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It started when we were teenagers and we can’t help but feel good or bad about ourselves, based on how our hair is performing day by day.  It’s like it has a life of its own, our hair! Some people find a style that worked for them when they were 20 and they hold onto it far too long?  Know anyone like that?  Hair is something that needs to continually be evaluated with a good eye to be sure you’re making the best of it as you get older. Love this makeover!  What a difference, from long gray hair and frumpy outfit to a stylish knee-length black skirt and hot pink top, framing her newly cut short do.  She is still gray and can get away with it with adding that extra color near her face. One more great makeover, this one is fantastic too.  From frumpy old sweater outfit to a long cardigan and more stylish pants to a chic and sassy shorter cut. Wreaths are such a pretty addition to the front door during the Holidays, so I’d love for you to check out my style guide all about wreaths and how to use them effectively inside and out!
Patty, my stylist has used 2 different keratin treatments on my hair and they both worked well. HI, Meg, so far after 2 years of using the flat iron, I’m not seeing a lot of damage. I’m going to enjoy these articles as I did this one and especially loved those before and after shots! Lisa, my sister was a brunette her whole life, but when her hair started getting grayer and grayer, she went blonde and hasn’t looked back. I see some very cute, very fit ladies who are probably in their very early 60’s at the gym.

I’ve been really curious for a while now to try out the WEN product line, so I finally pulled the trigger.
Rhoda–It’s almost three months now of using WEN and would not want to go back to shampoo ever again! Hey, Barbara, I go to a very reasonable stylist, so I don’t spend nearly as much as others do on their hair. It comes up again and again, and it is always at or near the top of the list when women are asked what qualities they find attractive in a man.
Have you found the right style for you?  It took me awhile, but I think I finally have found the style that’s great for me going into my older years. I never thought I could get straight hair like this and have it work so well, but the products and the flat iron do the trick, as well as a great stylist. Hair is such an important extension of who we are as women and that continues our entire lives. Hair truly can be a woman’s shining glory and I agree that a nice hairstyle makes a world of difference. I have had very short in the past (not good on me) and very long (most of the time I just put it up) and would like go to shoulder length but am having a heck of a hard time finding a stylist. I have thought about getting them not sure if that is a good ideal since my hair is colored?

I have lots of wavy hair but it’s fine and wants to frizz in the humid Texas summers. I’m sorta okay with my hairstyle now, which is similar to yours, but know that Amy could do it so much better. No, they don't!Gillian Anderson split with Mark Griffiths after a six years relationship which produced two kids. The best style for me is to have it shoulder length, just long enough to be able to clip it up in the back when I want. For no particularly reason, the first thing that came into our heads when we found out  the news was: Is she dating David Duchovny?We cleaned our heads from that though and moved on. Today we have a statement coming from David Duchovny’s representative who denies any romance between the two former co-stars. It seems like the rumor about the two dating surfaced when Celebrity Dirty Laundry published a story about them.
Of course that may be wishful thinking and this might be something I’ll always have to deal with.

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