 (adapted from Perkins et al 1994) lists the criteria and gradations of quality for verbal, written, or graphic reports on student inventions – for instance, inventions designed to ease the Westward journey for 19th century pioneers for instance, or to solve a local environmental problem, or to represent an imaginary culture and its inhabitants, or anything else students might invent. This rubric lists the criteria in the column on the left: The report must explain (1) the purposes of the invention, (2) the features or parts of the invention and how they help it serve its purposes, (3) the pros and cons of the design, and (4) how the design connects to other things past, present, and future. The four columns to the right of the criteria describe varying degrees of quality, from excellent to poor. A second reason that rubrics are useful is that they help students become more thoughtful judges of the quality of their own and others’ work.
Students were able to articulate what they had learned, and by the end of the year could be accurate with their evaluations. Rubrics are becoming increasingly popular with educators moving toward more authentic, performance- based assessments.
Step 1 may be necessary only when you are asking students to engage in a task with which they are unfamiliar.
Always give students time to revise their work after assessing themselves, then have them assess one another’s work. Persuasive Essay Prompt and RubricThe State of California has a law that all students must be educated until they are 16 years old. I discuss how democratic principles and democracy can be used both in support of and against the claim. My writing is well organized, has a compelling opening, strong informative body and satisfying conclusion. I use first-person form, and I use correct sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and spelling.
Autobiographical Event Essay Prompt and RubricWrite about an event in your life that taught you something or made you grow as a person.
My story has a strong lead that develops readers’ interest, a developed middle that builds tension, and a satisfying ending that provides closure, all in an order that flows like water. My story has either a strong lead, a developed middle or a satisfying ending but not all three. My story gives details about one exciting, funny, sad or unusual event and reveals why it was important to me.

I tell about one specific event in detail but it isn’t clear why it was important to me. I focus on more than one event, none of which have enough detail to give the story a clear focus.
I use only 1 or 2 descriptive words, only describe relatively unimportant scenes, or give irrelevant details. I create characters by describing who they are, what they look like, gestures, expressions, and using relevant dialogue. I tell who is in the story and their names and ages but do not show how characters behave and feel. I describe relevant feelings or ideas, but I don’t have a central insight or lesson learned. I use first person form, and correct sentence structure, grammar, punctuation and spelling.
MiddleWeb is all about the middle grades, with great 4-8 resources, book reviews, and guest posts by educators who support the success of young adolescents.
One of the simplest types of form is a log in box where the visitor enters a username and password on a shopping website or a forum.
For example, this form from Amazon asks users to write reviews of books that they have read. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter make use of simple text boxes, such as the one below, to provide status updates or post comments.
For this reason, web designers often spend more effort on developing the website’s visual aspect and often end up overdoing it.  Appearance may be confused as being the primary element in cool website design, when that is just not the case. Although images are effective visual tools, displaying dozens of them on a bad layout is a perfect invitation for disaster.
Although many people have the convenience of a DSL or cable connection, there are who don’t have the convenience of lightning speed internet just yet.
A layout for a commercial website is probably different from a personal website; and commercial and personal website layouts are different than an organization’s website.
Most visitors look for the navigation menu to be located below the header or on the left panel of the page. There’s no point having even the most beautiful website if it is not at all usable and visitors are just going to leave the website after a couple of seconds. Use the file Testing a website and test a few pages from that website, answering the questions on the sheet. The term defies a dictionary definition, but it seems to have established itself, so I continue to use it. The rubric could easily include criteria related to presentation style and effectiveness, the mechanics of written pieces, and the quality of the invention itself. As concisely as possible, these columns explain what makes a good piece of work good and a bad one bad.
When rubrics are used to guide self- and peer-assessment, students become increasingly able to spot and solve problems in their own and one another’s work. Teachers tend to find that by the time a piece has been self- and peer-assessed according to a rubric, they have little left to say about it. List criteria: Use the discussion of models to begin a list of what counts in quality work.
Articulate gradations of quality: Describe the best and worst levels of quality, then fill in the middle levels based on your knowledge of common problems and the discussion of not-so-good work. Practice on models: Have students use the rubrics to evaluate the models you gave them in Step 1.
Revise: Always give students time to revise their work based on the feedback they get in Step 5. The excerpt from the rubric in Figure 3 avoids words like boring by describing what was done during a so-so beginning to a talk and implicitly comparing it with the highest level of quality. It helps if you spend a lot of time thinking about criteria and how best to chunk them before going on to define the levels of quality. Once you’ve created a rubric, give copies to students and ask them to assess their own progress on a task or project.

Finally, when you assess student work, use the same rubric that was used for self- and peer-assessment. A piece of work that reflects the highest level of quality for each criterion obviously deserves an A, one that consistently falls in the lowest level is a D or F, and so on. Tell the story in a way that will let your readers enter into it and understand what it meant to you. And be sure to subscribe to MiddleWeb SmartBrief for the latest middle grades news & commentary from around the USA.
Visitors might have a hard time finding what they are looking for or even to determine what the website is about.
Designing the layout to be user-friendly relies a great deal on the ability of the web designer to make the site lead a visitor to the optimal ‘purchase’ page that functions easily and correctly. It can also increase browsing convenience since visitors won’t need to use the back button to a page with a menu. The main thing is to steer people gently away from things like this and to produce a really great design.
More than 15 years after this material first appeared at MiddleWeb and long after its original link was functional, it continues to be one of the most sought-after MiddleWeb resources. Rubrics can improve student performance, as well as monitor it, by making teachers’ expectations clear and by showing students how to meet these expectations. When they do have something to say, they can often simply circle an item in the rubric, rather than struggling to explain the flaw or strength they have noticed and figuring out what to suggest in terms of improvements. During parent conferences I used sample rubrics to explain to parents their purpose, and how they were used in class. Chances are, however, that you will have to develop a few of your own rubrics to reflect your own curriculum and teaching style. A class experienced in rubric-based assessment can streamline the process so that it begins with listing criteria, after which the teacher writes out the gradations of quality, checks them with the students, makes revisions, then uses the rubric for self-, peer-, and teacher assessment. Thus, students know exactly what they did wrong and how they can do better next time, not just that the opening to their talk was boring. You might also try a clever technique I have borrowed from a fifth grade teacher in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Emphasize the fact that peer-assessment, like self-assessment, is intended to help everyone do better work. Because one piece of work rarely falls in only one level of quality, many teachers average out the levels of quality, either formally or informally.
A good principle to follow when considering the appearance of a cool website design is to keep the layout and appearance neat and simple. This can result in the loss of potential visitors and possibly sales if this is a business website.
For that reason, we’ve reposted it here and redirected the original link to this new page. Rubrics provide students with more informative feedback about their strengths and areas in need of improvement.
Patricia Crosby and Pamela Heinz, both seventh grade teachers, solved the same problem in a rubric for oral presentations by actually listing ways in which students could meet the criterion (fig. The point is for the rubric to help students learn more and produce better final products, so including self-assessments in grades is unnecessary and can compromise students’ honesty.
You may also need to hold students accountable for their assessments of a classmate’s work by having them sign off on the rubric they use. At the end of this post, we’ve also included links to several rubrics associated with inference, independent writing, and literary conversation. You can then see how fair and accurate their feedback is, and you can ask for evidence that supports their opinions when their assess-ments don’t match yours. This approach provides valuable information to students on how to begin a talk and avoids the need to define elusive terms like creative.

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