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Considering that an average person spends about 40 to 60 hours at work, office romances are quite common, due to a number of reasons. No matter how much you want to keep your relationship private theirs always nosy office gossipers who’ll keep asking you about it.
A small office space seems to be a perfect place to find someone who is similar to you; however that also means that you can’t keep your relationship secret for a long time. Being professional about your relationship and handling it in a mature way is the best thing you do.
So what do you do if you’re dating someone from work and there’s a hot new receptionist or a gorgeous new boss?
Having said that, an “office romance” in nursing can present a serious set of challenges in an already challenging environment: It can be distracting, especially if you encounter the other person frequently, and it can make coworkers uncomfortable and sometimes even hostile. Maintain friendships with coworkers, and make it clear that you would never divulge department (or personal) secrets to your lover. Dating a coworker definitely doesn’t have to be, in the words of a nurse friend, “disaster, disaster, disaster.” But ultimately, in nursing as in life, discretion is usually the better part of valor. To read more tips—including what to do when you run into co-workers, or want to drive in to work together—read the complete story in the 2010 Winter Edition of Scrubs Magazine, available at your local scrubs retailer.
The professional side of me says NO WAY to dating at the office but the girly girl in me says there's no reason you can't use the occasion to add a little spark into your wardrobe.
We promise we will only share good stuff like our latest products, giveaways, sales and blog posts. What does it mean when he calls me “Dude?” Is there any way to make it clear I’m not looking to be just a hook up without looking crazy? People get into work relationships for the same reason they strangle themselves while they masturbate, it’s so dangerous that it’s hot. This guy’s way of keeping things casual is by calling you “Dude.” Guys call girls “Dude” or “Man” or any other name they’ve called someone they’ve recently high fived to not-so-subtly tell a girl where things stand.
We spend a lot of our time with office coworkers, come to known about their personal and private life and for many people; it’s the only time they come in contact with another person.
Office spaces are swarming with people who can’t help but poke their noses into other people’s business, everyone wants to what everyone else is doing, everyone’s badmouthing someone or the other.
Work competition is bound to creep into your relation and that is why a lot of couples breakup. Suppose your ex turns out to a psychotic maniac, suppose they file a claim with human resources about something harmless you might have done, just to get revenge? Sure you love each other, sure you can’t live without each other but in an office bumping into your partner everyday may get frustrating. You’ve found someone you like, who shares your views and interests and bam, there’s someone new everyone keeps talking about.
Office romances offer very little chances for escape, nowhere to go, no respite from each other, no absence to make the heart grow fonder, no privacy, no me time. Even though your head tells you not to get involved with someone at work, sometimes it’s unavoidable…and, yes, sometimes there is a happily ever after. There are a lot of very nice, intelligent women in this career field, but that said, I think dating somebody at your workplace is just a prescription for disaster.
If I had to guess by the number of people that came in my office and plopped in my extra chair and told me stories about a co-worker that they were dating, I would guess that heartache wins out most times. Try these dresses and just maybe just maybe you'll get lucky and he'll get a new job outside of your company.

