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Being an email marketer has taught me one critical thing: you never really know what works best until you test it and prove a rightful winner.
I don’t know what it is, but so many online dating websites (outside of a swiping app like a Tinder) have the most important sections at the bottom of the profile.
At 9pm every night, hundreds of thousands of online daters begin searching the web for their perfect match. Online dating (and digital marketing, obviously) is about creating life-long relationships with quality people.
And over the past three years, I’ve taken my passion for testing optimization and applied it to my dating life. On a typical Friday night, you’ll find me out having dinner and drinks with friends…but I also love to stay in and enjoy my shows on Netflix with a craft beer in hand. The bottom section might be titled something like “Message Me If…” Do not, I repeat, do not put any important information in that section. Someone needs to fall in love with you for who you are, not because you were pretending to like Game of Thrones when in reality, you would never watch a show that uses the term “realms” (thank you Pete Holmes for the joke).
And if they keep seeing your same profile picture in their search and have shown no interest, they’ll continue to have no interest over time. When you’re blasting the same emails week after week, make things interesting for them by offering new CTAs or creatives in each email. Now you have five tried-and-true, marketing-optimized tips, you’re all set to pursue your new love interests or email members.

When you subscribe to our email updates, you understand and agree that Marketo will send you email invites and updates, ranging from events, webinars, new content, and more, based on your settings. This used to be embarrassing…until I found things that worked and things that didn’t, which made online dating less about the guesswork and more about science. Over the past few years, I’ve optimized my dating profiles (as a marketer, optimization is what I do), and I have no problem admitting that these “optimizations” helped me find my girlfriend (whether she likes me admitting that is another story).
Anything you would choose to put there should go in the first section at the top of your profile page. Your email is one among many (let’s be honest, tons) other emails that they are receiving, so make it stand out to get them to do a double-take and ultimately click on yours. If you were to write “Hey, how’s your day going?” to which I’d reply “…” (that’s meant to symbolize no reply). What do you think about the fan theory that Rick is immune to the zombie virus or is a zombie already or that he’s immortal? Then, tailor your communications to be ultra-targeted towards each segment, which builds trust and long-term relationships. But if you keep your profile fresh with a new picture every few weeks, you’ll increase your profile page visits dramatically. For instance, try some new video marketing or shake things up with new writing style and tone. My friends would say that I’m easygoing, but I like to think I follow the “work-hard, play hard” lifestyle. The point is that there’s a lot of fish in the vast dating pool and you have to swim to the top to get noticed.

People are searching for their one and only true love, so tell them why it’s you in the first paragraph rather than 2,000 words into your profile. In my experience, the best subject lines are “Howdy!”, “How’s it going?” or “How’s it hanging?” It seems friendlier and less creepy. Plus, all the hundreds of other people out there are still saying “Hi”, so this helps you stand out in their inbox! Is this Tinder profile picture with my family better than me surfing an epic wave in Tahiti? In the end, I’m just a genuine guy seeking a genuine girl to be my new PIC (partner-in-crime). Not only have we connected with Caitlin’s favorite show, but we’ve also said something that may stir the pot a bit.
Could this possibly be Hey Arnold in a tuxedo?” It’s interesting, intriguing, and begs for a profile visit.
This doofus Mike doesn’t know who he is or how to convey his true self to all of his possible love interests.

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