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Less than a decade after Blair Witch—and gracing the cover of Newsweek magazine—Donahue was stuck in a little house in the woods once more.
The 38-year-old Donahue, now single and living in California, is developing three books—two nonfiction tomes and a novel. We will not share your email with anyone for any reason“Right now, it’s the only multibillion-dollar industry whose wealth is distributed at the mom-and-pop level, so it actually supports middle-class families,” said Donahue. She says she’s retired from acting, “medicates” rarely, and doesn’t seem too worried about getting in trouble for her pot-growing memoir, deeming it “a worthy risk.” For now, she’s just happy to have regained her autonomy. And it wasn’t a student film that summoned her to the black, bear-infested woods of Northern California; she was there to grow high-grade marijuana. After falling for a smooth-talking grower named Judah during a silent-meditation retreat, Donahue moved out of L.A.

But because of the ‘pot wife’ element and ‘man’s world’ side of it, that’s what kept The Community out of balance. Donahue chronicles her epic journey from Hollywood red carpets to tending marijuana stalks in her memoir, Growgirl: How My Life After the Blair Witch Went to Pot.
Women were not sharing power.”So Donahue struck out on her own, purchasing a house in the woods on the outskirts of Nuggettown—described by Judah as “Blair Witchy”—and growing her own marijuana. If legalization happened without a great deal of care, that would happen quickly and the people who built the business would end up being sharecroppers for big agro companies.”After splitting with Judah, growing two beautiful strains of marijuana, and falling for a nice German fellow named Uwe, Donahue quit growing—and The Community—and moved out of Nuggettown. From a legal standpoint, all it takes to start an amateur growing operation is $150 and a prescription—“scrip,” as they call them—from your doctor, which can be acquired by citing any malady from headaches to PMS. Once you have the doctor’s recommendation, it is legally permissible to grow up to six mature marijuana plants or 12 immature plants, and much of Donahue’s tome recounts her yearlong struggle to grow her outdoor marijuana plants.  Her experience gave her a newfound respect for the controversial $14 billion-a-year marijuana business that’s thriving despite the terrible economy.

In a tight closeup, the petrified girl delivers her last will and testament—apologizing to her friends, family, and the co-producers of her film.Shot for $20,000, The Blair Witch Project went on to gross close to $250 million worldwide, making it one of the most profitable films of all time. With a recent Gallup poll indicating that 50 percent of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana, as well as ballot initiatives in the states of Washington and Colorado pushing for legalization, the cannabusiness has reached a critical juncture.
It generated massive buzz thanks to a groundbreaking Internet campaign launched by distributor Artisan, hinting that the 1999 movie, allegedly “found footage” shot in 1994, was a record of real events.

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