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The father of two is back on the dating scene and wants everyone to know how to please their professional athlete lover.
I enjoy running in the rain and I have been working to build a children’s hospital in the Philippines where I grew up. As for my downfalls, I once played for the New York Jets and backed-up some guy named Mark Sanchez. I’m currently a member of the Boston Celtics basketball team and have appeared in commercials with James Harden. Basketball isn’t the only sport I’m good at though. I’m hoping to find a nice country girl I can settle down with because I’ve had quite the dating history.
Brian ButterisUnderachieving College Student at University of Wisconsin-PlattevilleI love the Greeen Bay Packers, Wisconsin Badgers, Detroit Pistons, and Milwaukee Brewers. If you love all sports everythang, Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson, rocking jerseys, or the Ultimate Warrior then sign up for our newsletter.
Daley, 19, revealed he has been dating the man for several months and felt compelled to make the news public after claiming he was misquoted in an interview.
Daley has become a celebrity ever since bursting onto the international stage as a 14-year-old at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.
Daley will now head off to Houston, Texas, for a training camp with Team GB before returning home for Christmas. The 19-year-old diver, who was one of Britain's heart-throb poster-boys for the London 2012 Olympics, took to YouTube Monday to reveal he is in a relationship with a man. In the short video, he said: "In spring this year my life changed massively when I met someone, and they make me feel so happy, so safe and everything just feels great. Earlier this year, in September, the London 2012 bronze medalist was voted the world's sexiest man by leading gay magazine, Attitude.
While Daley has always been cautious in commenting on his private life, he felt the time was right to make the revelation after being angered by quotes attributed to him in a recent interview.
Tom Daley just made it 100 times easier for confused young gay men to come out and lead open, happier lives - good for him. Daley shot to prominence in 2008 after reaching the finals of both the individual 10-meter platform and 10-meter platform synchro events at the Beijing Olympics at the age of 14.
Daley suffered bullying at school and was subjected to vile online abuse last year after placing fourth in the synchro event at London 2012, before bouncing back to stand on the podium in the individual competition. But Daley says his announcement would not have been a problem for his father, although he does concede there have been "mixed opinions" within his family. Swimmer Ian Thorpe, seen here in 2004 with one of his five Olympic gold medals, told an Australian news outlet that he is gay in an interview that aired on Sunday, July 13. Former Missouri defensive end Michael Sam told ESPN and The New York Times that he is gay on February 9. Robbie Rogers became the first openly gay male athlete to play in a professional American sporting match when he took the field for Major League Soccer's Los Angeles Galaxy during a match against the Seattle Sounders on May 26.
Sheryl Swoopes, a retired WNBA star and coach of the Loyola University Chicago's women's basketball team, came out in 2005. In an exclusive interview with CNN, former San Francisco 49ers player Kwame Harris came out as gay after rumors circulated in the media.

Rugby player Gareth Thomas of Wales spoke about being gay to a British news channel in 2009. Justin Fashanu became the first openly gay soccer player in Europe when he came out in 1990. After retiring from professional football in 1972, David Kopay acknowledged to the Washington Star that he was gay.
Champion figure skater Johnny Weir confirmed in his 2011 memoir, "Welcome to My World," that he was gay. Australia's Matthew Mitcham came out in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald in 2008.
In 2012, Orlando Cruz became the first active professional fighter to publicly announce that he was gay. Openly gay British dressage rider Carl Hester helped his team win gold at the 2012 Olympics. Billy Bean, a former Major League Baseball player, discussed being gay in a 1999 New York Times article.
Greg Louganis, who won four Olympic golds for the United States during his diving career, has been openly gay since 1995. In 2011, Anton Hysen became only the second active footballer to come out as being gay -- more than 20 years after Justin Fashanu did so.
Hysen supported a campaign asking players to wear rainbow-colored laces to promote awareness of homophobia in football.
Former United States and Leeds United striker Robbie Rogers used his website to announce he was gay earlier in 2013 -- but then promptly retired from football at the tender age of 25. England international striker Fashanu, the country's first A?1 million black footballer, could not live with the scars of his revelation. Former NBA player John Amaechi, who was raised in Britain, broke barriers as the first professional basketballer to announce he was gay in 2007.
Jason Collins of the Washington Wizards became the first active NBA player to announce that he is gay on April 29, 2013. Sport's biggest lesbian star is 18-time grand slam tennis champion Martina Navratilova, who announced she was gay shortly after gaining U.S. American four-time Olympic gold medallist Greg Louganis came out as gay when he was diagnosed with HIV in 1988.
Former Wales rugby union captain Gareth Thomas described the conflict between his sport and his sexuality when he came out in 2009, telling the Daily Mail newspaper: "It is barbaric. Australia's Matthew Mitcham announced he was homosexual before he won gold in Beijing, while four-time Olympic champion Greg Louganis came out as gay after quitting the sport in 1995.
Whisper it quietly, but after years of foreign domination the prospect of a French winner of the Tour de France is more than just a mere pipe dream.
Seven years ago Steve Way was a 20 per day smoker and weighed a hefty 104 kg, but he led the marathon at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. After just one day of competition, a new sport has emerged at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow: snapping selfies with the Queen.
Give him words of encouragement and help him continue to believe in himself when no one else does.

I have my own trademarked word, “Jeah”. I mean you can pretty much use it in any situation, I’m a GENIUS! I’m very religious, so much so that I kneel down for a prayer after achieving any sort of success. One of my ex-girlfriends went on to win the Canadian version of the Bachelor and had Canadian men salivating. We are a sports comedy site that combines sports comedy, pop culture, nostalgia, with a love of jerseys.
He always said to me, 'As long as you are happy, I'm happy.' And right now I couldn't be happier. Sam later became the first openly gay player to be drafted by a NFL team when he was taken by the St. But since I am, I'm happy to start the conversation," NBA player Jason Collins said in a Sports Illustrated article. However, Fulham's David Stockdale (pictured) was one of the few players at British clubs who took up the invitation. However, just months later he returned to the game with Major League Soccer team Los Angeles Galaxy. I wanted to put an end to all the rumors and speculation, and just say it and tell you guys.
We’ve decoded the list for you to let you know what the athlete really means by his requests. I was watching football Sunday and an eHarmony commercial came on, and I wondered to myself if dating websites actually work? I make my own workout videos, because I know there are some men out there that want this bod. I’m currently unemployed but I have worked for multi-million dollar companies in Denver, New York, and Boston.
My current ex-wife, yeah I’ve been married before, is Kim Kardashian who has American men salivating.
We create original sports comedy articles, videos, and podcasts that hopefully make you laugh and drop sports knowledge at the same time. Her revelation came relatively early in her career and she went on to win many more titles. For a short time, I made people stop whatever they were doing during the fourth quarter of my days on the job and watch me beat up on lesser opponents.
We are the #1 site for hoopsters and jersey enthusiasts so send us any random jerseys you see on the streets. People are going to have their own opinions and I think people are going to make a big deal about this. He was fined for tweeting a photo of Jones’ bare [ass]ets and attributing his poor performance during a game to being distracted by her.

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