I know that’s a weird way to start this off but there’s really no other reason than adrenaline to get into something with a coworker. It seems like a perfect opportunity to meet people with who you share similar tastes, interests and values; it also relieves the tediousness of being in a boring desk job. Suppose you’re caught lip locking with your partner, your colleague sees you and there, that’s the end of your secret. If you break up, forget about ducking your ex in the hallway, you’ll bump into them some way or the other, there’s no escaping that, until of course you decide to leave work.
Even if you’re dating someone from the same section or department, one of you is bound to get a promotion.
If your relationship ends on a bad note, your ex might claim you were making unwanted advances? It may be exciting in the beginning but if that begins to happen regularly, it gets annoying.
If you’re partner starts doing that, expect everyone to brand him or her as an office slut. Then there’s the flirting, everyone flirts at work, its common, it seems harmless and funny, but that might end up annoying your other half.
If your boss is one of those bully types, expect to get bullied or harassed about relationship.
Some people get lucky and find their soul mates at work, some don’t .Some people have to change jobs, move to a new city.
One colleague told me that a few of the couples who did marry went so far as to call each other by their titles and surnames while on duty. The odds of it working out are remote, and the potential negative ramifications to you on the job (Paritcularly if you are a guy) are going go be negative.
In the event that you didn't know HR professional are part time Dr Phil wanna-be(s) even when we don't want to be! Me and this guy would exchange a few remarks here and there but it wasn’t until our christmas party that he asked me out. Yes, you’ve had a couple of dates and seen each other’s genitals, but I held your hand because it was the right thing to do and you’re not meeting my brother. Maybe he’s not that into it or, he swipes on Tinder for 20 minutes a day or, in my opinion, it’s probably because office relationships are scary and he’s treading very lightly on company time. If you're not the reading type, Jared created the "Frat Dude Goes To" series where he travels the country interviewing "Bros" at wild events like the Carolina Cup and the AVN Awards. The news spreads like wildfire and by the time you’re at work, everyone’s eyeing you suspiciously, male coworkers nudging , as if to say, you lucky bastard !It’s natural for people to want to know what going on; secrets are bound to spill out.
You come to work one day, just like any other day, and you’re being summoned to the head office about a potential harassment claim!
Then you’ll have to see your ex at work all the time, all those grueling work hours, which can get aggravating unless you’re getting new job offers. Then there the nosy ones, who keep inquiring about your relationship, What if your boss likes your other half? You are either going to be seen as a player, or if you break up with a relationship with a cooworker, most of your other co-workers are also women, and like it, or not, you as the guy are going to be considered in the wrong.
It can make you be the crazy chick who silently wishes she could scratch out another woman's eyes. We all know we can click away at the computer, sing our favorite song and chew gum when we are happily in love.

The beauty of a thing like calling a girl dude is that girls are so worried about being considered crazy that they won’t call us out. Whatever it may be, know that’s where he is and having sex won’t make him feel like this is more serious. Consorting and cavorting about with an attractive coworker seems like an adventure, but chances are that you may end up getting hurt. It’s like giving your colleagues an invitation to see your life up close and personal and that is never a good thing. I once knew a colleague who’d flare up if anyone said anything about her boyfriend, so it’s best for BOTH of you to follow rules. You’re in a bind, it will definitely make your partner uncomfortable and even if they say it doesn’t matter, be prepared to go home and get a good talking to about it.
They may indirectly try to target you at work, he won’t give you any credit for your work and he’ll undermine your efforts. The problem becomes the minute we can't eat, can't work and don't want to hear that silly love song that he sang to you on your 3rd date because he just broke up with you.
It’s more likely to have your office sweetheart get on the office intercom and announce that you’re a one-pump chump who can’t commit than it is that you two will be the Jim and Pam of the office walking down the aisle and exchanging each other’s key cards.
They sit there wondering, “What does “dude” mean?” and “Why’d he call his buddy Rob “dude” too?” and “Is Rob better than me at blowjobs?” And at some point they turn into this opponent in Mortal Kombat who’s swaying around like they’re ready to be finished. A Harassment suit might end up ruining your career not to mention all the snide comments and suspicious looks given to you.
Say you begin teasing one of your coworkers over something completely innocent, just for fun; it is your partner is bound to get jealous and there are endless possibilities for a fight.
If your boyfriend or girlfriend has a problem with the boss or they don’t get along then that is going to be a problem.
An office romance can happen, but the guy will always try to keep things casual for as long as possible. They spend so much time on the subject of “dude” that it gives the guy enough time to be casual and make a decision. Imagine seeing your ex at work every day, it always takes a huge effort to be civil and not betray any bitter emotions you may have boiling underneath.
What if you’re still the mail carrier, what if you’re still doing petty jobs for your boss while your partner seems to have become you boss’s right hand? Being in close proximity with your partner all the time can kill your relationship, a lot of their little quirks will get on your nerves. If you break up, that tag of being a yes man, sticking up to the boss to get perks will never go away. Sure they make everything a lot more exciting, but have you considered, what will happen once the initial feeling of love wanes?
If he wonders why, then acknowledge that the sex was fun but you’re looking to take things slow.

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