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During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, actress Shiri Appleby (Life Unexpected, Roswell) talked about how this web series came about, how she ended up signing on for her first gig as producer, how she can’t wait to try her hand at directing, assembling such an amazing cast (including Taylor Kinney, Bryce Johnson, Mircea Monroe and Martin Starr), and shooting the entire series in 10 days, with exactly the same approach as a regular TV show.
Shiri Appleyby: I think the show is really about the moment when a girl starts listening to the voice in her head, and listens to her subconscious to make decisions. Appleby: I was like, “A web series?!” But then, you think about it and everything is on the internet. Does it spoil you to have that kind of creative freedom, and then go back to not having that kind of creative freedom?
What sort of journey does Lucy go on, over the course of these episodes, and what do you think the biggest things are, that she discovers about herself? Appleby: I think she really learns to listen to herself and trust herself, and believe that she’s good enough to get a guy that she thinks is out of her league.
In figuring out who this character is, are there ways you found that you most identify with her? What is it about Liz Allen’s approach, as a director, that works well with the way you like to approach things, as an actor?
Appleby: We worked together a ton on Life Unexpected and she was one of my favorite directors.
When someone like that inspires your own work so much, does that give you the desire to want to direct yourself? And, Liz [Allen] had emailed some of the showrunners she knew and asked them if they knew any blonde, funny girls, and every single one of them came back with Mircea Monroe.
What was it like to work with both Bryce Johnson (MTV’s Death Valley) and Taylor Kinney (The Vampire Diaries)? Do you feel like you really can learn a lot of things about yourself from the whole dating experience? How do you think you would react, if you started getting text messages from someone saying they were your future self? If you had to text yourself 10 years ago, what would you say to that version of you, and if your future self were to text you, what advice would you want from her?
Appleby: I’d want the same advice that I’d give myself then, which is, “Just relax!” I feel like I get really stressed out sometimes. Do you feel like you’re at a point where you’re more of an authority on dating now, and you’re confident in what you want? Appleby: Taryn Manning is the star of that, and she gets visited by these different ghosts of Christmas past, to learn about all of her mistakes.
This season stars The Vampire Diaries‘ Candice Accola as fun-loving Chloe Cunningham. Will knowing what happens next be enough to save Chloe from herself and renew her faith in true love?
Dating Rules From My Future Self Season 2 Behind The Scenes Pics Christian louboutin like a recently established produces . Young Widows Club is the moving story of a teenage bride who is forced back to the high school life she thought she'd left behind.
In Dating Rules From My Future Self Season 2, Candice Accola’s character Chloe Cunningham is able to get dating advice from her older, wiser, future self.
I already reodrced the video response for this ^^ But I can’t post it, the web page always freezes.
But, getting answers about your love life today from your older, wiser self, 10 years in the future, would certainly make you stop and re-evaluate.

