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Older men usually have a lot of experience when it comes to relationships, and that makes them easier to date. Do you remember when you were twenty years old and that beautiful twenty-year-old brunette who never once looked at you because she thought you were too young and too immature — even though the two of you were the same age?
For instance, a mature older man is more likely to be emotionally developed, and established in terms of his career.
They are not usually afraid of commitment, and they are often more respectful of women than their younger counterparts. They have travelled further, read more books, met more people, and felt more of life’s joy and pain than men who are younger.
What’s more, he will probably have clear ideas concerning who he is and what he wants out of life.
Older men are usually less volatile because time has mellowed them out, and they don’t waste time playing mind games.
A mature man is more likely to know exactly what needs to be done to give a woman sexual pleasure.
Thus older men who have lived through a lot of life’s experiences tend to be very interesting to talk to. Now that you're in your late twenties or early thirties, you still can't attract that brunette because she still wants an older man (now between thirty five to forty five years old). It’s a good idea to weigh up the pros and cons very carefully before you decide whether it’s a decision that could suit you.

This can all be a rather refreshing change when you’re used to dating guys your own age who don’t know who they are, what they want, or where they are going.
An older man is the perfect choice for the kind of woman who is sick and tired of the drama and upset that can be part and parcel of dating someone the same age.
If you want to be with a man who makes you feel safe and doesn’t tie your head in knots, an older man may well be the right choice of man for you. It's time for you to start dating younger women too.understanding young women It is a known fact that women are attracted to older men.
What’s more, older guys don’t generally over-emphasize the sexual aspect of a romantic relationship because they know that other things are equally as important.
When I say older, I don't necessarily mean that a twenty-five year old will date a man who's seventy-three. What I'm saying is that relative to their own age, women, in general, will date men that are a few years older than themselves.
Don Steele best explains it: She is primarily interested in getting a husband-to-be on the hook. She goes dancing and partying with "the girls" where she practices interacting with new boys and young men. She enjoys the excitement of getting away with something so she finds one Randy RedPorsche, a singles' bar professional. He bangs her on Thursday nights when she's "out with the girls" and on Monday nights when Jimmy's "out with the boys." When Jimmy finds out, he breaks up with her.

Each claims to have discovered how much they really love each other after four weeks apart. Of course, after realizing that the world is not as rosy as it seems, she soon appreciates the maturity of an older man. This is where we come along.what she looks for Most women will admit that they want a strong man who can stand his own ground and be confident. Back in the day, this meant an egg fertilizer with blessed genetics who could hunt to feed his family while protecting them from predators. Women no longer need a mate, hunter or protector (they now have sperm clinics, supermarkets and police officers to do that). She now expects her man to be mature and provide financial stability along with long-term security. The Romantic Era and current television soap operas have inspired women to seek out men who have the sexual experience to enlighten the consummate. Women want men who have more than just oral sex on their minds; they want men who know every single sensual spot on (and in) their bodies, and who take the time to explore them thoroughly. But more often than not, women will associate older men with the capability of providing all the aforementioned traits.

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