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We have singograms in London, Birmingham, Brighton, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh & lots of other places. We specialise in Children’s Entertainers, Kid’s Magic Shows, Puppeteers, Face Painters, Animal Mascots, Kid’s Discos, Bouncy Castles etc.
We now offer to entertainers the chance of producing a professional DVD Video Showreel to showcase their entertainment services- For info please CLICK HERE! The flood of July 2007 was thought to be extreme – perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime event. This will raise more questions about the government decision to cut funding to the flood defence schemes.
Yet another sector discovers that escaping the hated bureaucracy is not all it's cracked up to be. Instead of someone at Shire Hall making an informed judgement about what is fair or urgent, we now have far more remote decision making by someone who is accountable only to a minister of state.
In Dates,  Del storms out of The Nags Head after finding out that the stripper he booked was Raquel he opens and slams the van door. In Dates, when del first hands over his flowers to raquel, we see that they are a fairly big bunch and they are mainly the same colour, but later on when we are in her flat they have changed completely in size and their colour and we know they are the same flowers because she even says they are.
In Dates, Just After The Scene Where Rodney “Jumps” The Bridge you See The Van Come Around The Corner And There Is NO ONE Sat Next To Rodney! In Dates, In The Scene In The Pub Near The Begining, When Trigger Walks In In His Blue Suit Watch As He Goes To Grab A Glass All Ready On The Bar, But It Goes Wrong As “Nervous” Nerris Takes It Away Before He Reaches It! In Dates, When rodney jumps over the bridge followed by the thugs you see the roof rack come off, but in the very next shot the roofrack is firmly attached!
In Dates, towards the end when the police are entering the pub, you can clearly see thet the police woman is wearing a black tie but after del has ripped her top open there is no sign of the tie! In Dates, regarding the joke ordering a bum and rack and being lucky not to have ordered a Bucks Fizz – was also used in a Royal Flush!. In Dates, the scene where Rodney is speeding away from the people in the red car with Nervous Nerys, Rodney dodges the car in front and driving over the cones while going through traffic lights you can see a stunt man driving the van with a inflatable doll ment to be Nerys. In Dates, look at the scene where Rodney and nerys are in the van zooming over the hill geting chased my the yobs look closely you can see a ramp where the stunt man went over, just before they took off.

In Dates, when Rodney picks up Nervous Nerris in the van you see him taking a puff from his roll-up, but clearly it is not lit, there is no smoke to be seen until the scene outside the van when stage smoke wafts across the camera. In Dates, When Del is first seen leaving the nags head to see Trigger with a girl, the front of the nags head has no turning to the right of the pub. It is in fact filmed around Brabazon Road in Filton, Bristol.  The scene where Rodney jumps a red light and the police car hits another car is SHELLARD ROAD, Filton, BS34 7LU and the scenes where Rodney drives past Trigger sweeping leaves and where he almost hits the lads in the red car is Roycroft Road which adjoins Shellard Road.  You can see a very yellow house in the background of these sceness which in reality makes it a VERY short car chase!!! I live in Shellard Road and although the old grey houses in the background of these scenes have now been replaced with new houses, the lay-by (parking spaces) in which Rodney drives through some road-cones are still here.  It is definitely not Richmond, Surrey like your site states.
The dual-carriageway Rodney and Nerys drive down is the A4174 which is about 50metres away from my house at the end of Shellard Road.
I havent figured out where the railway bridge is yet but I guarantee it wont be far away.  It doesnt seem the producers went very far to make these scenes and there is a railway line nearby too.
This is the Police Station in Dates when Del’s arrested and can be found in Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol.
The Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London, is where Del take Raquel for there first meeting and slap-up meal. I have to say that it’s quite bizarre that the OFAH production team mocked up quite a few different looking Nags Head pubs.
Locally sourced: Gloucester baker Mary Gough puts the finishing touches to the Queen's Golden Jubilee lamprey pie in 2002. The lamprey pie has been a favourite of gourmets since the Middle Ages, when the traditional royal gift was already current.A weakness for the fish is thought to have proved fatal for King Henry I, who in 1135 died of food poisoning after eating 'a surfeit of lampreys', while Samuel Pepys' diaries speak of the their popularity among 'medieval epicures'.
Medieval favourite: Gloucester landlady Cheryl Spence, helps bake the previous pie in 2002. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Just send us a good quality photo(s) of the person(s) and we will create a beautiful caricature to keep forever. We already have 1000’s of members so you will be able to find the right partner in the UK or abroad.
His date with Raquel Turner (unemployed actress) goes swimmingly… until it turns out she is works as a strippergram twice a week. Later in the episode,weeks later,when Del meets Raquel in Sid’s cafe he is reading the same paper.

Yet, they arrest Del and take him out of the front entrance and walk him around to the car park in the back.
A blood-sucking, worm-like parasite dating back to prehistoric times, it has no scales, jaws or gill covers and a skeleton made of cartilage rather than bone.A toothy disc around its mouth lets certain varieties latch on to other fish before opening a hole with its tongue and sucking blood through the open wound. The majority of flooding normally comes out of central Wales but, on that occasion, it was not much more than average, while torrential storms in the Avon catchment were the main contributor. We have a listed building which presents its own problems too." Approximately 57 primary and secondary schools in the county are believed to have switched to academy status.
The first image shows the bump that is seen when Rodney flies over the road being chased, the scound is where the roadworks were seen during the scene.
The window may have been added espesially for this episode just for the sake of the big joke at the end when Delboy sees the police car through the window.
The lamprey is then removed and served separately, while a syrup of sweet wine, sugar and ginger is added to the crust, along with white bread.Unsurprisingly, Heston Blumenthal has taken a less traditional approach to preparing the fish.
This is immediately downstream of the city and was the primary route for flood water, leaving Gloucester.However, a narrow strip of floodplain did remain, between Hempsted Lane and the tip, running downstream from Sudmeadow Road, towards the lower Hempsted Meadows, offering the potential for a flood relief channel.
The scripts are so good and storyline twists so important that even the set design has no limits poetic licence!! His Channel 4 series Heston's Feast saw him dish up the medieval favourite 'served with blood sauce on a bed of fake sand with a side of sea foam and finished off with deep-fried lamprey spinal cord'.
Clearly, the good burgers of Gloucester decided they had not done enough to imperil the city because, 10 years later, they approved the development of the Pressweld factory, spanning that strip of lowland and raising ground levels by four metres, thus ending any possibility of improving flood flows past Gloucester. Nobody begrudges the schools who have the money but with a finite pot, it needs to be fairer. Chipping Campden School got two awards of A?150,000 each to replace an old and inefficient heating system and replace windows and doors that have come to the end of their efficient lifespan.

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