She also talked about her role in White Trash Christmas, starring Taryn Manning, and said that she’d love to do more comedies, take on some darker indie roles, and get the chance to play Natalie Wood. I literally did all of the casting process, and I picked the colors of every wall and the wallpaper, and I’ve been sitting in editing. During Life Unexpected, Liz Tigelaar really included me in the process, but the one thing that was different was that I didn’t really have the power.
Once you start to listen to your voice, you start to feel the power in that, and I definitely feel like I’m going through that now.
She was just like, “Get a TV show and start directing.” Getting someone to let me produce was a huge step forward.
Because there was a level of trust from hanging out, and we were putting what they wrote in emails into their dialogue, they felt a sense of, “Okay, they’re making us a part of it.” When we got on set, there was a bond between us that filtered from that respect. I just want someone to tell me, “Relax, it’s all going to be okay.” I think that’s all we really need, anyways.
I’m actually taking a book out to editors at the end of the month, that I’ve been writing for the past year.
For twenty-six-year-old Chloe, life is a party and love is the ultimate buzz kill—but her future self knows that dating losers and eating nothing but junk food has Chloe headed down a path to regret and bad hair days. In the new web series Dating Rules From My Future Self , Lucy Lambert (Shiri Appleby) has a secure job, great friends and a longtime boyfriend who has just popped the question. My character, Lucy, is this 27-year-old app designer who is about to marry the wrong guy, and starts getting text messages from herself, 10 years in the future, telling her not to do it. I’ve just been a part of it, from the beginning, so it feels like the most me of any project I’ve put out there. So, if you get past the ego of the fact that you’re doing a web series, it’s not like you’re doing anything different. The lead actress is like the host of the party, but when you’re the lead actress and you’re a producer, you’re really throwing the party. It’s really important to just accept who we are, and find somebody who accepts us for who we are. When I’m acting, I love direction, and she’ll just work beats and give you tons of different notes, keeping the camera on and really exploring moments in scenes. And then, me, Mircea, Alison and Liz went out to dinner one night and hung out and got along. And then, when you get three cool girls in a room, you can talk about things that you wouldn’t talk to other actresses about. Will this all pan out?” That’s crazy because when I read my horoscope, I get pissed, if I don’t like what it says.
We didn’t even get to get into Kelcy’s journey or Amanda’s journey, or find out how Lucy actually creates the app and how all that happens. My lesson is showing her that you can’t treat friends like that, and you can’t treat people like that.
To set her straight, Chloe’s older, wiser self Face Times and texts her advice from ten years in the future, thanks to an app provided by DRFMFS season one star, Shiri Appleby (“Life Unexpected”), who returns for a guest appearance in season two. Watch and find out!A Little Too Much!Cuddle-Attacks can get awkward, fast, like this scene with Candice and Reid Ewing. When the sconed dream ended, with me getting shot, I was immediately woken up by my son crying. It’s really a story about friendship – she’s got her girlfriends there – and listening to yourself, figuring out who the right person is to settle down with, and creating the life that you want to be living in 10 years, so you don’t have so much regret about the person that you’ve become.

We got really lucky because Sallie Patrick was one of the writers on Life Unexpected, and she came on and rewrote this entire script for us. You have so much control in making sure everyone is having a really good time and everyone is heard.
She really pushes you to get out of your comfort zone and expect more from yourself than you would have wanted to.
You’re like, “I’m not right for that person, but why am I not?” I think dating is a really interesting journey. As the story goes on, we learn more about future Lucy, and we see Lucy go on an entire dating journey and learn more about herself from all the crazy guys she encounters. The thought occured to me that we may have been having the same dream at the same time but I didn’t know if that was possible so I decided to look it up and found this page. So, with her future self using an app to send her helpful little texts, Lucy could finally be headed towards the future of her dreams. She knew me really well, so we sat together, for over a month, with Liz Allen, the director, and really talked about a lot of things. I’m really ready to have a larger voice in the creative process.” I had been talking to people, trying to pitch ideas for shows, and I’d been really going in that direction, so when Alloy came to me with this idea, my agents were like, “She really wants to produce. People are responding to it, so it feels really good, in a way that’s different then when you’re just acting.
So, we sent him a script, emailed him and called him, and we told him that it would be super-short.
I think so much of the beauty is in the journey, which sounds super-cliche, but it’s the not knowing and working towards something that feels really good. I don’t know if it would make me less motivated or not. I don’t know if he did have the same dream since he is so young and not talking much yet. This is the first time that I’ve watched something really come alive, from the very beginning, and that’s a really creative experience. The quality of people that we were working with were television and film level, and we were shooting on Alexa cameras. He really liked the material and totally got what we were thinking for the role of Vincent, and he was awesome. It took him about thirty minutes to calm down after he woke up and I just find it too much of a coincidence that he woke up crying the sconed the dream ended. As an actor, you’re just brought on to fill one role, so it’s nice to see what the entire journey is like. What would your deepest, darkest secret be?” She really was able to craft a story that really resonated. He’s just incredible, and he also gives the whole project a level of clout and respect that we needed and love. When we were doing all the interiors of the house and all of the wardrobe, everything stuck with that color palette, so the show feels really cohesive. You find the actors, and then you create the roles around them, especially because we weren’t auditioning anybody.

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