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There are about 45 million single men over the age of 35 in the United States, about 7 million in Britain and 2 million in Australia. Why do you hold on to this as if it were truth; like it’s a reality of life that you must endure? As long as you let yourself believe that your lack of connection with a good man is about T-H-E-M…then you don’t have to take responsibility. Take some advice from a gal who has been there, finally figured “the man-thing out,” got married at 47 and now enjoys a stellar relationship with the perfect man…for me. DO NOT tell me that in the first 10 minutes of meeting a man you can know that he is a potential suitor or life partner. Quickly dismissing men is most often about self-protection and reliving past experiences in the present. If you are serious about finding a life partner, or at least a man to have some fun with, letting go of the idea that there are no good single men for you is a first critical step. If you want to find that man who loves and adores you for the rest of your life, join Bobbi for her Grownup Girls’ Night Out FREE monthly webcasts. It’s spring time, the flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing and, through all the pollen, love is in the air. In a world that has now become over powered by technology, online dating has become the new big thing.

While there have been some amazing success stories with online dating, I’m sure many are aware of the disaster stories where many weren’t dating who they thought they were dating, as seen on the new MTV hit TV series Catfish. Having your heartbroken can be an easy fix though, you pick your head back up and you get back in the game, however, online dating can be an easy preying ground for identity thieves… not so much of an easy fix. BE AWARE: If the person that is pursuing you can only make themselves available during specific times of the day and can’t seem to find any other time, be a little cautious. PERSONAL INFORMATION: Never, ever give out any personal information like SSN, address or banking info. MONEY MONEY MONEY: If anyone is pushing you to send them money or continues to mention money, a red flag should automatically go up!
PASSWORD SECURITY: When you start getting involved and give out minor details about your life, it makes it even easier for scammers to attempt to hack your password. If you or anyone you know may be involved in an online relationship and would like to have a background check done, we would love to talk with you.
As a Dating and Relationship Coach for Women over 40, I conducted a survey and asked women to tell me their biggest dating challenge as a woman in her 40s, 50s and beyond. If you’re like I used to be as a single gal, it’s because it gives you permission to stay the same and stay single.
You are merely a victim of nasty and sad circumstance, rather than a strong, smart woman in charge of her life. I mean, after all, if every man you meet is unworthy then there is no risk you’ll actually start dating or get in a relationship!

Are these qualities I’m looking for directly related to a man’s ability to make me happy? Get a ton of expert, juicy, must-have information and advice about men, dating, sex and relationships…all free and from the comfort of your own home.
New Year’s resolutions have been set and usually most involve some form of people attempting to “put themselves out there” more. If for some reason they can never work around your schedule that should throw up some red flags. I did it for about 30 years and I experienced all the hurt, confusion, frustration, hopelessness, boredom, and exhaustion that comes with it. Are these truly requirements and worthy of dismissing a man who does not possess the quality? With online dating, you are not obligated to give any more than what you feel comfortable with.

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